11 March 2010

F.Cuz No One MV + Album

Dark concept anyone? No one?

F.Cuz (포커즈) pronounced Focus (Pocuz hihi), have released their recent album No One. Following suit to the dark concept days, these boys don't forget their model-ish cut to everything. I think black & gold are well matched & ouhh Yejun is my fave, he's cut his hair bowl-ish like Key & Kevin now, I don't exactly know why I have a thing for that..

Watch out for F.Cuz's Comeback stage on KBS Music Bank this Friday, March 12th!

Complete with angry faces, i think LeeU has to adopt a more harsher way of singing, Kan & Jinon are on the bandwagon. Why do they look so angry?? These boys look really adorable in here too, I always admire their style of dance because they're always so in uniform.


Alrighties, so are you gonna get jiggy with their new album? The album in summation, is full of tracks you most expect in a dance club or on a runway. Like I said model-ish touch right? Also! They've provided an instrumental version to catchy No One so you can karaokeee.

1 - Go
2 - No One
3 - 너 때문에 (Because of You)
4 - Boy Meet Girl
5 - Jiggy
6 - No One (instrumental)

Panda likes: The whole album! A quite hyper album (not for listening when trying to sleep).
Go is quite good, though the background sounds like SNSD's Genie, so I say it belongs on a runway. While No One is repetitive & autotuned, it was made to be catchy defying Alicia Keys even. My favorite track is Boy Meet Girl *crack crack crack* lol.

Hope you enjoy & leave a comment!

P/s: I think you'll have to listen to know why I'm talking nonsense xP.


  1. I hate kan's hair, why baby?? why you dye like that????

    Lee U is soooo handsome XD so does leader and magnae...

    nobody nobody but chu~ hahaha kan's rap remind me of yoobin XD

  2. NO ONE(5X)...kindda love this song..hahahaha..

    Yeah!!my Yejun ahh!!!


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