05 May 2010

2AM Profile~

I AM!!~

2AM is a four-member boy band from Seoul, South Korea. They are managed by Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment and produces albums under Cube Entertainment. The members are Jinwoon, Jokwon (the leader), Seoulong, and Changmin. 2AM is one of the two subgroups branched out from the eleven-member boy band One Day, the other being 2PM. One group, 2AM, will specialize in singing while 2PM will focus on rapping and dancing.

They officially debuted on July 11, 2008 on KBS’s Music Bank, performing the song “This Song” (이노래). Check it out their live performance below:-

Cred: PhucTOP

Haha..Seulong's image in here was funny..hahaa..I love This Song!! Yeah~ Now, he becomes so handsome!! Ahh..his face looks like Kwanghee (ZE:A)..Anyway, they still have a great vocal! Check out their latest songs recently which is Can't Let You Go Even If I Die MV and I Did Wrong (Part 1, Part 2) MVs..Haaa..All the songs made me wanna cry..very touching..They sings very well and are totally awesome in ballad songs..~




Name: Jo Kwon
Birthday: August 28, 1989
Position: Leader, Main Vocal

Name: Lee Changmin
Birthday: May 1, 1986
Position: Lead Vocal

Name: Im Seolong
Birthday: May 11, 1987
Position: Vocalist

Name: Jung Jinwoon
Birthday: May 2, 1991
Position: Vocalist

Cred: sumandu.wordpress


  1. whoaa byk gle pictures awin!

    yes! iam now an I AM after watching I Did Wrong MV haha. i thk jokwon looks like clay aiken, thats probably why im scared to like him, cuz im scared he mite end up like clay lol. evn tho i still love clay, but not "that" way lol.

    eh bukan Seulong leader?

  2. Yeahh!! I AM!!~ <3

    Who is clay aiken?? haha..i google him but laen je muka die..hahaa..

    No lahh..Jokwon lahh..has magnae looks but leader ok! hahaa..

  3. really? all this time i thot it was seulong lol. haha funny. aa?? u dunno who clay aiken is?? American Idol runner-up season 2 duh! lol

  4. huh?? Owh, dunno..I haven't watched American Idol Season 2 lah..time tuh xde astro lg!! wakaka.. I watch it starting with Season 7 kot..hahaha!!=p

  5. season 2 la yg one of the best lol. haha i watched evry season from season2 to season 8. yg now season 9 sux so bad i stopped watching lol

  6. Ouhh..season 2 yg Kelly Clarkson won eh?? hahahaa..Season 8 was my fav!never missed one concert pun ok..Adam Lambert!!<3 hehehe =D

  7. azra how come you thot seulong was the leader? Jokwon has always been the leader lol

    I wish JYP promote more 2AM instead just focusing on wg and 2pm. It break my heart when jokwon cried cause jyp didnt mentioned 2am in his speech =.=

  8. dunno i thk its bcuz i dno wat job he actually does lol. haha! whoa really? jyp dint mention 2AM? well 2AM sure is gettin famous now. but they went against cnblue for the crown when they came back so sorry i couldnt support XP.

    now they're coming back in september its head to head with FTisland! sorry 2am still cant support then! haha


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