17 March 2010

2AM I Did Wrong Album + [Tracklist]

Well if it isn't another Repackaged Album to hurrah! for. I love Repackaged Albums but I do get really pissed if I've already gotten the first album, then I want the new songs on the Repackaged Album. Sooo, 2AM has released a new single I Did Wrong and we've provided Part 1 of the MV here.

Part 2 [Eng Sub]:

Actually, I'm not so into 2AM or 2PM these days, not because of the controversies or the marriages surrounding them, let's just say I'll have alia to spazz on them for a while instead? lol.

Anyways these boys sure are looking good in grungy black jean jackets & junk, but I sure woulda loved to see more muscles bulging out the leather, Seulong's abs are just wonderfully magical. I actually didn't recognize baby Jinwoon with his hair all up, I thought he was Jungshin. Wrong band azra..

Here's the Repackaged Album:

1 - Prologue
2 - I Did Wrong
3 - What Do I Do?
4 - Not Because
5 - Although You've Turned Around Now
6 - LOST
7 - Can't Let You Go, Even If I Die
8 - I'm Sorry I Can't Smile For You
9 - I Love You (ft. BaekChan, Juhee of 8eight)
10 - To Her (ft. Chansung of 2PM)
11 - Epilogue (Laugh)

I Did Wrong - Repackaged Album.rar

Yes, I am too lazy to put up the korean names, if only I had hangeul writer, that would make my life more simple. But I've worked really hard on getting the album, which consists bits & pieces from each of 2AM's albums altogether. Enjoy!

Souvenir Album Pics!


  1. azra, i want rar... weee~ azra, next tym you do all the album download, im too lazy XD

    Thanks btw ^^

  2. oh yeah i thot i already put the rar. k i am..

  3. Thankz!!yeah..part2 download kerja azra laa..hahahaaa...


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