27 May 2010

Big Bang Thai Eversense CF

You just know if someone has the mood to post, I will take time to follow suit. What that means is, In the meantime I'll spazz along the way until my coma-pc is able to be accessed by me. T^T *crycry*

too cute!!!

Yes! Ok so I show favoritism when I spazz, but isn't that the point of me spazzing about it? Big Bang has now become CF Kings as a group! They've done countless of commercials and endorsements last and this year including their infamous LG Lollipop ones.

The boys are even branching out to overseas commercial such as this Eversense Thailand CF!

Watch the 45s CF below:

Nope, no new song as they dance to the eternal geo-jit-mal! "Lie". The fangirl spots Big Bang, well it wasn't that hard they were just walking in front of her! I would so cover up my big bang folder if they were passing. But I really wouldn't take the time to spring out my perfume and let them smell me, hm wait....maybe I should.

The guys track down the "Eversense girl" and I almost killed someone when she whispered into G-Dragon's oh-so-damn-smexy-ear! Lol. C'mon who can TAKE his expression like that?? Overall I did love this cf a lot! Big Bang is so hillarious and so adorable at the same time!

Let's say do a CF for Malaysia maybe? KFC, Kelantan Fried Chicken. hahaha.

If you didn't get enough, to the site!

My mouse can't click a single thing, but just following the arrows lets me look at the 5 angelic faces of B, i, g to the bang bang!


  1. hahaa...kelantan fried chicken eh azra?? cam penah dgr jek..hahaaa...

    ohh..iklan perfume...eh, TOP in pink!! WOWW!! yeahhh..nice CF..bez nye klo de 5 hot guys dancing with me..hahahah!

  2. hahaha yeah malu gak ade kelantan fried chicken plak. wats an ori msian product the guys can endorse? lol

    haha if i COULD dance, sure! they can dance wit me, then i get to whisper in gd's ear for no reason hahahhaha

  3. hahaa..mlysian prduct eh?? dunno lah..xde kot..hahaa..kejam gler~

    yeahh!! and I get to whisper in taeyang and daesung's ear..hahaha..gatal nak dua2...hhehehe..

  4. hahahahhaah wtheck hahaha so random lol

    first of all, i want that file, 2nd, i want to whisper in seungri's and gd's ears. 3rd, i want to dance with big bang. 4th, i want that perfume XD

  5. haha alia, perfume tu cm izzy perfume je lol. is that rite? msian product? hahah

    okok awin gatal nk taeyang and daesung lol

    alia! asl sme ngn kte?? me 1-gd, 2-seungri, 3-top, 4-taeyang 5-daesung haha

  6. haha taw xpe, i was like, eh mcm kenal je perfume tuh HA HA

    nooo seungri my no 1, gd my no 2, top my no 3. taste kte kan patot kontra????

  7. haha i dno anymore! evn in the biggest band suju, kte 4 un ade clash2. wth??

    sdeh doh ktorg xtaw product msian ape hahaha

  8. hahaha xpe la, share husband sobsob haha

    eh msian product, ermm kicap jalin? haha ignore my random mood


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