23 January 2010

Are You Ready Go, for BEAST?

awwh so glad to be in awin 's blog..

Looks like our little rookie idol boys BEAST (비스트), are following the steps of their beloved hardcore sunbaes 4Minute, in contributing to an OST. The new song Ready Go, ticks me off cuz its the same as FT Island's most recent japanese song Ready Go!!, but i won't cringe bout that just now because the song is actually good.

The song is featured in KBS Masters of Study (which was also supposed to star our Mr. Lee Honggi, but I'll talk bout that later too) just like their sunbaenims 4minute. with eh i forgot the song title, anyone help me out?
KBS Masters of Study comes out February 15th on KBS WORLD - malaysia.

Well here's the song:


I give it a thumbs up ngeh 3+ stars? In my opinion its better than their album songs in B2ST.
Don't claw my eyes out, i like the song..


  1. haaaa...s0 beast!!

    ea..4 min's song is dreams come true from god of study ost rite?? not bad this s0ng..hehhe..

    ermm..i love all BEAST's s0ng!! yeahh!!<3

  2. I'm a big fans of BEAST. Love BEAST SO much..
    BEAST, hwaiting!!


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