28 January 2010

A Late Birthday Wish for KJJ and LJ!~

since I'm the one who got really busy and hectic (as well as sudden vacation on Jae's birthday. Sorry, JaeJae..), I'm forcing myself to post something in here as my adorable guys' (KJJ & LJ) birthday present.

first question you might ask. KJJ & LJ, Who??

Well, that is the acronym for Kim Jaejoong of DBSK and Lee Junho of 2PM!!~~

(hehehe.. my precious!!~ *imitate something from LOTR*)

This year my boys will be 24 and 20 respectively!!! kyaaa.... Junho is only two years older than me!!XD

Actually I forgot Junho's birthday.. BUT BUT.. I remembered strongly about JaeJae's birthday.
 (how can I forget that dorky?? tell me..)
So, as i browsed the internet a day after Jaejae's birthday..

I found.. THIS!!~~

Taddah!! These vids were created by Korean cassies for Jaejoong's birthday and being compiled in a website called HERO FESTIVAL 2010. (to be honest, they're JJANG!!)

(if he starred in IRIS that would be seriously awesome & hot!!~~ of course along TOP)

the second one HERO FESTIVAL FOR 2009!!^_^

A N D  T H I S  C O M E  A L O N G  F O R  L A U G H... (JAE is serious dork!!~~)

(the song he sang he is 'The Way You Are')

HERO FESTIVAL was created to celebrate Jaejoong's birthday and their event was SUPER HUGE (IMO..). Check this HERO FESTIVAL 2010 to know more about the site.
And oh yeah.. i forgot that they did hero festival every year!! which highly anticipated by overseas fans to look at the work of Korean Cassies.

Before I ended this, I just realized i didn't introduce myself. I'm chibi!!^_^

Ok now, I should stop random babbling and continue my work. TT^TT

ok.. one more vid before leave!!~~ JJ's ver. of HOT ISSUE!!~~ Kekeke...

Ahahaha.. akhirnya post gak. buhuhuhu

forgot this..
ALL VIDS credit to onlyYUSOO @ youtube for uploading AND Korean who created the vids.


  1. jaejoong & jaejoong fans are dorks.
    okay plus me im a dork, cuz im a jajung fan haha!

  2. haha... who's dorkier than dbsk boys actually??
    and btw.. i'm not a dork!!~XD
    and jajung?? "who's that??" *imitate junsu*

  3. hahaa..chibi!! jht t0l!!

    "chicken fight!!"

  4. chibi ah, dont post too many videos at the same entry. it'll slower the page XD asal aku yang kena cakap lol

    jaejong boo XD omg tua gilaaaaa tidaaaaakkk my donghae pun tua haih


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