17 June 2010

Orange Caramel Magic Girl MV + [TRACKLIST]

After School's first sub-group Orange Caramel has released their candy culture! Yeah I remember their concept name now lol. The youngests of the after school block Lizzy, Nana and Raina has released their self titled debut 1st Single.

Orange Caramel has a fresh cute concept, eh sometimes creepy to me but that's because of the dolls. They have also released the Magic Girl MV! The awesome surprise in the MV is that CNBLUE's Minhyuk cameos as the dandy boy nextdoor! How can you resist his smile?

Magic Girl MV:

Click more for the tracklist:
The song is very cutesy, I had no idea the dance would be cutesy as well. Its like back to the Kara Honey days lol.

The second song is Love Does Not Wait and it's Raina's Solo Song a korean version of M2M's The Day You Went Away. Maybe you'll have a better chance of bridging the two tracks, I sure can't tell the similarity.

Orange Caramel 1st Single:

1 - 마법소녀 (Magic Girl)
2 - 사랑을 미룰 순 없나요 (Love Does Not Wait) -Raina's Solo-
3 - 마법소녀 (Magic Girl inst.)
4 - 사랑을 미룰 순 없나요 (Love Does Not Wait inst.)


  1. hahaa..chucky doll!

    Haaaa...td terjerit2 tgk minhyuk!! ahhh..sweet gler his smile!! waaaa!!

    this song..hrmmm..ok laa..part ottokhae (eh,dunno how to spell) bez! hahahaa... =D

  2. hahaha i kno rite, minhyukk!! u are awesome! i agree wit ppl he does look like seungho from master of study, except seungho looks like a bad boy. when minhyuk looks like a huggable cutie pie! i wouldnt mind dating him haha

  3. haha mcm raina sorg je yg nyanyi xleh bla. nana tayang muka hahaha lwk la mv die, lagu xleh bla. minhyuk bajet comel :P


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