22 January 2010

Annyeong! - Introduction of Effpoo4our

This is a site where four friends reunite (since high school's over lol) and keeping our faith as awesome kpop fans as well as j-rock, cjk-drama fans. lol cheesy much? aoxora, your turn now. aox- (alia is a dork =P)
This site is dedicated to new information we share each other and free-falling spastic moments we will surely have throughout our forever-loving K-Pop lives

We as the authors of the
Effpoo4our or TheAbracadabras, 
consists of hardcore fanatics ehem:

-Alia (SujuSpasm)
-Aoxora (FTi-effed)
-Awin (BeastBasilisk)
-Chibi (DBSKdisturbed)

Let us clarify to you that:

- We are not organizers, reporters, agencies, promoters or any professionals organization. We can help out in finding information.

- We are just a bunch of spazzers, we spazz on kpop info, random news, anything we like or anything we find something interesting to share.

- We are not subjected to updating at a specific time or on any specific subjects but we do update regularly at our own free time and pace.

- Tips are appreciated. If you'd like to know more information about a certain subject, we do like requests but it will go at our own pace.

- We appreciate it if you CREDIT us for anything you take from our blog, it motivates us to write more.


- We are from Malaysia / MY.

- Our little aims for the moment are to be able to;
1. Keep updating each other with k-pop infos and news.
2. Keep in touch with each other since we are currently far from each other.
3. Happily spazzing. A way to release our crazy excitements.
4. Gather as much as Malaysian k-pop fans (we know there's a lot of you here) as well as kpop fans worldwide.
5. Spread the K-Pop loves <3
- You may able to find, contact and follow us via;
Email: effpoo4our@gmail.com
Facebook: TheAbracadabras
Twitter: TheAbracadabras
Youtube: TheAbracadabras
Plus Voodoo island (chatbox) and marshmallow (comment)
- If you want to be affiliate with us, go HERE. It's as easy as asking for Eunhyuk to dance lol ;P

- We appreciate comments, tips and feedbacks. Have fun reading and enjoy!

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