22 March 2010

Tohoshinki Toki Wo Tomete MV + [Tracklist]

Uhuh, uhuh, okay yeah I'm using their japanese name, boy DBSK is that special to have names in every language of the mother tongue. I wonder if they'll come up with an english name soon? lol. No I'm not teasing. I'm here to make you fall in love with Tohoshinki (if you haven't already) & forgive them for staying in Japan for an incredulously long time..

Toki Wo Tomete MV:

The title sounds like Big Bang's Japanese single song what was it called? Koe wo Kikasete haha, close enough. Sorry I am a bigger V.I.P than Cassiopeia lol.

The first ToHOT-shinki to come out was Jaejoong, & I won't hide the fact that I was BLOWN AWAY. His voice has matured so well now, quite feminine but has a really unhidden masculine twang that pops up once in a while to make you say damnn!~~ he gave me shivers up my spine. I didn't even get to pay attention to my Junsu..

The whole song with the mv just gave me goosebumps the whole way & that is a huge accomplishment, usually only FTi can do that to me. The boys' portrayal of emotions asking to Please Stop Time was a complete Oscar-class act. Ya feel they pain ya hear me? They painn..

I have no idea what the song means but I bet it has a pretty deep & possibly tearfalling meaning ey? Watching IS heartbreaking, but for me in a good way, it brought me back to why I listened to DBSK in the first place. Not because of how effing-awesome they look, but the fact that they are DAMN good singers. Eff, I'm cursing a lot in this post.

Panda says: this song is a damnnn gewwwd balladdd...


  1. Wahh..the song is nice and beautiful!! touching beb..heheh...

    My junsu!!miss him jeongmal~

    THSK hwaiting!AKTF ya~<333

  2. Like I said.. I don't wanna do this post... because the song is too beautiful that made my heart sad..sad for waiting them to comeback to Korea to sing and dance..

    Anyway.. I have the song like in 2009 from Cosmetic CF.Seriously, Avex is more active in promoting them in Japan as well as Korea than SME.

    I don't know why SME won't let them to appear in so many variety shows like SUJU, SHiNee and SNSD..

    Is it because they are TOO HOT??LOL.

  3. haha maybe everyone on the show would be completely shunned & everyone would spend the entire filming session just staring at them haha

  4. hahhaa..Oh yeah!!I'm agreed with azra!!hahaha

  5. that's why they always do variety show that consist only SME (for example with SUJU) and few people included.(MC, two or three guests.) hahaha..

    Definitely Jaejoong will make people struck my his visual shock look!! XD (Junsu said that!!)

  6. woh changmin's body lol

    ill come back again for you dbsk, currently busy XD

  7. haha i dunno i thnk jaejoong can kill people with a stare, or myb just a passing glance un boleh haha

    i'm sorry dbsk, i dont see any way in any time of any five of you EVER getting married..

  8. hahahha..jae2..

    oh,junsu with his cuteness!!Wahhh..


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