30 June 2010

Kan Mi Youn Crazy Teasers with MBLAQ!

Kang Mi Youn an ex-Baby Vox member is set for a solo comeback this July 1st after 3 years! Now I don't really know her since I didn't listen to 1st generation kpop idols. But her teasers have got me interested in loads of ways!

I'm sorry to be packed in a biased route but reason number one would be her 3, Crazy MV teasers featuring LeeJoon & Mir of MBLAQ. The song Crazy itself is featuring now what could be one of the hottest young rappers out now Mir! Its a Club Dance Song something Kang Mi Yeon is trying first hand at, but the song sounds pretty good to me. Check out all the teasers! I swear you DO NOT want to miss it!

Crazy Teaser #1 ft. LeeJoon:


Owh, Leejoon, doesn't everyone want to strap you in like that? He's becoming quite an actor. Well he is a "Hollywood actor" as his nickname serves him? haha. Kang Mi Yeon looks pretty crazy in this, so I suspect she's going for a psychotic concept huh.

The rest of the Teasers are under the cut!

Crazy Teaser #2 ft. LeeJoon:


Alright by the way Joon stares at her in full loathsome and tension (glossed with guyliner), he refuses to marry her. That probably leads to the idea that she is crazy and is making him marry her instead haha. What a good fangirl idea..

Crazy Teaser #3 ft. Mir:


This is my favorite teaser!! It shows how Kang Mi Youn has changed her look to a short do and with a off the hook fierce concept. You CANNOT deny the two makes a hot scene, especially dear magnae MIR! His rap blows me off its like fire! Can't you see how hot he is?! I dunno what it is but I'm lovin how he's lookin nowadays.

Now you've seen all of it, does it sound like a good song? I can't wait! Stay tuned for her comeback on July 1st on M! Countdown then Music Bank on July 2nd!

Now of course I have stills for you!

Crazy Teaser #1 ft Leejoon:

haha Joon got caught!

Crazy Teaser #2 ft. Leejoon

aww he looks so pissed, so cute..

Miyoun & Mir @ M! Countdown

sorry! couldn't find a still, but I thot this looked so much like it!


  1. haha what a good fan idea lol azra dont be psycho XD

    joon is so hot, yeah tho he's not my no 1 but cant deny his hotness. plusss hollywood actor! serius suka die belakon, xde ke drama nak amek die =.=

    yeah mir is soooo cool, thats why he's my no2 in mblaq lol love his rapping.

    hari tuh tgk yg eunhyuk version, (btol kan lagu nih) and I like this songgg, nicee

  2. haha why not its fun xp. yeah joon i think his only drama is Jungle Fish 2 with jiyeon, yeah i wish he can act more. he looks like he'd be good at acting.

    mir is my no.1 now!! haha yeah with eunhyuk filling in yup thats right lol


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