24 June 2010

CN Blue The Way - 1st JP Single [Tracklist]

who can guess which of these pretty toes these belong to whom..?

Hehe mian for the one day delay, I was busy but I still wanted to do this lol. Amidst CN Blue's Bluelove promotions, they decided to release a japanese single as well! Why do you ask? Was it planned this way? Well the answer is.. I forgot. Maybe. huh. haha.

This single was supposedly to be promoted in Japan after Bluelove, but since the boys just started winning loads of awards for LOVE only an idiot would stop now right? lol.

This Japanese single The Way is appropriately named after the lyrics in one of their tracks "One Time" yeah that's right move aside Bliebers, its time for Boice to take over. Its so funny how most of the tracks go back to their first sound in Now or Never 1st Mini Album. Yup! I think its super pretty sweet how these guys still love the kind of music they first started out with.

CN Blue is quickly catching up to their sunbaenim's activities which include already releasing a full japanese album earlier this year, and now CN Blue is going to have their own episodes on Music On! How cool! I can't wait to hear these kids hurry up & speak japanese weee~~

Here's the album!

Part 1 ~ One Time ~
Part 2 ~ Ready N Go ~
Part 3 ~ Eclipse ~
Part 4 ~ One Time [inst.] ~

Panda says: This single will have to get a few more spins in my head, it has really funny lyrics and its addicting in that way & easier to memorize cuz its mostly in english! But I like One Time and Ready N Go they're just so funny haha.

I love One Time instrumental! You might also like Eclipse, in which Lee Jonghyun takes the lead in vocals. These boys sure know how to rock ;) *melts at Jonghyun's guitar solos* So proud.. So j-indie!

(Sorry I don't have any pics for yall this time, I only have scans right now)

On a side note, HURRAY for my first post after U-Kiss!! Can a sista get a high five?? xP


  1. hahaa..byk plak album cnblue ni..

    yeah, mmg funny lyrics dorang..but the melody cam bez gler..ske gak!! Jonghyun's Eclipse bez!!! hhahaa..cair jugak :)

    aitt..thanks for the mp3 okayh~

  2. haha kay current fave of this album is Ready N Go, cheeky yonghwa so hot in singin haha. guitar solos aaah i die.

    one time is like so funny lol. i duno how they cum up with this stuff xP

    ur welcome!

  3. haha bliebers lol

    ok let me guess... ermm the toes.... from left, yg maen gitar lg sorg uh, them yonghwa, then jonghun, then minhyuk? tol x? lol azra, you should make cnblue profile, aku xlepas lg haha cope from mykpop

  4. haha cnblue profile oh yeah i think i did the profile from mykpop rite? ahhh all of that is gone now, back to square one '=.=


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