09 May 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 (070510)

7 May 2010

It has been only just one week but the k-chart list change drastically.Check out last week list HERE.

1. 2PM - Without U; Climbed 1 place from number 2 last week. Congratulation my boys!
2. Rain - Love Song; Dropped 1 place from number 1 last week.
3. Lee Hyori ft Ceejay of Freshboyz - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Stayed.
4. Yesung (Super Junior) - It Has To Be You (Cinderella Step Sister OST); Stayed.
5. Bobby Kim - 남자답게(Like A man)
6. SNSD - Run Devil Run; Dropped 1 place from number 5 last week.
7. 2AM - Like A fool (Personal Taste OST)
8. Secret - Magic; Dropped 2 place from number 4 last week.
9. Seo Young Eun - 이 거지같은 말(What An Awful Word) (Feat. Jeong Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul)
10. Monday Kiz - 흩어져(Scattered)
11. After School - Bang; Dropped 4 place from number 7 last week.
12. Kara - Lupin; Dropped 4 place from number 8 last week.
13. 2AM - I Did Wrong; Dropped 4 place from number 9 last week.
14. Hot Potato - Confessions (고백)
15. Kim Yuna - Going home
16. Gummy - There Is No Love
17. *Unknown*
18. Seeya-Sarangi Mongkeul (My Heart is Touched)(Personal Taste OST); Dropped 7 place from number 11 last week.
19. Im Jaebum - Saranghae apahan nal deul
20. Younha-Maldo Andwae (No Way)(Personal Taste OST); Dropped 3 place from number 17 last week.

Not complete. I’m sorry I can’t recognize newcomer though, since I haven’t heard of kpop songs lately. Only 2PM’s songs keep replaying on my iPod lol Feel free to fill in the blank! Your help will be much appreciates.

Here the Music Bank K-Chart from 20 to 4 video if you missed it.

Cred: KOKOnatsuHD

Azra, Awin, Chibi... any ideas?


  1. Wahhh..sib bek de video!! kte dpt tolong sket..hehehee..:)

  2. Yg lg 5 no idea spe ntah tuh!! haha..Chibi tau kot.. or azra..huhu..

  3. AHAHA..ari tu x tgk.. so, x dpt tlg.. nanti kter tgk la vid uhh or myb tgkkan tuk minggu ni. =)

  4. 9-Seon Yeongeun - I geoji gateun mal
    15-Kim Yuna - Going Home
    19-Im Jaebeom- Saranghae Apahan nal deul

    i kno the other two but i dno if i got the spelling rite, plus! someone translate for me! dunno wat these songs in english are lol

  5. korg tgk akk qualification of men?....aq nk tau lagu sdih mse anniversary de tu arr, korg tau akk tu lgu ape?


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