09 May 2010

B2ST/BEAST's Ki Kwang/AJ in Tio Iced Tea CF!

This will be my last post before I'm going back to school tomorrow..hahaa..Okayh since I love KiKwang, I want to spazz about him today..Ahhh~~ I'm gonna miss my Kiki!! and also their Easy performance before..I'm melted watching their performance..haihh~

Aigooo~ Comelnyerrr :)Baby face!!

I told you before right..Korean's CFs always features our idols! so creative..This kind of CF would be able to make our idols become more popular and gather more fans and of course lah to promote the stuff that they are commercialised..Oh yes, one of our BEAST's member, baby face with a big muscles, which is KiKwang recently released two versions of the popular Tio Iced Tea CFs. Get Shock guys!! hahaa..

Version 1:-

Did you see that?? KiKwang wears only a towel?? Hhahaa..This is the first time I watch this kind of CF..funny KiKwang!! I love him!! So sexy with his chocolate abs!! We watch him crumble under pressure as he tries to re-enter the bathroom after he realizes that he entered a room filled with women..hahaa..He is so adorable plus he's the one who sang the song..Cute voice..Thumbs up! =D

Chill guys, let's see what will happen next to our 'Chigol KiKwang' in the next version under the cut yeah..

Version 2:-

For me, the second version is more funny..KiKwang was trying to seek the iced tea but he couldn't found it..hahaa..His face ouchh kawaiii!! He has such a cutie looks!! Hahaa..and especially the last part when his mother was spanking his butt! hahaa..LOL~ I replay these CFs so many times..So I can listen to his cute voice!! Weeee :) Unfortunately, this CFs are very short lah..I want to see him more!! I want to see more CFs from him ahh and also BEAST soon!!~

To Blog & TheABCs/Effpoo4our, Bye-yeum!! Wish me luck okayh =D


  1. 'jakaman, iki booya' 'waegurae?~' hahah comel. suara die ke laen gila??

    haha comel je campak tembikai haahhahaa part kena pukul uh xleh bla hahaha

    ok, goodluck awin!

  2. huhu the CF very funny!!! like his voice in the CF~

  3. hahaha i like the watermelon! yeah the song is really cute lol.

    hahaha the smacking, ooh kiki u got a nice butt XP hahahha

  4. @alia - haha..his voice laa alia..same je dgr..hekhek..

    @ fUzAhEeChUl~ - kan?? comel gler CF nih.. :)

    @azra - hahahah! tau xpe!! he got a nice butt ohh..muke die comel glerr..xthn dowh tgk!! hahahaa


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