18 June 2010

U-Kiss Tweets for Malaysia ♥♥♥

Xander Caption: HERE COMES U-KISS!! (Eli is sleeping at the back~) See y'all in a while MALAYSIA!! (/^o^)/

Since Awin posted of the boys' arrival in Malaysia! I suddenly got hyped up to put up what they've written about our country! So far Kevin has written in since being in Malaysia, while Xander and Soohyun wrote about leaving to Malaysia. So I just felt like sharing this.

Here's Kevin's Twitter trying out the Malay Language.
  • GOOD MORNING~ SELEMAT PAGI! ^^ Going to Malaysia for the first time today~ EXCITED! What are your favorite foods that U-Kiss should try? ^^
  • via web
  • My bad~ SELAMAT PAGI ! Thanks for correcting me! LETS HAVE FUN WHILE WE ARE THERE~ All the foods you describe sound delicious~ TERIMA KASIH~
Kevin has given us a pic to pinpoint their location! hahaha. Am I talking like a stalker or what?? But I think I know where this place is, I've rounded KL almost too many times looking for Suju's hotel the other day. But now I think I'll know where these boys are staying bwuahahha XP.

Kevin's Caption: Safely arrived to Malaysia~^^ It surely is a beautiful country! Our fans were waiting at the airport~ TERIMA KASIH
@ around 7:30pm June 17th.

I haven't heard from anyone about their whereabouts yet, but if you'd like to guess from here, MAJOR HINT: KLCC is right next to them hahahaa.

Here's Alexander's Twitter trying to make room in his stomach for Malaysian food.

  • @Kevinwoo91 수고했어빈빈~ ㅋㅋ That's rite! Xander's Food Invasion goes on!! LOL~ U-KISS' next station: MALAYSIA!!♥ Prepare to be 빙글Bingeul~! (^w^)/
  • Leaving for Malaysia TOMORROW~ We're juz going home to RELOAD our luggage~ Need a bigger bag cuz going to Singapore rite after Malaysia~
  • Good morning folks!! Meeting my members now~ MALAYSIA!! Our 1st visit!! (/^o^)/ Hv a nice day everyone! Jesus loves y'all, so do Xander!♥^w^
  • SELEMAT PAGI MALAYSIA!! Like @kevinwoo91 said, pls tell us wt food I MUST try for Xander's food invasion~ LOL! try to describe it too~ THX!♥
  • MAAF~~ SELAMAT PAGI!!! LOL~ thx for telling us! TERIMA KASIH~*^^*
  • @MBLAQGO 멋있다 우리 지오형!! *♥o♥* 꺅~~~ 형... 빠이빠이~ 우리 지금 마래이시아가요~ 앰카 화이팅!!! 'Give it to my Y'~ ^o^~♬
  • (That's cool, our G.O hyung! * ♥ o ♥ * screams ~ ~ ~ Hyung ... Bye-bye ~ ~ I'm going to Malaysia~ now fighting! 'Give it to my Y' ~ ^ o ^ ~ ♬)

Soohyun's Twitter, he just wrote one.
Soohyun's Caption: 말레이시가 가기전^^♥ (Malaysian market before going ^^♥) -well that's what google says haha, I dunno.-


  1. kevin cnfident je tlis 'SELEMAT PAGI!' and then salah..hahaa..

    tweets @GO..baek je xander..siap nynyi 'give it to my Y'~ hahaa..cool2..

    it sounds like they are very excited going to mlysia rite!! wahh, i'm so happy!! hahaa..

    soohyun's caption?? hahaa..pe 2??? eh,soohyun is wearing his name necklace rite?? omg!same with me! i pakai my name gak..u saw it rite azra yestrday?? hahaha.. i luv u lah soohyun!!

  2. oh yeah! lpe nk tulis soohyun's necklace is the same as awins! haha dint i say that would be a great present? xP

    aah i just noticed he wrote "selemat pagi" with an e haha. yeah xander tweets to g.o thats cool that they're buddies lol.

    i hope the boys have fun here. wat dyu thk theyr doin tday? shopping? sleeping? haha

  3. korg buat aku bertmbh excited! hahahahhahaa yeah U-KISS excited datang malaysia! <3333333


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