01 March 2010

BEAST Shock MV + [MP3 DL]

Everyday a shock.. shock!!

Awesomee, Beast's Shock of the New Era 2nd mini album has just been released, as well as their first music video of the album for "SHOCK". Without further ado..

Check out the last part of the mv where they play the intro to Just Before the Shock. Who is that chick sitting on the couch anyways? Oh its Gina Choi. (about to debut from CubeEnt.)

Though, I wanna know why exactly does everyone follow the same route these days of playing on a dark concept after a debut of a bright cheery one? Ehh, tho these boys sure do look quite different to me now, even Yoseob is unrecognizable in the face, despite being the only dirty blonde lol.

Here's the album tracks:

1 - Just Before the Shock
2 - Shock
3 - Special
4 - Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)
5 - Easy

Shock of the New Era.rar
Mm no recommendations yet, most of the songs sound the same to me at first, but i do like Special & Take Care of My Girlfriend sounds really sweet.

Enjoy B2uties! (is that how you spell it??)

cr: effpoo4our.blogspot.com, mrskwongjiyong


  1. hahahaha I LOVE THE MV!!~ tho my dongjun has very little part hoho i dont mind darkness XD

  2. AAAAAaaa!!!so beast!!! arrgghhh...cair gle dgr lgu2 diorang...hahahaa..beast forever ok!!

  3. i love the wires snaking on the dude, haha i wont say anymore [R]

  4. Yoseub ah!! his hairstyle is hot!!

  5. love this new song!it's going to be big..just like bad girl and mystery
    now can't wait for mblaq comeback album..

  6. @kimchi- hopefully they'll win music bank this time. go cube go! yeah mblaq... I miss Seungho XD

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I LOVE take care of my gf eventho the title bleh XD

    HAHAHAHA azra my guess was right! I know that girl was about to debut from cube kekekeke XD

  7. she's debuting as a solo artist i thk she reminds me of sohee, cuz of her chubby cheeks ^-^. i dont like sohee, but i thk gina might be cool.

  8. we'll see... cant wait for cube to rise XD


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