08 May 2010

New Boy Band, Code-V aka Bless Profile

Kurus gler kaki yg sorang uh..haha! =p

Coming soon to the K-pop scene is a five member boy band named Code-V.They’re coming back with a new upcoming single titled Addiction. Although this will be the debut of Code-V, this really isn’t a true debut. The group had originally debuted in 2007 under the name Bless, but they were anything but blessed as they didn't make it and immediately left the scene. Even though their initial debut was not a success, the boys are confident that this time around, things will be different.

These five boys which make up Code-V (with the V being the roman numeral representation for the number 5) include Taemin, Sang Woo, Nallo, Sol and Jae Won. Sang Woo and Nallo have worked with SG Wannabe member Lee Seok Hoon and Blue Wind Soul. Taemin worked as a vocal trainer, Sol was the singer or song writer for an indie rock band and maknae Jaewon comes in with his rapping skills. By the Way, Code-V stands for Vision, Voice, Vital-Variety and Vital-Visual Signs.

I think they are fully completed since one of the member is a vocal trainer and also a song writer..I hope Addiction would make a great impact for kpop fans! We already addicted to kpop entertainment now!! Give me some more addiction!!hahaha..

Code-V will be making their debut or comeback with the release of Addiction on the 13th of May on M! Countdown. Arghh~ So bad I can't watch them :( going to Matrikulasi to continue my study this 10th of May!!~ hehehe..=D


For those who haven't been informed yet, leader TaeMin left the group back in August 2010 because he went and served his military duties. Now, It has been confirmed that Code-V has a new member named Seo Minho and his stage name is Rui.


This is the message he (Taemin) left behind:

It’s really difficult to think of how to begin this!
But the reason I’m bringing this up is because.. I want to thank for the last time everyone who up to now gave me the large gift of love and support!
I, TaeMin! Is leaving Code V on August 21st after all our schedules have ended!
This is a decision that I made after much thought and worry!
So it was hard, and I’m really sorry that I made this decision!.
I’m leaving like this, but our Code V is working really hard to prepare really good music!
Please always love Code V! And please give me support instead of denouncing me!
Lastly, thank you to everyone who gave me the biggest gift of my life!!
And the legend of Code V is just beginning now!!
forever! code V forever bless for you!! Thank you!

I’m both sorry and thankful to everyone who supported me until now!
I will be leaving Code V after the end of schedules on August 21st. Although the happiness of TaeMin of Code V has ended!
The regular 28-year-old TaeMin will work hard to be happy!
The cry of Code V will not stop!
Thank you and I’m sorry!
Be happy everywhere!


cr. allkpop

Check out one of the MV that they released back when they were known as Bless plus their profile :-

Cred: rainbowcandy32

Weyh..Seriously, I can't recognised any one of them in that MV..hahaa..their images before were very different lohh..hehee..Anyway, the song and their voices are wonderful!! After I listened to all their songs, I truthfully fall in love with all the songs..ahhh..I think they have great, peaceful, soft voices and hopefully they will make it big this time!! Hwaiting guys!!<3


Full name: 남상우 (Nam Sang Woo)
Position: Vocalist
Born: February 27, 1986
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Special Skills: Songs
Motto: You Will!!
Favorite Musicians: Eric Benet, Sting, Brian McKnight, Damnwells, Harisu
Hobbies: Watching movies, Reading, Traveling, Piano, Judo, Taekwondo

Full name: 김선희 (Kim Sun Hee)
Position: Vocal
Born: October 13, 1986
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Special skills: Singing, 성대모사,구기운동
Motto: No regrets life!!
Favorite Musicians: Michael Jackson, Seotaiji, Lee Hyun, Cho Yong-Pil, Rodney
Hobbies: Web surfing, Music, Piano

Full name: 김솔 (Kim Sol)
Position: Vocal
Born: May 29, 1987
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Special Skills: Singing, Chinese
Motto: We’ll stay positive life!!
Favorite Musicians: Sisqo, R. Kelly
Hobbies: Watching movies

Full name: 서재원 (Seo Jae Won)
Position: Rapper
Born: April 5, 1989
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 57 kg


Full name: 서민호 (Seo Minho) 
Stage name: 루이 (Rui/Louis)
Position: Vocal & Maknae
Born: July 7, 1989
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 66 kg


Full name: 엄태민 (Uhm Tae Min)
Position: Leader
Born: June 30, 1983
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Special Skills: Songs, Boxing
Motto: 어떠한 어려운 고난도 나스스로 이겨내지 못할일은 없다.(Translation??)
Favorite Musicians: Sisqo, Sam Salter, Nas, Eric Benet
Hobbies: Rap, Dance

Watch Addiction and download their single HERE.

Cred: Soompi, allkpop


  1. Awin you should differentiate which one dyou copy paste and which one is your own word lol buat quotes or sengetkan hahaha

    'they were anything but blessed' haha kejam gila XD code-v sound like a good name.

    taemin XD they look like zea... which i still cant recognize lol jaewon rambut xtahan tol! hahaha

  2. haha..ok dah btolkan dah..bnde uh amek dr allkpop ah..hahha! xpe2..Code-V!! Code 5!!

    klo tgk gmba ni..Sol plg ensem! haha..can't wait to watch their comeback!!

  3. dude i cant tell who is who, lol. i think the one i like is sol? the blonde one in the vid? he's like suuuper cute, he's like a mix of trot-hyeonbin + gd hahaha.

    one guy totally looks like park yunhwa of ex-t-max, & another guy looks like u-kiss's eli wit a wider face lol. sorry for comparing! i cant help it!

    i dont really like the name Code-V evn tho it sounds cool, dh ade Code Name Blue.

    Taemin dh ade Taemin Shinee how to call them??
    Sol dh ade Sol Taeyang of Big Bang. Code-V homies cant u take another nickname??

    i wouldnt want them under fire from boice, shawol or vip.

    i thk the song is pretty decent, like dbsk debut kinda songs. only the end started to pick up tho. i do wish u boys the best of luck! i thk i have heard of Bless b4, but i thk u should change ur names! xP

  4. A fan of Code V ? Join their first international forum ! http://z7.invisionfree.com/CodeAddiction

    and follow @AddictionForum on Twitter !

  5. i wanna know wut happen to 'em now..bcoz in youtube people keep sayin' that taemin left the group..plez help me,,i really2 wanna know the latest news bout 'em..n i hope im not askin' 2 much..

  6. @nani-ermm..i also don't know laa about code-V..never heard about them after their debut..sorry :(

  7. owh,,ok thnks anyway..i tried 2 look 4ward bout 'em n jeez..its really hard 2 find anything bout 'em..but i hope code-v will be a new wave of kpop..FIGHTING!!!

  8. Yeah, same with me..I want to see more Code-V! hahaha...hwaiting!! ^^

  9. Hi there, to nani or anyone interested to know, code-v's leader taemin left the group but never gave his reason why though.

    Some fans were saying that he left to join the army but in actual fact, taemin already completed it. While some other fans are saying he left to concentrate on being a vocal coach..i think this is the reason as hes already 28 this year, maybe he felt he needed a change of direction.

    But a new member,Minho has joined them and are supposedly preparing for their next comeback. Do support Code V, they need our love!

  10. @serenedaze- Owh, so it's true taemin left the group..so sad huh :(

    They already have a new member, minho? Wahh, I don't know about this! Thanks for the information serene! Yeah, can't wait for their comeback!~


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