27 March 2010

B2ST/BEAST-Despite Holding On Performance


Haaa..OMG!! Beast gave me another 'SHOCK!' as they tansform into ballad singers! They’ve shown us their wild beastly sides, but now they show us a more gentle persona with Noel’s 'Despite Holding On' at M! Countdown on 25th March 2010. 'Despite Holding On' is originally a track by an old school group, Noel from JYP Entertainment..

Hhahaa..I can't believe that JunHyung/Poppin Dragon can sing like that..Bravo2!!~This song is soooo beautiful! In fact,all the members had performed very well with an orchestra version on live!..Yahh..They gave me a goosebumps!! Love this song! Love Beast! jjang!!
Oh,stop complaining about AJ's new hair..I like AJ's new hairstyle..looks more handsomer and cute!!But his black hair was more hotter lahh..hahahah..

And that’s not all, at the end of the day, the Beast boys won their first-ever award since their debut by claiming #1 on M! Countdown, edging out 2AM. The margin was 1 point again just like in previous weeks. It was no wonder they teared hardly!Congratulations Beast!!Wohhoo..I'm so excited talking about Beast!!hahahaa


Waaaa..Dongwoon ah!!AJ ah!!Poppin Dragon ah!!Don't cry!!Doojoon,Yoseub and S0-1 are just soo cool!!hahaa..I'm happy for them eventhough I feel like crying too :(
Well,they deserved the winning though!~



  1. yeah awin I can feel your excitement too XDD

    im so proud beast!!! win at mb and inki please lol

    this is the first tym cube ever win? is it?

  2. Hhahaha..I'm totally crazy+excited when comes about BEAST!
    I think Beast is my #1 lah alia!!hahhaaha..=p

    Yeahh!!Jebal Beasttt!!!


  3. awin sanye kita baru abes tgk dorg mng tuh walaupun kte yg bg kamo td hahahahha

    OMG SEMUA NANGIS COMEL GILA! POPPING DRAGON CRY TOO AUUWW AUWWW dojoon is a bit teary at the beginning, then he recover and hugs everyone auwww thats what leader for <3 (thats why i love you mwahahhaa) aj cant stop crying auuuuwww baby I dont know how much pain youve been thru,im sorry and he looks so small =.= so-1 is... blur hahaha yoseoub is so small!! magnae is precious auw beasttttt >.< you make me wanna cry.... tgh pagi buta haih

  4. and I just love the fans~ beauty is so cool, they did the dance shock with em hahahha and hide lol

    and auww 2am support beast. of course, dojoon is part of hot blood aite? they're friend auwwwww and i saw g.o lol looks like face emoticon g.o lol

    i cant stop saying auwww XDDD

  5. Hhahaha..sengal alia..igt da abes tgk smlm..

    Ya2!!AJ ngan yoseub plg pndek laa..hahhaa..AJ th e only one who doesnt sing..Sedeyh gler tgk dia..Oh,my Kiki!!hahhaa
    magnae sgt2 comel!!he dance at the end..smgt je!!xthn gle tgk dia!!haihhh..

    Doojoon is a great leader beb..I love all the mmbers!!Wahhh...*speechless*

    Hhaha..ya2!!2am co0l..and ya that GO..I still can't forget his smile on sgb!!hahahhaa =p

  6. haha and despite holding on is sooo good.... every members have good vocal~ beast >.< naek anak tangga carta di hati ku hahaha


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