22 March 2010

[FanAccount] 100320 Super Show II (2) Live in Malaysia

So, on 20th March 2010.. Super Show 2 Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Super Junior was held.. and THE CONCERT was DAEBAK!! Here is my fanaccount or review. I, Chibi can't believe I wrote the review like an essay.. It's been awhile I wrote something like this.

credit pic:- close up and from front, clear Hyukjae's pic:- Candy Boon @ fb
almost used pic (back side pic and some screen pic (zhou mi, heewon,leadja) as well groupy pic):- nurul nabihah @fb
pic from right and far view and outside stadium:- chibi.
credit pic at the end: on the pic.
written by:- chibi

do take out the full credits if you used the story.

Okay.. so I decided to write a fanaccount after I went to Super Junior’s concert. Grammar, spelling, and sentence structures in English that terribly used in this post.. Please forgive me. English is my second language after Malay. I'm lazy to edit more since this is too long..

(long post, random fangirling about SUJU leadja as well as members ahead!! Beware to click read more!!)

( Eeteuk said this in the concert for so many times.. and I finally appreciate DBSK for making me learn Korean by myself and I could understand half of their words that do not subbed for three hours.)

First stuff before I started my random fangirling… let me state that I am actually a Cassie and not an ELF. So, to go to this concert was really burdensome and I thought before would be so boring because I’m not into Suju as much as I’m into DBSK.

However, I really enjoyed it!! THE CONCERT WAS A BLAST!!! TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY A BLAST!! ( Even for me who seated at somewhere far from SuJu’s sight.. **sob**)

Oh yeah… now let’s get serious to do a fan account.
Before I went to Stadium Bukit Jalil, I checked everything I need to bring.

Here is the stuff you should bring whenever you go to concert okay.. since I kinda pity who went there empty-handed.

-Money!!(yea!!since there will be a lot of merchandises in sale and you will buy food or drinks after concert!!)
-BINOCULAR!!( This is a MUST when you sit far away from the stage..or to be exact.. you bought the cheap ticket..)
-Lightstick!! (lightstick is a must and it should be based on fanclub colour..!! Other colour would look awkward in the middle of the same colour ocean..)
-Spare battery for any electronic gadget you brought to concert. ( Believe me.. Don’t expect a battery would last for a 3 hours concert!! I just experienced that just now.. and I’m so stressed when I went home!!)

Okay enough with those list.. I’m going to start when I got to the venue..I arrived around 6PM and hafta to grab the tickets first from the ticket booth outside the venue. As soon I got off from my car.. (My dad sent us and picked up us afterwards..) Oh.. before I forgot.. I went there with my mom!! And I just don’t care what people say about.. isn’t supposed to be awkward when you go with your mom to those kind of concert. I would say NO because my mom really sporting when we were there to see Super Junior..

yehaa.. my ticket..and i still have these!! should i frame it??LOL...

Back to the stories, As soon I got off from my car, we were surprised to see there are a lot of fans came to watch the concert outside the stadium.. you couldn’t imagine the situation if you weren’t there.. the outside of stadium before entering the concert was really packed. AS IF YOU’RE IN END YEAR SALE IN A SMALL SHOP!!!

the queue was hella long.. this is only a part of it..

the venue!! LOL.. i wonder how this uncle got stuck inside my picture..whateva uncle.. you're currently famous

So, as soon as we got our tickets, my mom told me to search SURAU as we are Muslims and have to do our prayer when Maghrib comes. So, we searched around the stadium.. and I was stucked upon a stall.. and hesitated to come with my mom for awhile.

At the stall, I almost fangirling because there was a JAEJOONG’s FILE!!! (Lol.. in Suju’s concert, I was fangirling for DBSK. Now I think back, I’m really a hardcore for DBSK!!XD) Being brought back to reality, I forgot about my Jaejoong and went ahead to my mom.. I really felt regret for not buying it when I saw that file.

few stalls that were there..and the merchandises WERE SOLD OUT BEFORE I GOT THERE..HAHAHA..

That time I already found my friends who went there… They looked happy because they are in group when going.. as for me, I’m kinda weird to be happy when I’m going with my mom. Oh whatever.. Outside the venue still, we received 4MINUTE’s tissue packs for FREE..I was so excited when received that.. I bought 4 of them to home since we’re not using it!!XD (actually when I check back.. my mom got 4!! And I only got 2!! But thanks to that..we brought back 6!!XD)

(tissue for free!! i have 6 in da house!!XD oh yeah.. that was suju light stick on the right side that looked like a pen.. thx dd for forcing me to buy..XD)

Hekhek.. And kay, I found few people from SWM site (the one event I went at Mid Valley) I’m so hazy with their name.. But I do remembered people’s face. Luckily, right now I took a picture of them. They sat at RM458 seats. I’m really envious to hear those.. AND RIGHT NOW I WONDER IF THEY HAD HI-5 with Super Junior or received anything that they threw while in the concert. I bet they might got something and I really wish that something special happened for them since they bought really expensive tickets for a concert.

(lucky and rich unnies..XD they sat on RM458 seats.. TT^TT the left one is Donghae's fan, the middle one is unnie who bought the ticket with SS501's supposed to be money ticket and the right one is just follow two of them and she is SNSD's fan.XD)

Now as I remembered about something, Fahrenheit, the Taiwanese boy band did come to Super Junior and seated at royal box or to be known VIP SEATS from the trusted source!!

So, we went inside the stadium once the long line up to enter the stadium from the right side vanished and the security guard who checked our bag already being lazy to check thoroughly. This is my notes for those who will go another concert. DO NOT BRING ANY DRINKS!!!! Why?? Because the security guards will ask you to take it out from your bag and it such a waste to throw it that still full .

And ehemm.. if you bring a camera.. Do hide it well… or take off the battery from the camera as the security guard will check the camera and told you to get it out from the stadium too.. (I didn’t bring my camera since it’s so big.. but now I’m so stressed with my phone dying in the concert..)

My mom and I entered the venue and I was so eager to sit down but my mom forced me to go to solat. (Thank you omma for forcing me or else.. I would get stuck in the concert without having a prayer.) so, after we done with our prayer, around 7.40pm, we entered the hall.. and guess what????!!=___=

I thought the concert already started since I keep hearing screaming fans from solat room.. (the ticket said the concert started at 7PM) but the concert wasn’t start yet UNTIL 8PM!!! I was like uhhh… and I have to tell this for those will go to any concert that used that STADIUM!!! U4 H11 & H12 or something that numbered with 11,12,13 at U4. The sight isn’t great to see the right side stage since it was totally blocked!!

(blocked by the tiang..what a mess up!! and can't see the right side of stage..aaaa..)

As I sat down at my place (which is kinda scary to get in and out since the place quite high or seriously high), my left side were these girls.. they were so sporting to let me to take their pics.. XD I asked them whether the preview vid already showned or not while we were away. AND LUCKILY THEY TOLD ME THAT THE VIDEO NOT YET STARTED. And they only just did the opening act only by Malaysian artist who I don’t know who.

(i'm super duper friendly last night.. i bet they are my unnies isn't??)

I was yay!! Thank god I made it before anything started.. so, after waited almost 20 minutes… the concert finally begun with really booming sound system!!! I’m seriously excited when they just started!! YOU KNOW… BY MEANING BOOMING SOUND SYSTEM, I can’t hear anything aside the fans’ screaming and the video. The sound system makes me cough few times since it was so loud that I could feel I could die from the sound system (if the sound could make me fly.. I already did fly). Even my mom couldn’t hear my scream when I said :- “Leader of Super Junior, Leeteuk my guy!!! Pointed to the picture!!” And as well as explaining that Kangin wasn’t there and the real Super Junior who attended Malaysia only 10 people and 2 people from Suju M.

So, here it begun!! My Experience for Super Junior’s Concert Super Show 2 Asia Tour Live in Malaysia.

so blue isn't??~~ I WONDER IF SUJU FELT TOUCHED WHEN THEY SAW THIS BEHIND THE STAGE!!~~ if from this side view.. i'm at the left upstair corner side..^_^

After the opening video was shown, one by one of Super Junior came out.. If I didn’t mistaken.. here is their position when they popped out under the stage.

like i said.. leader was popped out at the front L1!! see how clear from Candy Boon took from L1 group seat. TT^TT thank you for getting his awesome look yet he's getting skinner~~

I remembered vividly that our leadja, leeteuk (he is my fav..so, don’t mind my rant) came out at the front center which was in front of U1, U13, L13, and L1 since he is the leadja… Eunhyuk in front of L6 & U6’s seat.. Yesung in front of my group seat:- U4. heechul was in front of VIP2, U18, U17. As Yesung out, I was like what the??!! I thought him as jaejoong for having the same hairstyle. Hahaha, my bad.. It seems I really miss my Jaejoong.XP

(the stage where SUJU sang..ahahaha.. it's only half of themm)

The first performance they did in the concert was the song I really like aside their hit songs which is A Man In Love (Remix). The sound system still booming when they performed and that makes me pitied them since I can’t hear anything aside the music, clap back, kick back part. From the start, they already used explosion which was.. LOL.. IDK that the explosion in the concert would be scary though I’m so FARRRR away from stage.

Then they go with U. Ahahaha.. their debut stage.. and I just screaming all the way and chanting their name like what supposed to be. I wonder if this part where Hyukjae tried to reveal his abs..I only know.. that time was really hot!!XD and my mind already messed up which performance goes first and what was the highlight in each song. And as I saw back my vid.. yes, leadja the first one who teased us with revealing his skin..!!XD Still the sound booming in my vid..XD

Next, they performed Neorago (It’s You) in different arrangement than the original until I didn’t recognize..Ahaks.. But I could follow the song after identify the song.. I really like the part only for you since I searched around where Leeteuk was. Imagine if there are 13 members instead only 10 members on da stage.. My eyes would be melilau to spot him, huhu. OH yess, here the time where Hyukjae teased us!!! And for Kangin’s part, Kyuhyun replaced him. Ahhh.. and Sungmin too if based on my recordings back. And yeah.. for Siwon’s fans.. that guy did DBSK’s Mirotic dance where the hand under the chin.. AND YESH!! Here the time they threw their jackets off… My leadja’s triceps were so fine~

(my phone loves Kyu..but I like teukie..Yet, there are no beautiful pic i got..T^T)

She Wants It was the performance where they used comic background when they sang in the concert right?? You see.. when I write this story, I still need to refer the Audio Cd from Super Show 2. Luckily, this was put in the audio that I could identify what song in the concert. I’m still wondering if this is the one Yesung shoot with a gun up to the air. AND YES!! THIS IS IT WHERE YESUNG RELEASED A SHOOT WITH A GUN high TO THE AIR. Simply cool.. and few of them are up at high place.. I want to ask.. isn’t scary to sing at high place and danced too?? Owhhh when I watched this part, somehow I felt Sungmin transformation to become masculine is good!! He looks healthy!!

(sungmin is becoming masculine.. i like~~)

And here.. they did opening ment.. Starting with Heechul with him making people chanting his name. And siwon, our translator… introduced himself following Kyuhyun, saying apa khabar..XD Then, the weird Yesung and small.. making his introduction with awakward intro.. Ryeowook with his cutesy and simple intro. As for Sungmin, he showed us a taekwando move, high kick.. Hyukjae was up next.. he like always mood lifter with say yeahhh..say yeah yeah.. And donghae after him only screamed out loud but making fans crazy.

Our shindong.. the funny person did say Malaysia…and hahaha.. did his moves.. and in the end said Sorry,,LOL,, Finaallly my leadja!! He did HOT-Candy move.. the one he always did whenever he could..and other members disturbed him.. Awww~~ He’s so cute for someone who will be 30..^_^ Later on, they talked about thi sis the 3rd time they visited Malaysia..and FIRST TIME HAVING CONCERT HERE!! And continue with singing..

cred:- nurul nabihah @fb for taking this pic.. this is really close and to show shindong is not fat!!

Angela.. Yes, they performed Angela!!XD this time.. almost all member shoved their mike at Hyukjae’s mouth.. It justs LOL..and Ryeowook started to join the concert with running around there and there.. Keke..cutie.. Finally, this time they started to move around..hekhek..

Miracle.. they started to say Jump!! Jump!! Only the rockpitt can jump.. the others at upstairs can’t la… So, I sang along this time.. and Leeteuk leadja got my mom’s praise.. Ahaha for doing fanservice with the fans at VIP seats.. geez, how dare you steal my mom too, oppa!! Anyway, the beat was rearranged and it is in fast tempo.

Disco Drive is hella beautiful because fans sang along when the Na Na Na~~ part…or maybe I was the only one who thought that. This song made me thought Kangin. Where is he right now while the others in Malaysia…?? I kept wondering about that. Ending of the group stage for awhile, they started with solo stage started with Sungmin.

Baby Baby performed by Sungmin.. ahhh, sorry sungmin.. I can’t hear anything when you sang. I only saw you played a electric piano?? In the centre of stage. =) the fans who screamed when you played are so loud that each of the words you sang I hardly hear from my seat. Owhh Sungmin this is my word for you.. You became more masculine in 2010. I bet it will be hard to get your old figure that cute like Ryeowook.. Nevermind, go go with become masculine shred off the cutesy..XD

(so far away~~ sungmin is far away from me..he's so small from my view there..)

Beautiful..AHHAHAHA the title of Donghae’s solo song!! Or should be said Eunhae’s stage since in the middle of the performance, Eunhae popped out at the front centre part and they danced together for awhile before the song ended with Donghae’s alone afterwards. I would say that Donghae really did a great job for his solo stage for both concert, Super Show 1 and Super Show 2.

so pink when Donghae performed..

Eunhae danced together..credit for this pic:- Candy Boon @fb

Upnext, Resignation sang by Yesung was hella beautiful.. I could imagine Junsu of DBSK sang this back then would hella beautiful and sadful 100 times with his voice that full emotion that sounds almost wanted to cry. (OK.. I’m DBSK’s biased right now..) So, Yesung’s hairstyle like Jaejoong back when they did Dangerous Love drama.. AND what I like when this was performed is that Yesung performed in front of my group seat which is U4 that up ahead on the corner right side that could not be seen..TT^TT. To be honest, I watched him via my binoculars.. and seriously!!~~ he is so small…if I could be near, I might hug him. ( I wrote as if I’m taller than yesung which is NOT TRUE AT ALL)

he sang with full emotion.. i wonder if he broke up with someone recently... credit pic:- nurul nabihah

Insomnia, I can’t believe…is that really Ryeowook?? The small ryeowook (haha.. he is older than me though) danced and sang Insomnia?? I feel like insomnia… uhuhuhu.. I think he started to get a grip for dancing right now.. since you will know if you read more about my review for the concert.

ryeowook when Insomnia before a girl came to seduce him..XP

Kyuhyun sang a Chinese song.. which I still don’t know what is the title of the song. The fans..mostly Chinese fans sang along at this performance and I could see quite a lot Kyuhyun’s fans in the stadium. Luckily, I didn’t know how to sing.. I could take a video without my voice in it while Kyuhyun sang. I wonder should I upload it..XD oh he sang Nicholas Teo's song..(again mon and her source, hani told me.XD)

So my handphone battery died right on my really favourite Song in the 3rd Album Heartquake!! I was like WHAT’s WRONG WITH YOU MY PHONE!!!! So, I dumped my phone right away and focused back to stage… with now using binoculars that I could see really clear each face of Suju’s member via binocular. The first face I look using binocular was Hyukjae!! Junsu’s best friend!! Ahahaha.. But ahahah… As soon as they ended the heartquake performance.. I kept with stalking Leeteuk leadja via binoculars and sometimes stalking others I’m interested with until the end. For example, Hyukjae, Yesung, Donghae err.. Zhou Mi!! Owh, like I expected, heartquake performed by KRY and Hyukjae was awesome!! They simply amazing and it would be great if Yunho and Yoochun climbed up from nowhere..Hahaha..

hyukjae when heartquake..so close picca.. credit pic for candy boon

Let me announced something after I went Suju’s concert. I, officially like Leeteuk leadja, Yesung and Zhou Mi!!! Zhou Mi in the concert was hella handsome and I did say I prefer him than Siwon since Zhou Mi in the concert look alike My Jae!! (now.. I didn’t imagine it.. he really looked my Jae with dyed hair and spectacles!! Handsome!!! Gorgeous!!! Delicious!! Errr…)

zhoumi with specs and dyed hair.. = My Jae look-alike.. DEAD FANGIRLING XD

After heartquake’s song, that I expected DBSK will come is like impossible, Eeteuk sang Honey.. JYP’s song that include in nobody MV.. So, he danced with few female dancers and I just screamed No!! No!!! in my heart while watching his moves with those ladies.. Until the end part where I could see clearly he smirked before faking a kiss with a female dancer by turning her head and cover his head too.(just like Yunho did for his Checkmate Performance) He’s seriously trying to kill me with that killer smile on that stage and his hairstyle toooo.. are way suitable for his looks.. He looks younger than any member especially the magnae..Hahaha, mianhae kyuhyun shi~~~

when leadja did honey, people went crazy!!~ credit pic:- nurul nabiha

Crazy like heechul’s personality, the song also went wild and crazy. Thank god there is no kissing scene at the stage except Heechul kept pairing with Siwon in every song they could. And they almost took the camera out of them when they did those. Heechul wear his exact clothes when he sang for this perf… I saw Ryeowook at the left corner which I don’t know why he did only stood there.. Sungmin or someone in the member played the guitar…My mind kinda hazy when his solo stage because I’m trying to find a solution to replace my handphone. So Sorry guitar man. But whoever you are, I like you~~XD

like a chinese person..ahahaha..XD

What If was performed by SUJU KRY.. But I thought I didn’t miscount that there were 4 people in the stage.. Is it my eyes or what.. Fancam, do correct me if the performance only was performed by 3 persons..hukhuk… Like always, KRY did a great job!!!

no doubt!! they were 4 people!!sungmin was included in KRY performance..~~

And the Suju M step up to give us 2 performance which is I’m fangirling to see Zhou Mi as well as Yesung!! Blue Tomorrow performance was beautiful and I still kinda mesmerized when remembering Zhou Mi looked alike my Jaejoong. (how many times I repeat Zhou Mi looked like my jae??) My eyes was stuck for awhile and I did screamed abit when seeing Zhou Mi on the stage. I even murmured is Jaejoong sang with Super Junior..And then I remembered.. Zhou Mi!!1

Super Girl made the concert in high mood!!! The audiences were singing along in Chinese Version. Suddenly I thanked my friends who forced me to sing the Chinese Version. Thank you awin and alia!! Kan wo kan kan wo~~ kekekeke.. The mood really at the peak when this song was played and yesh!! The concert is getting better for me!!! And they started singing their hit songs!!

your my super man~ahaha.. zhou mi danced with skinny jeans..lol to his skinny legs.. i envy~

Don’t Don yay!!! Henry popped out from the center of stage which is cool!! And there are so many explosions in this performance which I thought really dangerous for those who were in rockpitt but they are safe last night, I hope… His Violin skill is amazing and to see it live!!While he is dancing when doing it..is so awesome!! Heechul.. was kinda dancing around him when he played the violin and just made fans screamed again..Seriously, if you were in the concert, you might scream out of your lungs too each time they performed a song.

huh.. Eunhae fight??no!!XD i see my leadja knelt down on his knees.. and shindong..why did you look upward..you should be a knight like leadja..

AT 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love) (Rearranged), Leeteuk helped the fans in doing chanting by saying each name of Super Junior member.. especially for me, that help he gave really helpful since I’m not revising the fans chant the spread via Internet. Hehe, forgive me who read this. I’m really not good with memorizing name’s people except people that really close to me and someone I thought special. Anyway, this part of performance so harmony and I almost fell asleep.. and my omma… yes, almost or to say.. already??

Then, the group dancing (eunhyuk, shindong, Eeteuk, Sungmin and Donghae)… did their always performance.. It was simply hilarious when they time do the slow motion part when winning a marathon.And yezza!! The move afterwards.. popping.. just AWESOME if I could be at the rockpitt!!XD

Not to end with Don’t don, Henry back with dancing performance and it was AWESOME!!he’s handsome when dancing, I tell you!! I was like screaming Henry Henry.. ahahaha.. I could hardly believe what I did yesterday actually. But the most awesome is that Malaysian ELF chanting as well Henry’s name like the other Super Junior’s member. Maybe in the other country, people diss the Chinese member of Super Junior except Hankyung. But here, from my POV, we’re really open-minded to welcome Zhou Mi and Henry warm-hearted with fanchanting.

zhoumi~~ err.. Henry actually, you rock last nyte!!~~XD love his dance!!

Just like Sungmin, .Who Am I, sung by Siwon wasn’t heard clearly from my side though he sang at my side..ahahaa.. I still wondering whether he sang in English or Korean??ahahha.. let me conclude by myself that he sang it in Korean and the title is the one in English?? okay,hani corrected me that at the beginning of his singing, he did sing a bit of Korean.. the rest..was in English..ahaha (thx hani) actually he sang all English but sounded more to Korean song. (hani corrected me again.. Ahahaha)

he's smart looking.. but i can't hear well..

Anyway, let’s talk back the highlight of the concert prepared by Malaysian ELF. The Highlight for this concert supposed to be the fans chant. But they changed it with the Shining Star event.. which turning off the sapphire blue light stick and replaced it with white torchlight just for the Shining Star Stage.this time fans already started to throw presents on the stage..but too bad they didn’t take any of them and instead threw back afterwards.

Let me tell you that our leadja, Leeteuk cried in here and other members too. (but for sure.. our leader is crying like hell!! That was so cute of him with struggling not to cry by making his cheek smaller and bigger respectively, I thought while watching him via my binocular and another handphone that could not zoom like my primary phone. I kept yelling Ulijima (Don’t Cry..) But he didn’t listen to me.. Too far, ehhh…) When the song ended, he like always bowed 90 degrees. Maybe he was really touched by the event since kangin wasn’t there as well as Kibum and Hankyung which is so hurtful. (I almost cried everytime Kangin’s face appeared in each clip they did… Luckily they sang afterwards or else.. I already melalak in the stadium)

leadja who sat at the center of da stage!! LUV YA!! don't cry anymore, oppa!!

Oh yeah.. I somehow hate SMEnt for the concert preparation since you see.. If you called super junior… you must say 13 or 15 members including the Chinese members right.. okay, I don’t mind with not adding Zhou Mi and Henry’s clip in the concert since they were there. But.. Not adding Kibum and Hankyung’s clip or whatsoeva were really mean!!!!


Later they performed they showed video of Sorry Sorry (Answer) before doing Sorry, Sorry (Remix) in the white outfit. They all in white outfit were just so dazzling and HANDSOME!!!ahaha… and Right there Siwon was not wearing anything under his jacket. People who like Siwon would fangirling.. But I didn’t like so I sang along only.. LIKE OTHER ELF OR PEOPLE WHO CAME TO THE CONCERT!!

not so good to cover that much when your pants almost fell off..=P

Instead of Gee like past concerts, the ‘girl group’ created by Cinderella Kim heechul became F(x) and do the chu. Before they performed Chu… they did a video so they could take time to change their outfit in F(x) outfit. And the vid just damn funny 100 times better than their other parody. So, our F(x) member in Suju are:-

Heechul as Sulli
Hyukjae as Krystal
Donghae As Amber
Ryeowook as Luna
Shindong as Victoria.

To be honest, Hyukjae is damn beautiful..and Donghae really looked like Amber when he took Amber’s role. Believe me.. I said ryeowook is trying to overcome his weakness which is dancing right?? This is what I mentioned for. He danced and took Luna’s roles just LOL. I didn’t know that was him until the next performance when he still didn’t change his outfit.. Shindong was laying flat on the stage while dance Chu.

ryeowook as luna.. = DAEBAK!! ahahaha.. he's actually whiter than the pic..

Right after Chu, they directly the.로꾸거!!! (Rokuko), again… kinda sad.. No Kangin..I wonder when Kangin could perform back in the concert. It feels lonely without him especially when I saw leadja. For those who didn’t about Super Junior, the famous couple in the group are Eunhae.. which is Eunhyuk and Donghae as well as KangTeuk.. Kangin and Eeteuk.. and right now, when I saw Leeteuk alone (though he’s hot and can handle everything) , I felt that he is hardworking more than the other time when Kangin was around next to him. He is like working hard alone in pleasing fans especially in VIP box.. I’m kinda wanted playful leeteuk with kangin since he really honest when that naughty boy around. =) So, leadja is wearing yellow polka dots clothes and he simply cute and handsome!! How many times I keep saying he’s handsome?? Someone stop me. At This time.. 2 of them started to lie down and others joined like making a stack of people. And ahaha.. Shindong is at the top position and someone I didn’t remember almost dying at the bottom when they did a human’s pile. Oh yeah.. they were Sungmin at the bottom and Sungmin with Eeteuk leadja that started down laying on the floor

Heewon Couple.. the wifey not so sporting in da time.. trying to be goody goody..

the husband made the wifey to pose famous andre kim's model pose~~ahahaha

They continued with my favourite song in Suju H album which is 꿀단지 (Sunny) (Rearranged). Kyuhyun stepped up for Kangin as replacement and people who like Kyuhyun screamed madly when he came out. As for me, I want some surprise like Kangin suddenly popped out. And that’s for sure impossible heh.. Yesung, Ryeowook also stepped up to join as Suju H. I see Yesung was smiling a lot in this stage while wearing his black clothes. He’s so cute too in here.. And I sang along again..with Sunny..sunny~~I love You~~ I want You~~

카니발 (Carnival) was sung after people in the stadium demanded an encore since they said their goodbye after pajama party. I was enjoying this time because leadja finally come to my side.. He’s always at VIP box you see.. which kinda annoying to see from my place that far away from the royal box..Leadja.. he is wearing duckling swimming float at my side.. and he even opened the gift that was thrown on the stage… which is a hat that I remembered he threw back to audience place. He took only something related with cow.. like cow slipper and cow face?? As for heechul and siwon, they took a heart pillow, and did their fanservice..

Eunhyuk and Donghae also finally (I mean both of them together went to my side.. and do their fanservice) Ahahahaha.. hella funny with fish’s head shark’s head. Donghae even took a towel written by ELF fans in Hangui which is Eunhyuk loves Donghae at myside!! Simply sweet!!and they hugged and I bet they did a pose for people on downstairs which is RM458 seats.

when anchovy meets cinderella.. anchovy was bullied..XD

Marry U is the final song they sang before they said the real goodbye. Ahhh.. Marry U is not the real highlight for the concert I guess since our leadja didn’t cry. We, Malaysian succeed in making the leader cried in Shining Star. XD (is this word sound like we are the bully??) Anyway, this time suju gave us the last fanservice and yes, the king of fanservice of D-day, Leeteuk leadja.. he and someone offer their mike to few lucky fans to sing along when the part of I do. Sheesh.. VIP and 458 seats really lucky.

Lastly for the closing ment, they finally told us that they’re in the middle of preparing of 4th Album. Siwon is becoming Super Junior’s translator whenever Leadja leeteuk spoke. It’s kinda fun to hear the translator among the member of the group. Leadja was then told the audience to scream together “4th Album Daebak!!!”. This is what I’m trying to say at the start of the fan account. My Karam even said this.. Now Leeteuk too. I only hope each member of Super Junior protect each other as well as protect DBSK and other member from meanie company.

End of my fanaccount, I wonder if anyone know where they are going back.. I bet on Monday like when DBSK performed isn’t?? or if they are too busy.. I bet they will fly back today.. sigh.. please have a safe journey going back to Korea, Super Junior.

Overall, their hairstyles were damn fine last night!!!
Their energy last night no less than ever!!!^__^
Songs that sang.. like so many for 3 hours.. and they keep saying apa khabar, Malaysia..XD
My condition after went home.. Exhausted almost lost my voice and started to feel deaf.. BUT HAPPY AND recovered today!!

Award for yesterday that I could give:-

so many presents were thrown back.. and on da stage..ahahaha

Leeteuk could be crown as the king of Fanservice last night. Siwon can be crown as the person who swoon people with his prince’s personalities and thank you for translation of leadja’s talk.. Ryeowook could be crown as someone who surprised others aside Sungmin. Heechul like always the cinderella~~ Or should be the step mother instead since he got all the attention for being the ‘girl’ in the group. Hyukjae and Donghae for sure is the one who being loved by fans as couple or individual.. Kyuhyun is the maknae who stolen almost the audience’s heart with his beautiful voice. Shindong with his comedy act with Hyukjae and Eeteuk just making the concert so fine~~ Yesung who in charge for being the smallest yet the strongest voice with weird personalities, complete the whole group that night though the concert without Kangin, Kibum and Hankyung!! Zhou Mi that look like my Jaejoong, thank you for being there to sing Blue Tomorrow and Super Girl. You made me remembered that I still like my Kim Jaejoong than others. Henry is awesome in dancing like wahhh!!~~

I WISH ALL OF YOU HAVE A GREAT YEAR 2010.. and Leeteuk, don’t lose your weight again leadja.. You’re getting skinny~~

credit pic:- close up and from front, clear Hyukjae's pic:- Candy Boon @ fb
back side pic and some screen pic (zhou mi, heewon) as well groupy pic:- nurul nabihah @fb
pic from right and far view:- chibi.
credit pic at the end: on the pic.
written by:- chibi

do take out the full credits if you used the story.


  1. yeah.it's me hani chibi.keke.that one is bo

  2. owhh really?? nanti edit name.. skunk tgh malas sbb da tulis panjang gler for this..^__^;;

  3. wOHHH wOWWW WO0Owww!!!

    byk nye membebel!!hahaha..msti tgh excited gler ni!!hahaha..

    My Wookie<3

    Ahhh...I'm so jealous with you all!!! XD

  4. chibi!!siwon nyanyi dlm english laaa.
    mule2 je bunyi mcm korea.hahaha

  5. @awin..
    nak bwat camner..tgh xcited..XD
    Wookie looked damn fine too yesterday..
    No need to jealous with us..
    We'll see them again for 4th Album that in the midst of working on!!

    kay..da ltak name bo..
    and then dah add info yg siwon nyanyi dlm english.. and mule2 bunyi cam korea..ahahahah...
    thx hani!!

  6. eh you still here? dgr cte ade org uh mls nak join da? XD

  7. hahaha...Alia,chibi dah ok laa..x majuk da..hhahaa..

    oh yea??alaa,nak gi konsert suju gak!!haaaa!!!

  8. Yayy!! waah, thnx for that chibi, that made me finish up my jealousy lol. i actually feel happy reading that. I'm so happy the concert went well, & they didn't make it sucky. no refunds rite? haha.

    lucky swm, i spent all my ss501 to-be money..T.T
    awwhh nooo KYUUUUUUHYUUUUNNNNNN MY BABY!!! Loads of msian fans eh? well im one of them! its ok, they get to see him, i get to marry him later XD

    good job on the fanaccount, when i first saw the first pics of the stadium im quite shocked to see that it was full, the concert was sold out in matter of minutes before the concert started! How did people just buy like that?? lol i thought everyone just dint' have any money haha.(ehem just me lol)

    I hope they can come back one day after 4th album release! then i'll cum prepared to marry Kyu bwuahahhaha

  9. owh! & chibi i want a 4MINUTE tissue thingg!!! XD

  10. @azra

    i also happy the concert went well except the booming sound system..(my arm still hurt due the booming sound system effect)
    my mind almost thought that the concert might be cancelled because they started an hour late.YUP!! NO REFUND!!XD

    like i said.. there were too many kyuhyun's fans which i was LOL to see that..AHAHA.. i also shocked when i see the stadium was really packed like hell.. there was an accident at rockpitt that a fangirl fainted and paramedic took care of him.

    people said ryeowook and donghae took care of her for awhile.. WHAT A LUCKY FAINTED FANGIRL TO BE TAKEN CARE BY DONGHAE & RYEOWOOK.

    owhh yeah.. Shindong said "see you next 2 years"in English.. I JUST YEAH!! it must be for super show 3!!!! 4th Album.. i hope they release them this year!!

    4MINUTE Tissue thingy?? I post to you okay~~ give me your add.

  11. haha post? really? lol otay haha.

    i'm just happy that YAY! finally a NOT ruined kpop concert in malaysia finally! FTI HAS to come now.. X)

    *funnily i had a dream about wanting to faint when i was at the suju concert so they would take care of me..* that chick stole my dream!!

  12. yahh!!serious??lg jeles ni!hhaahhaa..what a lucky~fuhh..

    Ohh..ok!!chibi let's go Super Show 3!!kaja!hhahaha

  13. haha.. you know that we are not easy to faint.. =__= oh yeahh.. just got the statistics for how many fans were there.. 15 k!!! 15 k flooded the stadium!!XD

    somehow they can't beat dbsk fans when they were here.. 24K attended dataran merdeka on 2007!! lol.. still dbsk-biased at the end.

  14. hehee..just pretend lah..hahahah!

    erh..15 k??k stand for what??haha..blur~

  15. our seats almost near!!wahaha...thanks fo dis reviewed..u noe what i almost foget everytin bout THINgs happened in concert...over excited n still shock!XD DId u see clearly hee chul n siwon playing with watergun??
    wah lucky faintgirl T..T lets go fo ss3..lets start saving $$$ now!!! XD

  16. @awin..

    15k = 15,000. x penah dgr erk.. igt pnah dgr...da lame da gune k for symbol thousands~~

    huh.. near, really?? what seat are you??
    i entered like at 7..but after solat, entered around 7.40.. if you might happen to see me.. i'm with ma mother..XD trying to find our seat in the midst of thousand people around that time.

    Heechul and siwon playing with watergun?? for sure i saw that!! I was like fangirling much when I could see Yesung so near and not be blocked by those pole... when he sang resignation!! siwon and heechul posed for L4 if i didn't mistaken when carnival song..Ahahah.. YES YES!! LET's START SAVING $$$ FOR ANY CONCERT AHEAD!!!

  17. HOW FUNNN i told u! i wanted them to sweat on me or like wet me with the water gun i guess lol. does kyu play at all? lol i thot he was the prankster

  18. of course he played around azra~~ all of them played around..and kyu liked playing at RM458 seats opposite to my side.... great..great.. idk what to say.. actually i found many people once i did this.. LOL..XD

  19. hi,chibi..u know what i guess this is the BEST fan account i hv ever read since after that show..
    ( read couple of fan account )..btw..does this blog belong to u?ur mum join the concert too,OMG!she is awesome!even didn't forgot 'forcing' u to solat maghrib before the concert..
    totally adore ur mum *wink* ^^

  20. @nik tim- thank you for your compliment. err..well, maybe because i reviewed everything that happened in the concert that's why the fan acc got a lot random fangirling..XD

    no..no.. this blog doesn't belong to me, this belongs for 4 people... including me.ahahahaha.. yeah she is awesome!! even lending me her credit cards to buy everything online. (of course I always pay back after use..hukhuk) but too bad she won't come along for u-kiss fan meeting. =(

  21. i wonder why they dont give cameras on concerts..


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