26 June 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 1st Half Year of 2010 [100625]

Hi people!! Last time I'm posting is about the fanacc. Now, I'm going to do Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 for 1st Half Year of 2010 that was broadcasted on 25th June 2010. Thanks awin for doing last week K-chart. You know how strong UKISS' effect on me. LOL

(NOTE:- Since I didn't take note and just do write whatever I can remember. Pardon me for the inaccuracy.awin, add link and yeah fill up the lala part. Lupa la. Dah malam2 ni sangat pelupa.)

TOP 20
  1. SNSD - Oh! (Yeah.. Yeah.. SNSD Pawns the others with OH!)
  2. 2AM - I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die
  3. KARA - Lupin
  4. Super Junior - Miina (Beauty) [BONAMANA]
  5. SNSD - Run Devil Run
  6. CNBLUE - I'm a Loner
  7. T-ARA - Bo Peep Bo Peep
  8. Rain - Love Song
  9. T-ARA - I'm Crazy Because of You
  10. Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  11. Hot Potato - Confession
  12. Super Junior (Yesung) - It Has To be You
  13. 2PM - Heartbeat
  14. Yim Jaebum - Stigma
  15. 2PM - Without U
  16. Gain & JoKwon - We Fell in Love
  17. 4Men - I Can't
  18. B2ST - Shock
  19. 4Minute (Hyuna) - Change
  20. Secret - Magic

Artistes that performed:-
슈퍼주니어, 2PM, 소녀시대, 카라, 티아라, 2AM, 4minute, 서인영,
CNBLUE, 애프터스쿨, f(x), 시크릿(SECRET), 화요비, 거미, 린, IU&임슬옹(2AM)

Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, Kara, T-ara, 2AM, 4MINUTE, Seo In Young, CNBLUE, After School, f(x), SECRET, Hwayobi, Gummy, Lyn , IU & Seulong (2AM)

Chibi's review for Mubank this week:-
To be blunt, I'm not very satisfied how leader of SNSD, Taeyeon performed today. (check other sites comments to know what's going on Music Bank this week. In here, you can't give ur opinion that sounds negative.) She shown unprofessional attitude when dancing to 'Oh!' and sang to the song. One sentence, you're not the only one having such problem.

And this week Music Bank is completely messed up from the beginning. They should do the regular recording.


  1. k i finished fixing up the list and putting up the DLs. honestly im shocked After School didn't make the list..

    but i'm quite impressed T-ARA made it twice ;). plus my cnblue boys hihi #6 ok sure i'll take that =D.

    oh i couldn't find 2pm's heartbeat btw, did anyone upload it?

    as for snsd win, its like ugh im so over the fact that korea is too into snsd, i dont quite understand it. i wish it was the wonder girls instead, but they've long abandoned us. well im not such a fan anyways.

    true taeyeon had really poor manners. suck it up homie. u make a mistake admit it, don't blame it on other ppl.

    for all the ppl who would defend her, fyi this is completely different than a lighting incident of shinee's.

    i get to say all this cuz im the queen of contraversial comments XP haha.

  2. *ignore the fact i misspelled controversial.. lol

  3. thx aox-nee chan.. Tetibe balik kpada jepun la me. Pfft..
    X terkejut pown After School didn't make the list. They're not in top 5 everytime in a month when they're promoting. If you remember well, all the list up there have won or being nominated as top 3. So yeah...

    Yup, T-ara made a big impression there. But oh well, they promoted on November until January. So.. hurmm..

    Hahaha.. malas nak upload. Internet so slow today.
    Actually I want 2AM much much win. Maybe because I'm sick to listen to Oh repeatedly. Wondergirls kat no 24 so i think they did well. BUT HURMM how come SUJU trus melompat to Top 5!! They're more SUPER then.

    Haha.. abt taeyeon.. i think she shouldn't complain. You know who is having more problem than her when recording?? our Yonghwa is having problem. he was like uhmm ahhmmm.. u know LOST but ended up doing what he could. But Taeyeon.. all she could do is sulk. Kay, enough of my word for this.

    Haha.. u're really da queen for comment. Oh my.. sgt malas nak tulis comment sbnanye. Aaaa..

  4. hahaha oh menang lwk gle hahaha dah kate lagu tuh memberi impak yg lebih berbanding lagu tell me your wish lol

    secret un masuk top 20? xleh bla! after school patot masuk :p

    2pm patot lg tggi =.= i dont mind suju sbb dorg baru sgt lol

    i think cnblue patot mng hahahahahha

  5. Losers!!!! SNSD hwaiting!!!! Wondergirls don't have anything compared to SNSD.....


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