31 March 2010

SWM Gila-Gila Day

SWM Gila-Gila Day + SHINee 2nd Anniversary! Hye girls, looks like Shinee World Malaysia has done it again (lol I can't forget the video message >.<). So, basically, they're gonna do another gathering this coming April. Wanna join?
Day / Date: Saturday, 24 April 2010
Time: 10.00 a.m
Fees: Free of charge (foods & drinks - self-sponsor)
Place: Time Square
1 - Expand SWM
2 - SHINee 2nd Anniversary Gathering
3 - Raise funds

1 - Distribution of SWM pamphlets
2 - Selling of SWM Badges
[Participants will be divided into groups, and each group will cabut undi from a box a secret mission (for example 'get a random passerby to say i love shinee to the camera', or get someone to buy a badge, or someone to donate). Only cameraman is allowed to know wat each group's mission is. Dont tell other group, the group must complete the mission and must be recorded in video, without other group knowing what the mission is. when we break for eating, we will guess each other's mission. Groups that fail have funny punishment. XD sing to random ppl..... or something. hahaha~]

Run down (not get down eh =.='')
10.00 - 10.30 a.m - Registration
10.30 - 11.00 a.m - Divide into groups and preparation
11.00 - 12.30 p.m - Complete the Missions
12.30 - 2.30 p.m - Makan
2.30 - 4.30 p.m - Photo / video session for SHINee 2nd Anniversary
4.30 p.m - Finish

For more information, visit SWM forum.

Time Square! Why so tempting? I am so broke >.< TheAbracadabras, save money! Find a job! Like... now! XD The activities are kinda crazy... but fun! Nama pun gila-gila day.

30 March 2010

Oh! vs Run Devil Run?? + [Tracklist]


Ahhaaa..The story version of Run Devil Run has finally released!!Many of you were kind of disappointed that the Run Devil Run MV did not offer a continuation of the storyline that was teased at the end of the Oh! MV..So,this is the story version~


Ermmm..for me,this MV is just nice..I like this more than the dance version..but I think this is not a story version!!..it's more like remix of the story and dance version..do you think so??hahaha..I like Yuri's part when she unplugged the plug..all the black soshi dissappeared!! You better run..run!!go Yuri!! OMG, I kindda love this song..hahaa..and Oh! too.. SNSD Hwaiting~

Tetibe rase rajin arini..Today is 30th March!!hahaha..

Run Devil Run(Repackaged) album.. :)

Run Devil Run
Star Star Star(Acoustic R&B ver.)

Happy B-Day Wonbin, Hongki & Jonghoon!

Waah yes it is THEE worst time I could wish these boys a proper bday lol. I realize that Wonbin's B-Day was just 2 days ago, but I needed to wish all 3. Hey! As long as it's the month of March I'm not too late right? lol. Is this my first spazz?

Anyways all three of my boys are celebrating their 21st (korean) 20th (everywhere else) Birthday! So congrats on being legal?

Lee Honggi's BDay is March 2, 1990
Choi Jonghoon's Bday is March 7, 1990
Oh Wonbin's Bday is March 28, 1990

A Video of their Last B-Day Party together with Primadonnas:

What?? Hongki won in arm wrestling before?? Against Minhwannie??
Oh ok, 2nd time round Drummer Minari beats Hongki 2 billion times haha.
(btw, He's also beat every single member of 2PM in arm wrestling @ Idol Army XD)

Runway Show:
Jonghun's (gay) walk haha
Wonbin just has to look cool, he doesn't even have to tryy..
Jaejin & his mad hatter skipping, you're so weird.
Minari with his super aegyeo penguin waddle, eek!
Hongki & his stupid Dumb & Dumber walk lol.

I guess I can't lump in Wonbin as an FT Island since he's an ex-member. I miss him tonnes though, news is that instead of releasing his solo debut around this year or next, he's going to wait until he graduates university. *cries more & more everyday*

Wonbin's so gorgeous, he looks like an anime in this pic..

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker LIVE CD

G-Dragon of Big Bang has released a LIVE CD of his (contraversial) Shine A Light concert a while back ago. I don't get why they wanna press charges on GD till he goes to jail? The only fault I see is that chick on the bed that needs to step off my baby! Anyways..

Happy Birthday to Ki Kwang/AJ of BEAST!! ♥

What date is today??OMG!..Today is 30th of March!!hahaha..hheee.hhuuu.hoo0o.Yeorobun! Let's wish Ki Kwang together~ Hana,ddul,set!
Saeng Chulka Hamnida (2x)!!Saranghaneun Ki Kwang oppa!!(1st time calling him oppa =p) Saeng Chulka Hamnida!!! Wohooo..Happy 20th Birthday my cutie,Ki Kwang!!Oh yeah,in Korea he is 21st!!Wish you all the best in Beast!! plus, Beast is currently and always #1 in my heart~Aja2 Hwaiting!! Weee...Excited mode is already turned on =D

I found this video about Ki Kwang..Love this!! Check it out..seriously,i'm melting now~


Wahhh..He winks to me!! Hhahaa..Love his wink+smile+voice+face+hot body (Oh Yeah!)+new hair+Everything about him laa!!!!Hhahaa..He is my first crush in Beast!!The background music 'Crazy' from Beast is awesome!! I like that song..still crazy about Beast!hahahaha.. <33>

Here's some pictures of Ki Kwang special for you guys!!Everyday I SHOCK!SHOCK! Everynight I SHOCK!SHOCK! ~~

29 March 2010

FT Island's Japanese Major Debut Single!

awwh my boys, how i miss you...

Although F.T. Island is no stranger to the land of the rising sun, they have cropped up a hefty ten of thousands of Japanese Primadonnas. (The band base in Japan is infamously larger than in South Korea.)

Word is FT Island is planning to drop a new major debut single in Japan! Now as for why the word "debut" is used? Its because FT Island have switched labels to Warner Music Japan from AI Entertainment. Congratulations to the boys for landing such a huge label! I hope they do the boys good & treat them very well too.

The single is currently untitled, but is set to release on May 19th!

Now comes the sadness part. In order to do a bigger promotion to boost the Japanese Market, Warner Music needs the boys to stay there for 5 months for promoting activities like fanmeetings, magazines, interviews, short concerts etc.

5 months hiatus?!?! It's time for me to cry my eyes out, it's already been foreverrr since they released albums Double Date & So Long, Au Revoir, can my heart take it? Still, it's believed their 6th Album will be
a bomb since it's a combination of both F&C and Warner Music..

Here's the Single Cover of the "Untitled" song:

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Wanna be on top??Hhahaaa..

Sesiapa yang rasa dirinya mempunyai bakat yang terpendam seperti pandai menyanyi??berlakon??melawak ke??apa-apa sahaja asalkan menarik!!Cuma dengan menghantar video yang menarik pasal diri anda dan suuppzz!! anda akan berpeluang untuk muncul di kaca televisyen!!

Senang sahaja,anda boleh mengikuti 'Project Alpha' dengan menghantar ujibakat video anda di sini,khas untuk blogger-blogger di seluruh Malaysia..Seronoknya boleh muncul di televisyen!Anda boleh menjadi popular tau dalam kalangan blogger-blogger..

Apa itu 'Project Alpha'??

Ehemm..'Project Alpha' ini ialah rancangan realiti online yang pertama di Malaysia! Malaysia Maju! Projek ini memaparkan kehidupan blogger-blogger yang terkenal di Malaysia..dan apa yang menjadi inspirasi mereka untuk menulis blog yang menarik perhatian semua blogger untuk membaca blog mereka..Blog yang popular gitu...

Oh yeah!!Ujibakat 'Project Alpha Season 2' kembali lagi !!Anda boleh rujuk laman web di bawah ini semula pada 19 April 2010 untuk memenangi hadiah-hadiah yang lumayan!!Hhehee..

Kejap!!Anda terlepas untuk menonton 'Project Alpha Season 1'? Jangan risau,anda boleh menonton video-video itu di laman web ini..


Jadi,jangan merugikan bakat yang anda ada! Hantar video secepat yang mungkin..Biasa lah,siapa yang cepat,dia yang dapat..huhu..

Owh,anda tahu ke tidak?? Yang menariknya tentang pertandingan ini,anda berpeluang untuk berjumpa artis-artis yang terkenal dan artis blogger-blogger yang popular seperti Azwan Hj Ali..Amboi Amboi Amboi~ Jangan melepaskan peluang keemasan ini ya!...

Selamat Berjaya~

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at
www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions or projectalpha.ruumz.com/groups

28 March 2010

M to M-The Soul Of Men

From left:Jung Jinwoo,Kim Sungtae and Choi Junghwan(magnae)

M To M is consists of 3 males with different style of vocal and blends so well.
Under MNet management, they debuted on 2004 for soundtrack album for drama title ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’ with the same title.

Earlier, it consisted of only two person, Kim Jinho(SG Wannabe) and Son Joonhyuk.But for their second album, Kim Jinho leaves for SG WannaBe and it re-built with two new voices, Choi Junghwan and Kim Sungtae with Jinho still featured on some songs.

After issues with their contracts in their previous entertainment company, the 3 membered male group M to M returned with a new member named Jung JinWoo. He has been gathering much interest after being revealed to be the best friend of JunSu of 2PM.
M to M’s company went on to say “JunSu and Jung JinWoo are both from Daegu and grew up together as best friends. He’s received a lot of help from JunSu, who debuted first.”Wahh,so sweet~ That's the true friend..must help each other..~

This the MV of the song I'm Sorry from the single album The Soul Of Men in 2010:-


Recently, they had made their came back at M!Countdown on 25th March..but I didn't found their performance video..ish3..
About the MV....Waaa,again,sad ending!!By the way,I like their songs!!Ballad songs are just so beautiful!! :) KBallad Hwaiting!!~

Let's Do It After School!!~


Hhahaa..Uee is not there because of her drama schedule..Woww!!they really tried their best playing that drums well..What a marching band!Congratz After School!! heee..

This is their comeback stage on Music Bank!! Oh,Uee in da house!! Again, Gahee is the HOTTEST in blue! The blue uniforms?Nahhh..


After watching this performance ,I finally could recognised the face of the new member,Lizzy!What a great comeback!!Weee~~~
Opsss..didn't watch Bang! MV yet?? No need to worry,be happy :) You can watch it plus tracklist of After School's 3rd Single here...


27 March 2010

2AM-I did Wrong MV Part 2/2 [ENG SUB]

Woww!! I dunn0 Seulong has a great body too!! *speechless*

Forgot to watch their MV part 1/2??Don't worry,we have that..visit here..Now,let's check this out!!kindda confusing me..but..ahahhaa

cr: princescx60x

The girl died at the end right??hahhaa..Why must the heroin must died at the end??Such a sad ending..huh..well,the instrumental is amazing!! makes me wanna cry at first.waaa..Changmin with his ice skatiing,JinWoon with his basketball,Jokwon with his DJiing (wujud ke word ni??blur xtau nk tlis pe da =p) and Seulong with his super motorbike!!So sad lah watching this MV..hrmmm..

To recover our sadness..let's watch their performance on music bank!!

U-KISS Is Coming To Malaysia Too!

OMG OMG I'm so hype!! After a successful Super Junior's concert and rumors about SHINee's fanmeeting here in Malaysia, now, another kpop group is coming to the town! We sure are lucky this year XD
Title: U-Kiss! Me
Date: 19th June 2010 (JUNE! Long way to go, but uh uni intake?)
Time: 2pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Plenary Hall (I have no idea where that is, but it is in KL! At least not Johor XD)
Event Content: Fan Meeting, Performances, Interaction Session with Fans, Album Signing

4minute & Amerie-Heard 'Em All @ Music Bank

Memandangkan Azra tak buat post pasal ini, baik aku buat je lah..lagipun, dah tak tau nak wat pasal apa dah..hahahaa..Alia pun lom tengok lagi en performance diorang aritu??tengok2!!


Ahhaa..ohooo..eheehh..Oh yEaaa~

Wahhh..rindu 4minute ok!!Hrmm..meraka yang banyak nyanyi dalam lagu ini..Amerie nyanyi sikit sahaja..Kalau ada yang masih 'blur' tidak tahu Amerie ini siapa, Ermmm..Amerie ini separuh Korea dan separuh Amerika Afrika..kacukan ok!hehehe..

Sepatutnya part yang akhir Poppin Dragon from Beast yang rap..tetapi dalam persembahan ini, Jiyoon yang rap..hahhaa..Apa-apa pun, 4minute sangat SEXY walaupun koreografi tarian lagu ini agak pelik =p Wohoooo!!

Oh,Sohyun,magnae sangat comel!!Hhahaa..Semua HOT lah senang cerita.. =D

B2ST/BEAST-Despite Holding On Performance


Haaa..OMG!! Beast gave me another 'SHOCK!' as they tansform into ballad singers! They’ve shown us their wild beastly sides, but now they show us a more gentle persona with Noel’s 'Despite Holding On' at M! Countdown on 25th March 2010. 'Despite Holding On' is originally a track by an old school group, Noel from JYP Entertainment..

Hhahaa..I can't believe that JunHyung/Poppin Dragon can sing like that..Bravo2!!~This song is soooo beautiful! In fact,all the members had performed very well with an orchestra version on live!..Yahh..They gave me a goosebumps!! Love this song! Love Beast! jjang!!
Oh,stop complaining about AJ's new hair..I like AJ's new hairstyle..looks more handsomer and cute!!But his black hair was more hotter lahh..hahahah..

And that’s not all, at the end of the day, the Beast boys won their first-ever award since their debut by claiming #1 on M! Countdown, edging out 2AM. The margin was 1 point again just like in previous weeks. It was no wonder they teared hardly!Congratulations Beast!!Wohhoo..I'm so excited talking about Beast!!hahahaa


Waaaa..Dongwoon ah!!AJ ah!!Poppin Dragon ah!!Don't cry!!Doojoon,Yoseub and S0-1 are just soo cool!!hahaa..I'm happy for them eventhough I feel like crying too :(
Well,they deserved the winning though!~


26 March 2010

Do You Know Rumble Fish?

*Requested by Azra*


I have no idea at all about this group! .hahaa. I think Azra love korean band the most other than group..plus,she is the hardcore for FT Island and CN Blue..no doubt! =p

Okeyh..enough with Azra. Back to the topic! Ermmm.. I didn't found many informations about this band.. I only can say that Rumble Fish is an Indie band whose music is completely done by the members of the band themselves. Even before their official debut in the major stages, the singer-and-songwriter band consisting of 4 members has been well-known among clubbers and music producers.

As underground musicians, Rumble Fish’s performances were mainly based in clubs around Hongik University such as Jammers. Their powerful and dynamic music and charismatic attitude filled the clubs with fans who love their music every time they put on a concert. Such popularity led the creation of a community with 2,500 members even before the release of their debut album.

Their 1st debuted in 2004 with the album 'Swing Attack' and then 2nd album, 'Have a Nice Dream' in 2005,the single 'I Go' in 2006.3rd album, 'Open The Safe' in 2007..then in 2008,they released their 4th album called 'Memory For You'..In 2009,the single 'Encore' and this early 2010,released a single below:-

Oh,I found this song while digging about this band.It such a sweet and nice song..the vokalist has a really good vocal plus the guy's voice also!Which one is the guy eyh??There are three guys in this band..I think maybe the guitarist..hrmm

좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘(if you find a cool guy, please introduce to me)
Well,I'm not sure about the song name in english..hahhaa..(bantai je lah=p)

25 March 2010

After School 3rd Single Bang! MV + [Tracklist]

Are you ready to play drums??

After the release of the MV teaser for their new single,Bang! on 21st,they finally released the MV of Bang!Unlike their fellow girl groups who seem to be going for the “dark” theme, After School is heading in the complete opposite direction. The eight ladies, including newest member, Lizzy, are rocking their new drum concept with bright blue marching outfits..Okeyh,Let's watch the eight sexy ladies and the drums!hahaa..


Hhahaa..So what do you think??After School in da house!!I love the part 'A-Ha,A-Ha'!!Everyone looks HOT with their outfits and oh!long legs (jealous! =p)..hrmm..Actually,I didn't recognised the new member,Lizzy in this MV..I only see that hottest Gahee!!WOWWW!!

Here's the Tracklist..Enjoy ^_^

ZE:A All Day MV + Leap for Detonation [Tracklist]

The sophmore rookies of early this year have given us they're second effort at amazing us! Leap For Detonation is their 2nd Single Album since they debuted in 2009 with Nativity. I like these boys a lot when they debuted, but Nativity didn't do it for me.

Their title song, All Day with a really anticipated (by me) music video, are inspired by the korean movie Friends! No, no Rachael, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey or Phoebe, but I'm sure ZE:A (Children of Empire) can fill up their spots with Dongjun, Siwan, Heechul, Kevin, Minwoo, Taeheon, Junyeong, Kwanghee and Hwangsik.

All Day Long MV:

They look GOOOEEWWDDD. I love boys in japanese school uniforms, its just really sexy haha. Dongjun comes out first yeah? With a smug face lol. Junyeong is the smexy guy that comes in second, he looks sooo much like Micky Yoochun doesn't he? I don't understand the storyline much, but i think its awesome. I feel REALLY jealous about those girls hanging around ZE:A though xP. Really I do..*grr*

All Day is a cool R&B song & Man 2 Man is more to hip hop. I think its a good move to adapt the style of Big Bang, but you have to be careful with making it actually sound good. Well I tell you, its a right side better than the horrendous Mazeltov. Whoever said Friday, Saturday, Sunday I will hurt you...was it you Kevin?!?!? *just kidding* hehe. I looovee the mv, do you?

Great hair guys, now I can't tell any of you apart..

If you still can't tell who is who when they debuted here's a little something to help you:

(Top from left) Heechul, Dongjun, Kevin.
(Bottom from left) Taeheon, Minwoo, Junyeong.

(From left) Hyeongsik, Siwan, Kwanghee.

Here's Leap for Detonation:


1 - Intro
2 - 하루종일 (All Day)
3 - Man 2 Man

Leap for Detonation-2nd Single.rar

Panda says: ZE:A cameback with a good move. All Day is a recommended song that finally compliments Children of Empire's vocals. No I can't tell who is singing what, but yes they do start to sound like a rookie Big Bang now, I like a lotttt. Man 2 Man, if you like it? Depends. I'm ready for a full album next!

MV Teaser Still!

4Men The 3rd Generation Album

Creative picture~I'm lovin't!!

Do you know that 4Men first debuted in 1998??Woww!Same years as Shinhwa!hrmm..talking about 4Men..When their first debuted,they never received high popularity but they were extremely talented! Though the members change over the years but despite only having 3 members, they still call themselves 4Men..Oh Yeah!!~

This year,they are already released the new album called '
The 3rd Generation'..the song 'I Can't' from this album is awesome and became POPULAR these days eventhough the MV is quite sad.The actor and actress in this MV cant stop crying from the beginning until the end..hhehe..Shh~


Read more for album, songs and member profile.

24 March 2010

Brand New Day!

Brand new world~

Brand New Day debuted pada 7 Januari 2009 di bawah syarikat Castle J..Trio Brand New Day ini terdiri daripada nama yang lebih kurang sama dan mudah untuk diingati,iaitu,Kim Su-ji, Kim Su-jin, dan Lee Su-jin (haa,senang kan nama mereka.hahaa)..Album mini mereka yang pertama,iaitu 'Lady Garden' telah mendapat sambutan yang hangat!!~

Lagu-lagu di dalam album mini tersebut sedap juga dengan vokal mereka yang sangat hebat dan kuat!!Tetapi aku cuma tahu lagu single mereka, 'Mascara' sahaja..hahaa..ok, Ini persembahan mereka dengan menyanyikan lagu Salmanhae(Survivable)..


Amacam??Hebat tak mereka??Kuasa trio memang mantap!haha..sama seperti Seeya,Gavy NJ dan Lady Collection :)

Ahli-ahli Brand New Day ada di bawah ini..jangan malu dan segan untuk mengklik 'Read more' ye~

Biodata ahli:-

Soo Ji
Full name : 김수지 (Kim Soo Ji)
Born : February 23, 1988
Height: 162cm
Weight: 42 kg
Education : Soongsil University

Chae Rin

Real name: 김수진 (Kim Su Jin)
Born : August 23, 1988
Height : 168 cm
Weight: 38kg
Education : Howon University

Soo Ah

Real name: 이수진 (Lee Su Jin)
Born : January 31, 1989
Height : 164 cm
Weight : 43 kg
Education : Howon University


23 March 2010

This is Voice Of Soul

*Requested by alia*

Thx 4 da flowers!!~

V.O.S, 'Voice of Soul 'is a R&B group that made up of members Choi Hyun-joon, Park Ji-hun, and Kim Kyung-rok. The group debuted in 2004 under record company, Star Empire Entertainment(Oh,ZE:A's Hyung!!)Hhahaha...

Although V.O.S have released two albums, the group was still unrecognized by a majority of the public. The members had faced with the fact that they might not be destined for stardom. Thus, after the second album in 2005, the members have taken a break to do separate solo project...

In year 2007, V.O.S released a special single album and the title track called ' Everyday' has become very popular to most of the public, leading to the increasing of the number of fans.This early year,they released a single called 'This is Voice Of Soul'.Let's hear it guys!!<3


As you can see,they have a beautiful voices!!Such an awesome tri0 and handsome too!!hahaha..I hope they will continue to make use of their voices to move the souls to their listeners and bring goods songs to their fans!hehehe=D

Let's meet The V.O.S:-

22 March 2010

Let's Go Eat Eat!! + [Tracklist]

Sam Chongsa/3 Chongsa

3 Chongsa debut pada tahun 2009 dengan lagu Let's Go!(kaja!).Mereka lebih kepada genre TROT!!mereka masih muda ok tetapi debut sebagai kumpulan trot..Woww!!Kagum betul!Kejap,banyak juga gossip yang mengatakan lagu ini sama macam lagu 'Rokkugo'-Super Junior T..Aku rasa lain sangat..hahahaa...terpulang pada korang lah..=p

HAhaha..Yeah!~Tahun lepas aku asyik menyanyi lagu kaja! di dalam kelas..sampai Chibi pun marah..ahahahah!bila mahu pergi mana-mana je nyanyi lagu kaja! hahahaa..biasa lah tengah tension nak spm dulu..heh~

Pada tahun ini,mereka kembali dengan lagu trot yang baru, iaitu Eat Eat(mogo mogo)..Kelakar dengar lagu ini..tetapi boleh jadi addicted juga..hahahhaa!Tengok persembahan mereka ini~


Mereka sangat comel!!!Hahaha..Aku suka tengok mereka..Kang Woo sebaya dengan TheABCs!!<33> Jom muat turun lagu mereka... =D

Tohoshinki Toki Wo Tomete MV + [Tracklist]

Uhuh, uhuh, okay yeah I'm using their japanese name, boy DBSK is that special to have names in every language of the mother tongue. I wonder if they'll come up with an english name soon? lol. No I'm not teasing. I'm here to make you fall in love with Tohoshinki (if you haven't already) & forgive them for staying in Japan for an incredulously long time..

Toki Wo Tomete MV:

The title sounds like Big Bang's Japanese single song what was it called? Koe wo Kikasete haha, close enough. Sorry I am a bigger V.I.P than Cassiopeia lol.

The first ToHOT-shinki to come out was Jaejoong, & I won't hide the fact that I was BLOWN AWAY. His voice has matured so well now, quite feminine but has a really unhidden masculine twang that pops up once in a while to make you say damnn!~~ he gave me shivers up my spine. I didn't even get to pay attention to my Junsu..

The whole song with the mv just gave me goosebumps the whole way & that is a huge accomplishment, usually only FTi can do that to me. The boys' portrayal of emotions asking to Please Stop Time was a complete Oscar-class act. Ya feel they pain ya hear me? They painn..

I have no idea what the song means but I bet it has a pretty deep & possibly tearfalling meaning ey? Watching IS heartbreaking, but for me in a good way, it brought me back to why I listened to DBSK in the first place. Not because of how effing-awesome they look, but the fact that they are DAMN good singers. Eff, I'm cursing a lot in this post.

Panda says: this song is a damnnn gewwwd balladdd...

[FanAccount] 100320 Super Show II (2) Live in Malaysia

So, on 20th March 2010.. Super Show 2 Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Super Junior was held.. and THE CONCERT was DAEBAK!! Here is my fanaccount or review. I, Chibi can't believe I wrote the review like an essay.. It's been awhile I wrote something like this.

credit pic:- close up and from front, clear Hyukjae's pic:- Candy Boon @ fb
almost used pic (back side pic and some screen pic (zhou mi, heewon,leadja) as well groupy pic):- nurul nabihah @fb
pic from right and far view and outside stadium:- chibi.
credit pic at the end: on the pic.
written by:- chibi

do take out the full credits if you used the story.

Okay.. so I decided to write a fanaccount after I went to Super Junior’s concert. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structures in English that terribly used in this post.. Please forgive me. English is my second language after Malay. I'm lazy to edit more since this is too long..

(long post, random fangirling about SUJU leadja as well as members ahead!! Beware to click read more!!)

CN BLUE ThankU - 1st Japanese Album [Tracklist]

Yongg~~ you're suppose to look more broody!

Weeeee!! You know I'll be a happy deer posting this, after waiting. CNBLUE left me with an unbearing, though short hiatus back to the recording studio, they've come out with their very own first full japanese album ThankU! They sure know when to keep me smiling when FT Island is away *sigh..*. But not to take away anything from these boys' accomplishment, they've successfully compiled all their Japanese debut & sophomore mini albums into one big one.

If you didn't know a.ri.ga.tou would be the 2nd Japanese languaged song CNBLUE sings, as their previous songs are in English I dunno how that is more marketable in Japan than Korea? Yes, sometimes their english is funny & confusing but it sure beats FTi's english as their japanese songs are sang mostly in Japanese..

I would say "yay! for another repackaged" but I really was looking forward to a 12-new-track-album. It looks like F&C are pulling back on full album tracks cause they think it might be a "waste". For me, new full albums make loyal fans.

That's how I'm so loyal to FTI cause both debut & sophomore albums were completely full with new tracks. Truthfully, i did think it was a waste that they didn't promote every single track on the albums because they would of shown more to FT Island than what people think of them as, brooding, lovesick, guitar serenaders.. When they're more to happy rollicking tunes and cool ballads.

Aww okay shush shush I got your new CNBLUE dose here.

20 March 2010

I miss I The Tritop's :(

Cute boys =D

Do you know I The Tritop's??Yeah..I The Tritop's was originally a 3 members boy band that debuted in 2007 with their 1st album 'Green Fog'..hrmmm..The group didn't get much of spotlight in the music scene and simply disappeared like the morning fog.[So sad]...

However, this past May 12th, ‘I the Tri tops’ made a quiet comeback as a duo with their new digital single, ‘To my girlfriend’.I really like that song!!~hahaha..They made their comeback stage at Music Bank on 22th May 2009..Let's watch it~


So what do you think? Do they have potential or are they a flop?I think they have the potential!!I want to hear more from them!!hahaha..<33..

Check it out their profiles!!~

Name : 박형문 Park HyungMoon [LEADER]
Speciality : Basketball, swimming
D.o.B : April 27, 1980
Blood Type : A
Height, Weight : 179cm, 65kg

Name : 장유준 Jang Yoojoon
D.o.B : July 2, 1988
Blood Type : O
Height, Weight : 178cm, 60kg

Former member:-

Name : 김일군 Kim IlGoon
Speciality : Board
D.o.B : December 2, 1986
Blood Type : AB

Height, Weight : 180cm, 61kg

I like that Yoojoon because he looks like Ryeowook+Jaejoong??hahhaa..pretty+cute!!He sounds like Ryeowook tho..haishh..

19 March 2010

Siapa yang tidak kenal Lady Collection? + [Tracklist]

Hahaha..x abes2 wat profile pasal female trio XD

Lady Collection terdiri daripada 3 wanita yang mempunyai vokal yang cukup mantap juga seperti Seeya dan Gavy NJ..mereka dari syarikat Lion Media..telah debut pada bulan Oktober 2009..Aku pun tidak kenal mereka..cari-cari tadi terjumpa pula pasal Lady Collection..Jadi,aku buat je lah pasal mereka..hehhee=p

Mini album yang berjudul Lady Collection telah dikeluarkan pada tahun lepas..mereka debut di M!Countdown dengan lagu Watch Secretly..Tak ku sangka Vokal mereka sangat sedap dan kuat apabila menyanyi secara langsung..jom kita tengok!!~


Ini lagu-lagu dalam mini album mereka.. :D

18 March 2010

Gavy NJ

Comel :)

Gavy NJ debut pada tahun 2005.Gavy(가비) bermaksud 'Queen of song' dan NJ(엔제이) diambil dari nama terakhir mereka iaitu (Noh,Jang/Jeong).Mereka juga digelar sebagai versi perempuan SG Wannabe sama macam Seeya juga.Mereka lebih kepada genre R&B Balada.

Ketua kumpulan ini,Jeong Hyemin telah meninggalkan kumpulan kerana banyak khabar angin yang tersebar pasal dia(cam Jaebum laa plak..XD).Namun begitu,Gavy NJ tetap dengan nama asalnya walaupun nama ahli yang baru bukan 'Jeong'.Nama ahli yang baru ialah Misty.Dia dulu kumpulan BGH4.

Pada bulan 24 September 2009,mereka telah mengeluarkan album mereka yang ke-4 yang berjudul Heartbreak Hotel.Salah satu lagu yang popular ialah Sunflower dalam Vol: 4 Side B.


Sedap juga lagu ini!Vokal mereka memang mantap dari dulu lg.. =D

Ayuh kita jumpa dengan ahli-ahli Gavy NJ!!<3

Run SNSD Run!

Oh no, I ditch suju to post snsd's mv first. Sorry babies XD

Girls' Generation - RunDevilRun(런데빌런)

First impression:
  1. This is not strong evil, this is cute devil XD (lol I was expecting strong dark concept something like BEAST- shock XD *This is girl's group alia*)
  2. Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Sunny raps weee~ My top 3 fav in SNSD. Tho again, their rapping is cute not strong XD
  3. SNSD dress fully close? I dont like both black and white. Ugh-ly. Show me some skin XD
  4. However I really LOVE their single shot. OMG the dress and the hair and the make up. Everyone looks pretty~
  5. I see some recycling dance moves XD
  6. I think Oh! is more awesome than this XD
  7. The first 0:00-0:10 sound exactly like chocolate love. (or am I the only one think that?)

17 March 2010

2AM I Did Wrong Album + [Tracklist]

Well if it isn't another Repackaged Album to hurrah! for. I love Repackaged Albums but I do get really pissed if I've already gotten the first album, then I want the new songs on the Repackaged Album. Sooo, 2AM has released a new single I Did Wrong and we've provided Part 1 of the MV here.

Part 2 [Eng Sub]:

Actually, I'm not so into 2AM or 2PM these days, not because of the controversies or the marriages surrounding them, let's just say I'll have alia to spazz on them for a while instead? lol.

Anyways these boys sure are looking good in grungy black jean jackets & junk, but I sure woulda loved to see more muscles bulging out the leather, Seulong's abs are just wonderfully magical. I actually didn't recognize baby Jinwoon with his hair all up, I thought he was Jungshin. Wrong band azra..

Here's the Repackaged Album:

16 March 2010

Jay Park Sing Nothing On You

Jay Park - Nothing On You (cover)

Hye Jay ^^ So good to see you again!

In cased you find this blog *hukhuk*, we just wanna say that we'll support you and your 2PM homies forever <3

See You Always a.k.a Seeya!

The Trio Girls!

Yeahh!!SeeYa aka See You Always dan See You Again!hehehe..bak kata mereka,mereka akan hidup selama-lamanya melalui muzik untuk semua peminat mereka..aku peminat mereka!!weee!terharu betul~hmmm..

Mereka digelar sebagai versi perempuan
SG Wannabe..betul la tu..mereka pun lebih kepada vokal macam SG Wannabe juga.. :D

Ok..Aku mula minat SeeYa pada tahun lepas kot..sebab lagu '
His Voice' dari album Rebloom yang sangat addictive dan tarian yang comel..hahhaa..lagipun mereka pernah berganding dengan T-ara dan Davichi..semua yang vokal mantap-mantap ok!mwahaha..

Sebelum kita kenal dengan ahli-ahli Seeya,sini tengok
MV His Voice dahulu..


Dengar versi lelaki ini juga..memang tak tahan ok..hahahha!!


Klik 'Read more' untuk tengok gambar-gambar SeeYa...

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