15 March 2010

U-Know Yunho for MJ Tribute in Korea this March!

Lol.. I said to alia that I wanted to update about Dae Guk Nam Ah's Karam.. But ahahaha... skipped that angry part for awhile will ya, alia?? Besides, this is Yunho's post, your 2nd fav after Changmin.. (I will do Jaejoong's post afterwards..kekekeke No,don't worry...I already did under Yunho's news.)

So, uriga (our) Yunho will do a tribute for Michael Jackson which.. I kinda confused the title for this MJ tribute that Yunho will join in. It's called


So.. Like I said.. I kinda confused....

Anyway, check this PR (Preview Release... I think) for the Performance that will occur on 27th and 28th of March!!!

Click to know more about DBSK's news especially for JAEJOONG & YUNHO's lovers!!

Wonderful to know that Yunho is the only Korean who participates in this project. **cheers** And he will do 7 or so tribute for Michael Jackson in this concert. I wish all DBSK member the best in their current activities.. and of course to Yunho to succeed in this project. (this is my thought.. but I think he will mostly do his best stuff in the concert which is DANCING.. and I LIKE IT~~)

Currently, Yunho is practising in LA for this concert with western musicians that join the concert!! So, go stalk him in LA if you have spare time to fly to there..XD

I think i didn't want to do Jaejoong's news because someone will kindly delete my post..

So, just a bit about my Jaejoong's news for you readers in this post:-

  1. Jaejoong will act in a Japanese Drama (Fuji's TV Production) called Sunao Ni Narenakute (Hard To Say I love You). He will be casted as a DOCTOR!!XD (can you imagine Jaejoong, the beautiful guy as a doctor.. LOL but I will definitely buy the dorama!!)
  2. Jaejoong will be in the front cover for AnAn's Magazine for April Issue. AnAn's magazine is one of magazine that always being dominated by Johnny Entertainment. He will be the first Korean Guy who will be the cover guy for that magazine. Something special about the magazine that most fans kinda anticipated and dissapointed is that the magazine is talking about S.*.X issue and the cover image most probably SENSUAL.. (Gee.. the heck I hafta to write this up.Ughh. I'm just happy for jaejoong and waiting for his cover picture in April..)

Kay.. that's it for DBSK's news.. I don't want to write more.. Chow guys~


  1. chibi wtheck with the perf will occur? XD

    Yunho in LA? Let's fly!!!~ yeay yunho is going to do what he do the best XD have fun yoboo!~

    jae going to act again? nooo jae! acting is not your career mwahahhaha kidding XD

  2. Uknow MJ!!wahhh!!

    hahaha..pretty jae act as a doctor??aigooo...mesti cair tgk dia...hahahhaa...

  3. @ alia-
    btol la will occur..XD kalo ader sth terrible kat yunho saper taw..=__=;; weyhh ak tulis bende ni sumer sendiri.. so, paham2 la english ak..

    @awin too -
    ahaha.. jaejoong acting.. ak anticipate dye pakai spek tyme jd doktor.. mesti cair abes, bebeyh!!~~

  4. hhahaaaa..jae pkai spect yg xde glass!!hahahahah!!poyo jek..=p

  5. waaa yeah omygosh uknow melted me with his mj costumes lol. he looks like a natural pro! hwaiting! i'm so looking forward to it, he'll be like the first korean to do that!! (then they can go on the ellen show x))

    mygodd dude, the other day someone wrote a fanfic bout Jungshin being a doctor, kt stu dah gile.
    i dno wat'll happen wit Jaejoong as a doctor. it'll send me to the asylum loohhhrrr XD


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