29 January 2010

YooSu's Epic Scenes!`

Since this January & February will be mostly DBSK's members' birthdays, I dig up their old videos which I think their glucose level in their blood is way too high until they become hyper!! today's video only Yoosu's video. ^_^ Hahaha.. I make really big mistakes few hours back.

credit: noanus @youtube

Hurm... What you can say.. when Junsu + Yoochun... it's all about cuteness!!~~ and of course mushy and funny...


  1. omg comel gle nk mmpos! micky's eng accent is pretty good considering all the eng lyrics in their songs are bkechai.
    junsuuuuu comel glee!!! fairplay ok? okayy hahahhaa

  2. hahaha.. br prasan.. salah upload video.. ni YOOSU jerk!!~~

  3. haha...chibi sengal~

    my junnsuu ahh!!<333333

    cute gle!!cair~~~


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