15 March 2010

T-ara is Really Hurt

OMG OMG I'm so hype! T-ara is coming with new music video, not one not two but three version part! T-ara mvs always has a lot of version, don't you think? Anyway, did I tell you that I'm really hurt is one of my favourite t-ara's song? Well, I guess I love all, but this is really one of my top fav! After watching their performance in inkigayo (inkigayo right?) I immediately fall in love with their cute little dance hahahaha Without further delay, lets watch it....

T-ara - I'm Really Hurt (Version 1)
-Include some dancing
Another two version under my skin the cut.

T-ara - I'm Really Hurt (Version 2)
-In front of mirror

T-ara - I'm Really Hurt (Version 3)
-Side looks

I don't know what the different. I don't watch yet, I'm going out for a moment, will see after this later. Have fun watching! haha The mvs is kinda ridiculous XD They should only make one version. Sorry tiara >.<


  1. Fuhh..I felt dizzy watching the 2nd and 3rd version..noemu ahpaa(cne nk eja ni??)...hahaa..

    Well,the 1st version is ok lah..hahahaa...

  2. hahaha taw xpe win XD ngarut je tiara nh

  3. hahhaa..tp lagu2 diorang bez!! MV je pening2..aig0oo~

  4. baek diorunk ltak mv cam dance mv lagi besh.. ni mcm ksian gler mv..
    cam kte2 bwat mv jer..hukhuk..

  5. haha my gosh why so many mvs?? seriously sumtimes mnet is really weird. its like the HEAVEN mvs they made for FTI, was the jaejin video necessary?? Xp im being a meanie.

    eh i didnt watch these vids yet, but at least FTI had stories to them lol (always dying, always killing)


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