14 May 2010

MBLAQ teases with "Y"

Like Rain, their boss, MBLAQ is giving us two teasers for two different songs. The next teaser by MBLAQ is their track for 2nd single album, "Y".

Please ignore their outfit like Power Rangers, let's focus on the beat and the voice (kay plus face expression.XDD). Let's wait for their comeback A+.

Love it or not the teaser??

credit:- abmsubs

Still can't get my eyes off from the Power Rangers outfit. and I'm so lovin' the beat!!>__<


  1. haha yeah! this song sounds like a total Rain song! (well it was suppose to be lol)

    okay my reaction?
    -i thot the 1st person who said mblaq was rain, is it leejoon?? he sounds so much like his boss! haha but do love him more than ever watching this, seriously! i found out why i liked him again haha.

    -thunder is sweeping me off my feet with his "mysterious silent guy" look! aaah! my #2! i love !!

    -mir is smoking hot now! wth?? i love his new hair! and something about him just got more confident? lol its really cool.

    -g.o mygod i dint kno he shaved his mustacho for this! he was the person i TOTALLY dint recognize! with his bowl-cut hair he could pass off as an innocent new-member hahaha

    -seungho, im sorry kid, at times u appear really good to me, but at times i still duno ur charm, sorry for not watching idol army! lol

    -power ranger costume? is that wat it was? haha i just dint appreciate the underwear on the outside look hahaha! so rain, everything so rain, but in 5 charming pieces lol.

  2. da tulis punye panjang and blogger ni lak tetibe so stupid. Great!!

    KAY THAT 1st PERSON IS RAIN!! How can you not tell him different with our joonie??

    thunder is beautifool for me.. Absolutely Dara's sibling. LOL.
    Well, mir is effin' hawt IF he does not talk with his eyes almost popping out. XDD

    hahaha G.O is shredding off his moustache. I'm glad he will have many lines for the comeback. Finally, he can shows off his vocal. ^__^

    and seungho leadja is daebak with his looks and voice. I can forgive him for not to do aegyo-ing. =)

  3. hahahaha ru serious?? so i was right it WAS rain! haha i was so confused, i was like if thats joon, why doesnt he look like joon?? hahaha

    omygod eff u chibi!! u kno wat? today i had a stinkin dream about Power Rangers!! Forreal! Its so annoying, lol i remembered evrything about them, haha all cuz of u! xP

  4. Hhahaa..rain?? nmpk cam leejoon je..haha..xleh bla..leejoon was rain time muda dlm ninja assasin en..haha!

    Wahh.love the beat also!! Thunder cute glerr!! power rangers outfit?? hahaa..lwk2.. spe yg pkai wane pink uh?? is it thunder??? so pretty in pink !! hahaaa..

  5. bkn la awin.. from body structure unn da ley knal itu rain.. isk kamu.. itu mmg rain la.. tp aper2 la kter tgk je la mv penuh dulu..

    @azra - i didn't have any dream yesterday. so wehehe.. I'm safe!! Go go Power Rangers!! **singing the theme song**

    @awin- hahaha.. x nampak lak tp minat sungguh tgk g.o. XDD

  6. go go power rangers, blk umh pakai pampers!! terigt zmn knk2 slalu nynyi lgu ni..hahaha

    haaa..G.O ensem glerr!! lpe lak..kte da mle ske die coz die snyum sweet gle!! haaa, seungho is handsome too..tp alia nak cilok lak..hahahaa...xpe, kte share seungho eh alia?? hahahaa..

  7. haha go ahead wit g.o & seungho, mines are thunder & joon! XP

  8. haha lagu dorg leak out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwAGGPvgoHs&feature=player_embedded

    loving it hahahaha awin, xleh, kamo amek thunder lol seungho is sooo mine. but i could share mir with anyone haha

  9. aigoo just watched leejoon on invincible youth jadi gile kott!! seriously poor joon they played a hidden camera trick on him, and the director told him to climb up a tree and pretend to be a bug!! wtff.


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