10 June 2010

X-Cross - My Luv MV + 1st Single Storm

After I posted about X-Cross's profile before, I want to show you guys their 1st MV called My Luv!! Let's take a look at this MV..you can judge by yourself~! hahaa..

Cred: sushilicious27

Okayh!! I love this song!! their voices sound very cool..Wahh!! Hyo Ram who is the vocal and rapper.. like it like it!! I think I love guys with blonde hair lahh..Aoxora too right??haha..but I never like Nichkhun's blonde hair when he performed Without U..heh,sorry,mengungkit pulak =p

One more thing..Hyo Ram's ABS!! hahhaahaha!! Well, model right..must have a great body! hhahaa..lol..


My Luv

This is a single, so only have two songs..I love My Luv!! Catchy song~ Storm?? ermmm..I don't like Storm so much but I still like it..hahaha..Hyo Ram's rap!! <3


  1. first tym dgr, awat la memekak sgt hahaha

    2nd tym dgr, boleh tahan la haha

    awin, igt nk SEMUA lagu nnt hehehe

  2. hahaaa..x memekak un dgr..karoke bez ni! hahaa..

    ye2..nnti time ukiss jgn lpe bawak ur hard disk!! heheee..


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