22 March 2010

CN BLUE ThankU - 1st Japanese Album [Tracklist]

Yongg~~ you're suppose to look more broody!

Weeeee!! You know I'll be a happy deer posting this, after waiting. CNBLUE left me with an unbearing, though short hiatus back to the recording studio, they've come out with their very own first full japanese album ThankU! They sure know when to keep me smiling when FT Island is away *sigh..*. But not to take away anything from these boys' accomplishment, they've successfully compiled all their Japanese debut & sophomore mini albums into one big one.

If you didn't know a.ri.ga.tou would be the 2nd Japanese languaged song CNBLUE sings, as their previous songs are in English I dunno how that is more marketable in Japan than Korea? Yes, sometimes their english is funny & confusing but it sure beats FTi's english as their japanese songs are sang mostly in Japanese..

I would say "yay! for another repackaged" but I really was looking forward to a 12-new-track-album. It looks like F&C are pulling back on full album tracks cause they think it might be a "waste". For me, new full albums make loyal fans.

That's how I'm so loyal to FTI cause both debut & sophomore albums were completely full with new tracks. Truthfully, i did think it was a waste that they didn't promote every single track on the albums because they would of shown more to FT Island than what people think of them as, brooding, lovesick, guitar serenaders.. When they're more to happy rollicking tunes and cool ballads.

Aww okay shush shush I got your new CNBLUE dose here.

All the tracks are from Now or Never & Voice mini albums with the exception of the Intro (Yonghwa you crack me up, I have no idea what you said in there) & a.ri.ga.tou where Jonghyun takes on the whole song, very sweet deep suitable japanese voice *melllttt*, it's quite the opposite to korean I'm A Loner.

I hope they come out with a 1st Japanese MV soon! Even for A.ri.ga.tou I don't care!

1 - Intro
2 - Let's Go Crazy
3 - Love Revolution
4 - Wanna Be Like U
5 - Never Too Late
6 - Now or Never
7 - Voice
8 - Just Please
9 - Y, Why..
10 - Teardrops in the Rain
11 - One of A Kind
12 - A.ri.ga.tou

Panda's Favorites: So we all know I prefer CNBlue japanese songs, mostly because the only original korean song they produced was Oetoriya.
My favorites in the album are Love Revolution, Never Too Late, Now or Never, Voice, Teardrops in the Rain & A.ri.ga.tou. Let's Go Crazy is such a fun song to well go crazy with when you're washing dishes or dancing in the shower..

But I recommend the entire album for new CNBLUE fans, enjoyee!



  1. yeay azra with new download songs again! Thank you thousand time ^^

  2. Hahaha..yeah CN Blue!! Thnkzzz :)


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