03 June 2010

D-NA New Hairstyle!

Instead writing like others, I'm well off with stalking~Hahaha.. yup, that's me chibi!!LOL!! For those who just confused who's this 'jkpureaddiction'.. Well, that user is actually chibi!!^_^ The one who used chibigreen317 earlier in January until March. (I'm sorry that someone started to get confused with calling me jkpureaddiction and such.)

For some reasons, I have to change to jkpureaddiction user for easy work?? Hahaha. Since we don't know what news we should bring you to spazz. I guess, I want to spazz about this!!

Did you guys already see new hairstyle that Dae Guk Nam Ah did when they had their showcase with Rainbow in Japan?? Do You Want To See Them In New Hairstyle??

Oh well..

Here it is..

hahaha.. hyunmin used jaejoong's 'o'hairstyle. LOL


like 5 puppies that need to be adopted!! I want the middle one!!

i guess their debut hairstyle is better. Or maybe they have to refine them with a bit of highlight.

CREDITS: 빼빼로 @ OFFICIAL CAFE |chi@ enchanteDNA | as tagged| Yura_mika@Twitter

Anyway, did they look better or not?? I just find that Karam looks boys next door with hair like that.. maybe a bit highlight on the hair, Karammie?? and about maknae.. I NEED HIS RED HAIR BACK!! WUUU!!!

P/s:-there's rumor that our lovable Dae Guk Nam Ah will do a comeback on June?? Is that true?? I don't know!!~~ If they do, I'm going to wait!! =)


  1. haha waaah hyunmin u look so different wit blonde hair haha. i guess we're not passed the platinum blonde hair huh?

    karam!! yup i guess his hair is ok brown, but i need the blonde highlight in it! or else it doesnt work! XP

    mika, wat kind of puppy ru supposed to be? a control macho puppy? haha love ya babyyy. i miss them sooo much, igt nk spazz dna a loooooong time ago, but i forgot about it i guess haha, will do soon!

    injoon dyed his hair haha

    jay magnae, i thk his hair is pretty cute blonde, why is there so many blondes?? but i did think the red was cute too haha, a bit strong but it fits perfectly in contrast with all the blondes ^^ hahaha.

    i miss u daeguknamah! june comeback?? dont care as long as im still here comeback anytime babies! XD

  2. Hahaha.. Isn't hyunmin looks old with blonde hair?? scratch that. Black is better for him.

    If Karam's hair is like you wanted, then the hairstyle might be a spin-off from his old hair. Don't you think?? =.=

    Hahaha.. Igt nak spazz. Tapi x terspazz. Kay, I da tolong spazz kan. Woot!!

    Maybe.. Injun needs a new haircut instead dying?? I just wonder. Hurmm..

    Haha..red makes him looks cute. (actually, not anyone could perfectly fit RED. Only he, Junsu and Hee Jun can pull that. And owhh Heechul too. The colour is really BOLD to use but so cute. LOL)

    Hahaha.. u're going end of June right?? Make sure bring broadband along~~ Whee..

  3. hyunmin? i guess so he does look better in dark brown it makes him look mature but still his age.

    haha injoon, i dno, i thk he looks cute like a chubby cute junsu haha. i dont mind anything he does.

    and as for jay thats true! not many ppl can pull of bright red hair. i dont thk hongki can either haha, but dno. i thk he looks really cute with his cap and blonde hair like their first mv haha.

    end of june?? lol guess wat i dint prepare anything yet to masuk skola how bad am i, cm xnk g jer. and most probably my dad won't give me a laptop until i go to actual uni ughhhh.

  4. i know right?? Hyunmin, we want ur old hair!!~~XP

    Haha.. seriously cute chubby junsu?? Can't compare. My imagination are currently off late at night.

    Haha.. let's put Hongki's face and match with Jay's hair. I wonder if the result would be so funny!!XD

    Yup.. Red hair + cap = AWESOME!!
    Haha.. x nak pegi?? Abis nak gi mane? wuu..me medical check up pown x bwat lagi.. Nak ckp pack.. Lagila.. Worr

  5. lol i dno, fnc manager once said they would color hongki's hair white or red haha.

    i thk he would look good in anything myb lol.

    med checkup?? hahah same! dint do jackk. ko dpt ape eh?

  6. karam, mika, magnae... lg 2 still x cam hahahahhaa

  7. nape dorg asyik tukar hair style? mase debut 2 kali tukar, and lol still xleh cam

  8. haha thats true! even about to debut dh tuka2 color. they experiment too much.

    Hyunmin - want darkbrown hair again
    Karam - platinum blonde is cool, but if light brown get those highlights.
    Injoon - mini junsu u can do anything except color it unnaturally lol
    Mika - You are perfect ~~

  9. haha..ble dorang 2ka new hairstyle je, dah xleh cam blk dahh..sedeyh jek...sob3


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