16 March 2010

2AM in the Morning, I Did Wrong

Dum dum dum, 2AM is not yet backing out after promoting I can't Let You Go Even If I Die early this year. What? Its not like they did wrong? Or do they? XD

2AM - I Did Wrong (잘못했어) [Part 1]

-I actually love this mv more than I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die XD This mv has story line. I love mvs with story line. Tho the other mv was very beautiful XD

-Story line : Five childhood friends (2AM + a girl). All four of them is in love with that one girl. They lost contact with her (I guess), then tadaa the girls back again during their high school (Same class with four of them, what a coincidence? XD) Basically, all of them fight to get the girl when she actually doesn't even interested in any of them. I guess? Part two coming up! Can't wait XD

-This mv remind me of my boy guy friends he he he Except none of them is actually in love with me XD

Each teaser is under the cut ^^

Seulong (Motorbike)

Jinwoon (Basketball)

Jokwon (DJ)

Changmin (Ice Hockey)

Or you can just watch all of them in one videos XD

1 comment:

  1. Yupp..MV ni bez!!comel2!!hahahaa..

    Ske part Changmin and Jinwoon!! hheehe..

    2AM songs are awesome!!

    go JYP!!<33


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