29 March 2010

FT Island's Japanese Major Debut Single!

awwh my boys, how i miss you...

Although F.T. Island is no stranger to the land of the rising sun, they have cropped up a hefty ten of thousands of Japanese Primadonnas. (The band base in Japan is infamously larger than in South Korea.)

Word is FT Island is planning to drop a new major debut single in Japan! Now as for why the word "debut" is used? Its because FT Island have switched labels to Warner Music Japan from AI Entertainment. Congratulations to the boys for landing such a huge label! I hope they do the boys good & treat them very well too.

The single is currently untitled, but is set to release on May 19th!

Now comes the sadness part. In order to do a bigger promotion to boost the Japanese Market, Warner Music needs the boys to stay there for 5 months for promoting activities like fanmeetings, magazines, interviews, short concerts etc.

5 months hiatus?!?! It's time for me to cry my eyes out, it's already been foreverrr since they released albums Double Date & So Long, Au Revoir, can my heart take it? Still, it's believed their 6th Album will be
a bomb since it's a combination of both F&C and Warner Music..

Here's the Single Cover of the "Untitled" song:

Also, though the boys will be working on their new single & album, they'll also have their new Japanese show Music On! which will be airing starting April 7th.

Good news? After promoting their single (after the 5 months are up) FT Island will focus on their Comeback album in Korea! Which should be released in August/September 2010.

Pre-Order the Single!

First Press Limited Edition A - CD + DVD
1,600 yen ($18 USD)

Preorder here!

First Press Limited Edition B - CD + Season Calendar
1,400 yen ($15 USD)

Preorder here!

Normal Edition - CD (First press contains a random trading card, there's 7 kinds of cards)
1,200 yen ($13 USD)

Preorder here!

♥ A Version: Special Event participation ticket (Date, time, location, etc is not yet decided and will be notified later)

♥ B Version: Special goods will be given through a raffle.

[If purchasing all 3 at once, there is a SPECIAL GIFT included]

You can get:
・TOWER RECORDS:特製クリアファイル - Special Made Clear File
・HMV:特製ミニノート - Special Made Mini Notebook
・TSUTAYA:特製ピックストラップ - Special Made Pick Strap
・新星堂:特製ミニボールペン - Shinseido: Special Made Mini ballpoint pen

No no I would.. If only I had a money tree..

Cr: Warner Music Japan+xj.jin @soompi (translation) + Hongki.love@soompi


  1. Japanese album??Wohhh..xpe..lyn gk..

    August/Sept??Oh,bz time!
    Still waiting for their korean album!!hahaha..

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the first pic wbjhbksdgksa JAEJIN! WHY SO CUTE? XD

    hurmm japan? good luck fti!

  3. miss you booooos i loooovoooooo youuu.
    be healthy in japan! XD

    i kno i want their korean album so bad..
    isn't cnblue still in japan too? who's gonna keep me company?!?!

  4. hahaha..azra is lonely!!

    singing Wateoriyah alone at home...sian2..


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