27 January 2010

Triple-S Malaysia 2nd Gathering - Confirmed

7th February 2010 (Sunday)


Thank you all for your feedback on your preferred date. We have collected all your responses and decided our 2nd Gathering to be held on next Sunday 7th February 2010.

Now, after further deliberation, we decided to change the event venue from Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to an indoor venue so we can all enjoy the event together in a more comfortable manner and not be held down by any unpredictable KL weather (whether it may pour like cats and dogs or the weather may really be extremely hot that day).

The new gathering venue will be held at:
Fullhouse Restaurant
Sunway Piramid Shopping Mall
Lot LG 1.96
(7th Feb 2010 @ 12PM)

Since we have now changed the venue, the gathering concept will no longer be Potluck style. We will check out the menu and update you all soon on what you can order individually, OR we will just be ordering a variety of food to be shared across all and the cost will be divided among all confirmed participants. We will publish the food prices soon by end of this week for you to consider your costs :)

For the time being, if you are wondering about this restaurant, you can check it out here:

Thank you and looking forward to your participation.
Please let us know again on your confirmed particpation via email to jen.triples@gmail.com on your name and TS no. (if you have) with the subject "Confirmation on Fullhouse Gathering".


Aite gurls, are you up for a little SS501 day of kpop-luv? I'm in! i don't think i have anything planned that day.. why not??

cr:jen@triple-s msia


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