24 January 2010

Turning Us Off...Key & Mir??

i'm key.. i'm a vampire..??

I don't think anyone can sense the irony in my title but that's okay.
Although I've had frequent visits of my most recent dreamboy, into my lala land while i'm soundly asleep.

Thanks to the cliche of twilight books..(& channel [v] for all those Ring Ding Dong videos)
This dreamboy has emerged yet again.. dancing to girl group songs. Praise the prophet lol.

This time Key is having support with fellow group member Mir of MBLAQ on Idol Magnae Rebellion, which i will get around to watching hehe mianhae seungbaby!

Bo Peep Bo Peep bo peep ah!

I have to give Key a good tutt-ting because i just wanna shield Mir into a hug from his mean sunbae's rash. Poor Mir, i never thought something as small as messing up a dance to T-ARA's Bo Peep could cause Key to expose a glimpse of temper... X).

..And following my top 3 SHINee luvs, Onew.. Dear leader, how can you expose your uncoolness?
I enjoy the end most overall.



  1. hahaha mir is sooo cute~ his reaction lol

    my onw such a dork =.= i should post my fav video of him~

  2. lol key's so harsh, poor mir, he looked so scared..=S

  3. mir always like that! u should watch idol army, he's being pampered too much by his hyung lol

  4. spoiled! noo he's too much like a girl now lol


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