07 June 2010

Code-V - Addiction MV + Single [Tracklist]

Yayy!! Finally Addiction MV and MP3 DL is out!!! hahaha..I watched their debut stage on Music Bank last week..ermm..yes!!I like their song!!

Bless is back!!~

For people who didn't know, they actually known as Bless before. Many may not have heard of group Bless before. They are a group who debuted in 2007 as four members, and in 2008 they had a new member making them a 5-member group. Then, in 2010, they changed their name into Code-V..you can view their complete profile HERE.

Let's watch their Addiction MV!!~

Cred: rainbowmilkpop

What do you all think?? have they give you an addiction?? Wahh,I like them!the song is pretty cool..Haa,there is a tarantula in that MV!! People said that tarantula ruined the MV..But for me, is not ruining at all lah..Theoritically,tarantula has a poison that maybe they show it for represent their new album called Poisoning..hahhaha..

Jaewon,who is the rapper has a very deep voice though..suara dia besar betul..I can't believe it..such a good rapper!hahaa..I think I like SOL..he looks like the pretty,Lee Junki and I like his image!hehehe..Oh, I love the Code-V's logo!! So creative..black and white~

Download Poisoning below..

내가 더 슬퍼(I'm More Sad).mp3
중독 (Fractal Mix).mp3
중독 (Inst.)mp3
내가 더 슬퍼 (Inst.).mp3
Bonus Track.mp3

Code-V - Poisoning.rar

I love all the two songs!! These songs have sweet melody..hehee..totally make my day even I have to wait for many hours to download and upload these songs:)

I wish them all the best!!


  1. haa? only 2 songs? wah. plus bonus track? wats that.

    oh yeah i rmbr watching this mv before, i rmbr cuz of the ukiss tattoos lol.

    oh yeah i said i like Sol too lol, but why hav to have the same name as Taeyang??

    i actually really like the song addiction. the beginning sounds like norago tho.

  2. actually bonus track is like addiction inst..hhahaa..byk tol inst die..nk byk lagu lg!! cehh..

    haa?? u like Sol too?? aaa,x igt...hahaa..how should i know?? die nk name tuh..nak tumpang popularity kot.. ahh,taeyang is my fav too..x ksh! hahaha..

    norago! norago~ bez woh =D

  3. lol i was thinkin wat song it reminded me of, addiction is like the beginning norago, then after its like a different version of wheesung's insomnia lol. i guess thats y i like it lol.

    i like the other song too! but wats it called awin?

  4. hahaa..the mv also like insomnia sket..de org ckp camtuh gak..hehehe

    hrmmm...sdp en!!!not sure lah azra..u en leh bace hangul?? tp I try to find out..and the english is 'I'm More Sad' ?? is that true?? hehehe..

  5. haha dunno, i can read, bukan phm sgt un hahaha.
    ok lets go with that lol. the song is like they ARE sad anyways lol

  6. honestly, i have no interest in new group. fine dorg xbaru un sanye but still... lol but then again, addiction is good! nice song, seriously.

    tho i dont appreciate the first scene where erm something flowing down someone's arm.... somehow, i feel disgusting hahahaha

    the tarantula should be on their face or head or something XD

  7. @alia - u watch too much antm honey lol


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