28 March 2010

M to M-The Soul Of Men

From left:Jung Jinwoo,Kim Sungtae and Choi Junghwan(magnae)

M To M is consists of 3 males with different style of vocal and blends so well.
Under MNet management, they debuted on 2004 for soundtrack album for drama title ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’ with the same title.

Earlier, it consisted of only two person, Kim Jinho(SG Wannabe) and Son Joonhyuk.But for their second album, Kim Jinho leaves for SG WannaBe and it re-built with two new voices, Choi Junghwan and Kim Sungtae with Jinho still featured on some songs.

After issues with their contracts in their previous entertainment company, the 3 membered male group M to M returned with a new member named Jung JinWoo. He has been gathering much interest after being revealed to be the best friend of JunSu of 2PM.
M to M’s company went on to say “JunSu and Jung JinWoo are both from Daegu and grew up together as best friends. He’s received a lot of help from JunSu, who debuted first.”Wahh,so sweet~ That's the true friend..must help each other..~

This the MV of the song I'm Sorry from the single album The Soul Of Men in 2010:-


Recently, they had made their came back at M!Countdown on 25th March..but I didn't found their performance video..ish3..
About the MV....Waaa,again,sad ending!!By the way,I like their songs!!Ballad songs are just so beautiful!! :) KBallad Hwaiting!!~

괜히 내가(I'm Sorry)


JinWoo and 2PM's JunSu singing ‘I have a lover’!!


Hhahaa..Junsu with orange hat??Wohh!!They really can reach the high note..Wahh..I like Jinwo0!!He's handsome!! His face reminds me of Dongwoon ,the magnae of Beast!!But Dongwoon is more handsomer lahh..hahahaa..



  1. kballad? hahaha xleh bla awin XD

    omg bestfren junsu?????? nape xpnh taw XD such a bad fan... walaupun pnh tgk video uh hahahahah sweet! another eunhyuk-junsu XD

    m to m? m2m? hurmm mcm pernah dgr... asl complicated sgt? ada org sgb la smua XD

  2. Hhahaha..kballad bez wohh..meremang bulu roma dgr~feel abes ah walaupon x phm mksd lgu uh..kah3..

    Hhahaa..kte un bru tau..gali2 tetibe jumpa..hahahaa..yeah!!

    m2m uh english girls group laa..ntahlaa..Jinho sg wannabe tu lah..isk3


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