05 June 2010

[CLOSED] Exclusive BEAST Live Video Chat Contest!!

Universal Music Malaysia Chinese are having this contest for us, the B2UTYs..

Thank you for your overwhelming response for BEAST! The phone lines have been ringing non-stop ever since it was announced that BEAST will be coming to Malaysia for a promo tour, so let's all keep up the hype and warm up before BEAST officially sets foot on Malaysian soil!

Follow the instructions below if you want to stand a chance to attend a live video chat with BEAST: -

- Purchase BEAST's 'BAD GIRL' or 'SHOCK' or 'MYSTERY' Caller RingTone (CRT) for your phone by keying in the following codes from your Maxis/Hotlink mobile: -

Bad Girl - Dial *131*161675# RM3/song
Shock - Dial *131*161678# RM3/song
Mystery - Dial *131*161682# RM3/song

- In not more than 20 words, tell us "I should be picked to attend the BEAST Live Video Chat because". Post your most creative slogan in the COMMENT section of the Universal Music Malaysia Chinese Facebook Page (HERE) to take part in the contest!
- Available for Maxis & Hotlink subscribers only.
- Winners will be announce on the Universal Music Malaysia Chinese Facebook page.

BEAST Live Video Chat details:
Date: 11th June 2010 (Friday)

Terms & Conditions are as follow: -
1. This contest is open to all Maxis & Hotlink subscribers only.
2. Participants must download either one (1) of the three (3) mentioned Beast songs to participate.
3. Participants may only submit ONE ENTRY EACH to the Universal Music Malaysia Chinese Facebook page.
4. All entries must be submitted before 9th June 2010.
5. The judges' decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained.
6. Prizes are neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash or other prizes. In the event that the live video chat is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, Universal Music Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to cancel/postpone the event, without prior notice.
7. Universal Music Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to use the winner's name, address, photograph and mobile number for all forms of advertising, promotion and/or publicity from time to time.
8. By participating in this contest, participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this contest.
9. For enquiries, please call +603-79587433 ext. 504/102

Get your B2ST Caller Ringtone on your Maxis/Hotlink number and give out your best slogan now! Good luck B2UTYs!

Wait!! BEAST is coming to Malaysia??

You all must know that Beast will be going to Singapore on the 24-25th June for a showcase and signing event. It has been announced that they will be coming to Malaysia right after!

The article is in chinese, but basically it says Cube Ent has agreed for the boys to make a stop in Malaysia after we managed to get 8000 votes. I have no idea where the 8000 came from because on universal music msia's FB page, the votes barely hit 4k... but thats not the point..

By the way,the poprainbow things..heh..menyampah!! thank god, I didn't buy the ticket..hhhahaa..but Universal Music Malaysia...hmmm..I'm still waiting for the new updates from them...

Back to the topic...another contest for all the B2UTYs out there!! This is a live video chat with Beast before they come to Malaysia.. The lucky winners will be able to see the boys through the video and talk to them!! awww!! so excited but actually I don't want to participate this contest..malas!! hahaa..x geti nak wat slogan2 nih...cehhh~
I'm using Say No as my caller ringtone now..hahhaa..too lazy to change caller ringtone and spending my money!! argghh..I want to buy U-Kiss's presents! hhehe =p

B2UTYs!!Get your B2ST Caller Ringtone on your Maxis/Hotlink number and give out your best slogan now! Good luck!!
Yeah, hopefully, BEAST will come to Malaysia!! please support them..hhuhu:)

Source: Universal Music Malaysia Chinese, MYB2UTYs forum


  1. haha really? otay if i feel like it i'll do this. but i wont expect anything much. the whole b2st coming to malaysia is pretty weird.

    suddenly now universal music malaysia has a response? haa..

    ive been meaning to change my ringtone anyways tho, haha happy to know theres beast songs now lol

  2. hahaa..universal music malaysia ni leh dipercayai ke?? x tau rr bende2 nih..hrmmm..

    yey!! azra!! gudluck!!

    oh..da lame lah dah ade CR beast..I use Say No as my CR da lme kot..hehehe..

  3. hahahahaha awin xtahan gle part menyampah tuh hahahaha serius lawak

  4. hhahaaa..mmg menyampah dowh..tipu org je...kah3 =p

  5. haha alah! lpe lak today is already the 7th, contest ends 9th.. hmm.. do i want to chat wit beast? wtf would i say? lol

    klw aku rajin aku bwat bsok haha. klw x xkesa gak ar lol.

    @awin! if u kno Beast's concerts add to the concert schedule yeah! pls & thnx =)

  6. hhahaa..wat je laa azra...u power wat slogan2 ni..hehhee...


  7. ahaha ok xsmpt nk bwat lak haha. lpe nk topup haha.
    oh well whoever that will win it, i curse you! im so jealous already! lol jk

  8. hahaa..azra mmg, asyik no credit je..ape lah..hahaa..

    i lg jealous dowhh!! argghh :(

  9. hye there:)
    nk tanye mcm mane nk buang CR tu?
    dh x nk gune CR tu..
    please and TQ:)


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