24 January 2010

Super Junior is coming to town!

excited everyone??? im not. lol i know, i called myself suju's fan but im not excited? no no dont get me wrong, im afraid i have to serve my country at that time so that's why im not too excited. i probably cant go uwaaaa

few things to do before go:
1. ask our parents permission. my chances are 70% coz they know i love suju the most. yippe!
2. make money, asap!
3. get someone, adult, to drive and for adult supervision. chibi, you're not 18 yet XD

1. how the heck are we going to buy the tickets? we should all buy together, for the seats.
2. how the heck are we going there? somebody have to drive!
3. i think we have 2 stadium in bukit jalil, the open stadium and the close stadium. so which one the concert gonna be held?
4. is there any fan meeting?

lol i thought no one care about this concert, but apparently the tickets has been sold out really fast. the rm138 tickets has been sold out, so i hope the other tickets are still available. =.= none suju's fans, why dyou care? IM THEIR #1 FAN SO IF I CANT GO I KICK ALL OF YOU ! lol

so girls, what's your decision? give the answer asap!

cred : marctensia


  1. i agree COMPLETELY to ur no.2.
    if only if i..
    ..into the rockpitt i go!!!
    1. i want their sweat
    2. i want Kyu to sing to me
    3. i want some free souvenirs (aka their love)
    redeem my faith in kpop concerts in msia..

  2. oh btw the concert's in the Indoor stadium yeahh

  3. euww you disgusting me, whats up with their sweat? hahahaha

    i wanna drool over donghae~~

    yes, if we buy the rock pitt seats, we better get free souvenirs! sm better prepare a lot HAHA

  4. cool, the badminton courts hahahahhahahaha

  5. well they also need a place to stage dive! hahaha


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