28 January 2010

oh oh oh oh snsd~

update, with mv.

cred: adilahfx@youtube

edit : uh, i got distracted by big hairs and short skirts plus short t-shirt XD

I love all the songs that sm promote, but i hate other songs in the albums (except suju XD)
Aaa sm have catchy song~ this is like kiddo songs. I love kids’ songs XD

How come only jessica has blonde hair????? It makes her stand out the most cause she’ll be easy to spot and recognise (no i don’t hate her.lie.no.) It’s not fair for others. Why do all of them have long hair?? Even sooyoung? They don’t need wig; cheerleader doesn’t means you have to have long hair,right? I think so =.= aaa hyoyeon should have short hair, i think she has nice bone structure haha i love her straight hair, she look gorgeous... and hot! (i used to hate her lol the lion hair, wtheck? too bad i cant find her old pictures =.=)

this is the closes one =.= see, whats with the hair?

They better have a couple of cheer leading stunt XD (i love bring it on!). fly baby fly~ hand stand HAHA THEY SHOULD CALL 2PM! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA can you imagine 2pm dancing to this kind of music XD harharhar


  1. more like oh oh oh oh nooo.
    this song is like one of those carnival songs, that play while ur in bumpercars, or the kinds in the clubs that plays but nobody notices.
    its a pretty bad comeback from SM. but i wouldnt put it past them to hav the ultimate welcomeback when they well comeback, just cuz they're already labeled snsd. how stereotypical.

  2. hahahahah aozora and her anti-ness lol
    we'll see how they go, tell me your wish wasnt that good when i first listen to it XD and the second time... until awin and chibi drag me =.=

  3. hahhaa..azra..you sm's anti??

    haha..alia..i baru nak wat blog pasal ni..tgk you da wat da..hehehe..xpe2...

    genie ok laa!!
    sowenoul malhaebwa~~

  4. genie lg ok dr oh...
    da cube dgr byk kali lg oh tp x ley masuk..

    seriously, this song is not the best from snsd..
    better their old songs.. ahahahah..
    have you heard it's similar to rihanna 'shut up & drive'??
    again sm is loving to do plagiarized.

  5. lol, part-time anti la alia ahha. not sm awin, cuz i luv the shinee boys to death.

    actually i dont thk it sounds anythn like rihanna's shut up & drive, that would be an insult to rihanna XP (im so mean).

    but yeah, i thk genie is better than this song, which is saying sumthn cuming from me lol


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