14 May 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 (100514)

In the middle of May (literally) KBS Music Bank has not only changed its time slot to 5:50pm KST/4:50pm MY, K-CHART has also changed to giving their prize based on the votes of the Top 2 songs that week.

I don't like that actually! The best thing I thought about Music Bank was the original Top 3 will be chosen idea, I mean 3 is a more well-rounded number than 2 right? And it'll share fairer to other artists competing and also for fans to have a wide variety to vote right?

No I did not make this poster, it really is from KBS lol.

That said, May 14th's Music Bank Top 2 contenders were 2PM & an unexpected Kim C's indie band Hot Potato (뜨거운감자) who shot up from 14th to 2nd in just one week! Weird thing is their album Seesaw was released late March, quite a long time ago. But I've always been a fan, so go Hot Potato!

Sprawling out the insanity of comebacks in May, this week's artists' Comebacks are Vanilla Lucy, Lyn, NS Yoon Ji, Lee Junghyun, Rumble Fish (I think I miss her's), 8Eight, Gummy, Davichi and the largest group in the world, Super Junior!

Which brings me to think, with Super Junior's major comeback I think artist should really watch their backs next week. Does that mean 2PM will lose their winning streak?

1. 2PM - Without You
2. Hot Potato - Confessions (고백)
3. Lee Hyori (ft. Ceejay of Freshboyz) - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4. F(x) - NU ABO
5. Secret - Magic
6. Yesung - It Has to be You (Cinderella's Stepsister OST)
7. Rain - Love Song (널 붙잡을 노래)
8. SNSD - Run Devil Run
9. SNSD - Oh
10. After School - Bang!
11. T-ARA - I Go Crazy Because of You
12. KARA - Lupin
13. Seo Young Eun - 이 거지같은 말(What An Awful Word) (Feat. Jeong Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul)
14. Gummy - As A Man (남자라서)
15. Seo In Gook - Love U (사랑해 U)
16. Monday Kiz - Scattered
17. 2AM - Like A Fool
18. Bobby Kim - Like A man
19. Rain - Hip Song
20. Gummy - There Is No Love

Help me out with the ones I've missed yeah! 13, 16, 18 & 20. Still waiting for the k-chart vid from KBS World..
Awin says: Yeyy!! done!!

Cred: KOKOnatsuHD


  1. I was shock to see kim c was in top 2 HAHAHAHA

    yeay congratulation again my babies~

    oh and I have a lottt to request for idol introduction XD lepas tgk mb hari tuh

  2. haha yeah, i was like at first spe tu?? so confused lol. 2days and 1 night fans are huge i thk as big as elfs hahaha.
    tambah ajumma, ajushi, halmoni here and there lol.

    im sick of 2pm winning BOO! hahahah im so mean lol.


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