03 March 2010

NII Spring CF - Yonghwa & Si Yoon

Our darling, *cringe* recently wedded, Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE has just released a new CF for Clothing Line NII. The "2010 S/S Season TV commercial" was shot with rookie actor Yoon Si Yoon who plays "Junhyuk Hakseng (student)" in High Kick Through the Roof.

Apparently this cf is also inspired by the blockbuster movie Avatar, as the boys are epically gorgeous (hair & all..) as avatars in the cooling chambers, then they come out to uhh...DATE?? It's quite hilarious to me for some reason X).

Check out the 15s CF:

This CF made me smile..really, really, big..lol. Also the BTS in (engsub) + Pics. I guess i can finally know the reason why Yonghwa was in Bangkok, Thailand alone & for just a short period.. he was shooting for the cf!

Though i haven't had spare time to watch High Kick Through the Roof, they have quite a bit of popularity since idols have been known to zip in & out for cameo roles in this show and also for their star-studded cast & OST.

I am soo going to watch Yoon Si Yoon after this, he sort of looks like Minhwan & Minhyuk doesn't he? Quite sweetly adorable, just your type eh.. uh somebody? haha. If you'd like to see these boys for a little bit more, casting their fainting spells to you..

Here's the 4min interview/bts via (eng sub):

Here's the pics if you still haven't had enough like me:

cr:nulsaranghaes2, doughnutbox


  1. hye yonghwa! long tym no see hahaha

    eh, what show is High Kick Through the Roof? ive been hearing about it since forever. like chansung was there, well i cant remember who else. still air? since when?

  2. i have no idea when it started, ill start lookin for it tho, i think Key went on it as well.
    that boy Siyoon is prettyyyy XD


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