29 January 2010

Dae Guk Nam Ah!

I'm so shallow i can already pick who i like
i'm sorry Garam & Mika, i hope i'm not a cooger noona..

Ahh, i smell fresh meat. Check it, we got a new kpop rookie boyband coming up pretty soon. Hm, dunno when, but soon. Is it safe to say its a new boyband season?

Dae Guk Nam Ah (대국남아), is comprised of five members who were all apparently from XING Entertainment, hmm never heard of it. I hope they don't get discarded just like that because of a not popular company like SHU-I (whom i totally love more than BEAST or MBLAQ) it would be such a shame.

These kids are Hyunmin (현민), Jay, Injun (인준), Garam (가람) and Mika (미카). And oh look they're like babies still! i have no idea how old they actually are but just look at their innocent chubby faces, awh go to school kids, wait till ur older to debut really! Doesn't anybody care about these kids edumacation? Its a wonder why they can't even complete a simple math question.

Anyhoo, Oo-lala no.4&5 look like perfect contestants for me haha i got dibs!!

Ehem haha yes i saved this, garam hahaha, i like Karam & Mika. Omg why in the world would you ever pick the name Garam?? Salt would sound better haha. G-g-g garam, g-g-g-gara-a-a-a-am *badly impersonating Like the First Time*. I'm so sad about his name, but to me, he looks exactly like Jaejoongie.

With a name like Dae Guk Nam Ah, i suspected they would be like a new TVXQ, cuz on their site, Dae Guk Nam Ah is written in chinese too. Ooo interesteedd! Plus i thk DGNA would be a pretty sweet awesome acronym as well don't u think? Well whatever these pretty boys do, i wish them the utmost of luck!

Dunno much about their profiles or anything but you can check their official website, i couldn't get in because you have to register first i think with a korean social security no. & everything.

Alright here's some fresh meat eye-candy for yall. Decked out with a prince concept, awh i'm likin these boys, you can never go wrong with a prince concept & a crazed boyband fan named Azra. it equals mabeop ..! (magic!)


He looks so magnae-ish

Oh Hyunchul sounds soooo much better than salt, cmon now. He looks a billion times likea young jajung lol.

Suhoon/Mika: I think he looks like a mix of japanese & that pretty guy in BoF who tried to kill himself & kidnapped Geum Jandi XP.



  1. suhoon is more look-alike as our jaejoong based on the pics. And Jinhwan, he looks like kevin when he was in XING.

    and one more thing Aozora,
    don't expect much from XING ENT.
    they always let go the talented people go waste.

  2. awww lol that sux, i thot sumthg bad was gonna happen to anythg im excited about lol
    dats y i said i was shallow, i dont evn kno wat they sound like hahaha.

    but i do like japanese ppl XP, he looks like Light too the movie ver.

    oh! now i rmbr bout XING ent, it does sound familiar now..

  3. nooo mika doesnt look like that guy from bof!~ i love that bof guy XD

    garam looks like ryeowook in that 2nd last pic.

  4. They will never be DBSK(forever #1) but they have the potential (and looks *screams*) to be just as popular. Just as DBSK, their voices compliment each other wonderfully.

    Hopefully things turn out bright for these boys. They already seem to have a plus, by not being signed to SM T_T

    Jay is adorable and doesn't look like the maknae.

    Injoon looks a little like Yoochun with the brownish/red hair.

    Karam looks the youngest to me, i've dubbed him 'Baby Joongie'. They look alike and with time and practice Karam's voice could be even more like Jaejoong's, but he should create his own wonderful voice ^^

    At first, I didn't like Mika, but now I do. A lot. He's very mysterious looking, kind of like a vampire, which imo is hawtness.

    Hyunmin looks the quietest and most innocent of them all.

    The worse thing about new boybands is that the members keep getting younger! I'm only 22 but liking them makes me feel creepy XD
    Oh well -.- ill listen anyway lol


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