27 March 2010

2AM-I did Wrong MV Part 2/2 [ENG SUB]

Woww!! I dunn0 Seulong has a great body too!! *speechless*

Forgot to watch their MV part 1/2??Don't worry,we have that..visit here..Now,let's check this out!!kindda confusing me..but..ahahhaa

cr: princescx60x

The girl died at the end right??hahhaa..Why must the heroin must died at the end??Such a sad ending..huh..well,the instrumental is amazing!! makes me wanna cry at first.waaa..Changmin with his ice skatiing,JinWoon with his basketball,Jokwon with his DJiing (wujud ke word ni??blur xtau nk tlis pe da =p) and Seulong with his super motorbike!!So sad lah watching this MV..hrmmm..

To recover our sadness..let's watch their performance on music bank!!


This song is awesome!!I like the performance so much!! The concept of puppetier is unpredictabble!! never watch that kind of live performance..plus I love catchy song!!hahahaa..2AM , keep the good work ya!!

Oh,you can download all the full album I Did Wrong here..enjoy ^_^


  1. omg that was so good (baru habes tgk) the mv makes me cry a lil bit =.= awesome instrument, awesome storyline... no wonder JYP invest a lot of money on this mv hahahahaha

    aaaaaaaaa I miss their music bank perf, thanks awin for putting that up here ^^ the perf is soo awesome! again jyp is so creative! how could I ever hate that man hahaha XD the shadow man with masquerade haha nak topeng hitam pulak XD the shadow man helping 2am's boys dancing LOL

    2am win win win!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hhahaa..JYP always the best!hahaha

    I know2..that's why lah kte ltk..haha..For me,its the best performance on that day!!w0hooo..2AM can dance y0!!yg xthn nye part changmin rr..nk gak tyg muscle die..hahahaa..da agk da alia ni..enough rr dgn Juliette uh~ hehehe..

    Yeahh!!Go 2AM!!


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