07 June 2010

Super Show 3 is Coming!!

Starting this August (if that goes according their plan), Super Junior will take the Asian Cities by storm AGAIN with doing their Asian Tour Concert "Super Show 3".

From Seoul, they will then move to another cities like Beijing, ShangHai, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila etc – a total of 16 concert performances in 13 cities.

1st concert in Seoul will be on 14th August and 15th August at Seoul Olympic Stadium. They will be performing their hits songs as well as the songs from their 4th Album 'BONAMANA'.

The ticket sales (for Korea) will start from 8pm on 17th June on Gmarket (http://ticket.gmarket.co.kr). It is anticipated that the tickets will be very much sought after by fans.

Credit for the last paragraph:- sookyeong.wp

So, this Super Show 3 will also include Singapore. Singaporean, aren't you happy?? ^__^


  1. woww!! yeahh!!! ble dtg KL??? cpt gler SS3..SS2 baru abes thn ni..x pnt ke suju??!! isk3...

    haaa...mesti x dpt gi!! da ade kt penang!! waaaa ;(

  2. haha klw kt penang un xleh?

    aaah wow i had a dream bout this or something lol. suju why are you so fast?? dh alredy ready for SS3? lol eeteuk nk g army an haha. might as well all of them go at the same time and save us a grief later if they go one by one kan?? lol

    aah i'd be in canada. lagi ah xleh g TTT.TTT last chance to meet kyu..ruined..

  3. *oh alia, add suju's concert dates to the sched thnx!

  4. Wahh..azra going to canada this sept!! gudluck!! hahhaa...

    eh, chibi laa who posted this..hhuhu

  5. alamak! i checked again it is chibi! hahaha omg, no wonder she dint spazz too much about it. i thot sumthin was weird lol. kk i already added the date anyways lol

  6. Ahaha.. aox u mistook me as alia??
    Ngeh ngeh.. I'm so lazy to be hype since the date will be 2011 of course.

    awin,, pe erkk nak balas kat kamo..
    i think kalo nak fly gi konsert aper ke bender.. alia mesti lg byk chance.
    i da xder chance. Waaaa...
    sbb malas nak bwk kete balik kl. XD

  7. @chibi- hahaa..jgn harap laa nk fly semate-mate nk gi knsert..parents knfem mengamuk nye..dgn tket knsert yg mhl..hhrrmmm...
    xde chance laa ni nk gi SS3!!! sedeyhhh :(

    Alia je yg de chance en..tol2..

    Eh, chibi,kmu nk gi msuk senanye?? ckp cpt!! haaa...

  8. awin, u ble save the money for the ticket now la... i want too c them live for this ss3 coz mmg da xde hrapan nak tgk dbsk live... so i wish my 1st cncert with suju then.. huhu

  9. @chibi - haha tu ah pelik u bwat suju lak lol.

    @awin, penang wat city? aigoo u mean u wont comeback to bangi ever?!?!?!

    xkan xleh balik kl??

  10. @ain- hahaa..jauh kot penang..parents suh blk dlm sebulan or 2bln skali jek...so,xde harapan laa nk gi ss3 ni!! sob3 :(

    @azra- pulau pinang laa...too far from bangi..anyway, foundation only 1 year..n no olidays kot..boleh blk time weekend je tp x leh blk slalu..parents advised...hahaha!

  11. oh dangit! that means we gotta hang out wit awin before the end of this month??

  12. haha dah taw psl nih gak, tp mls nak post haha asal la aku mls nk post the important news tp post mende2 ngarut wahahah

    azra haha dont worry girl, ill spazz 5000 words about suju someday XD

    chibi awin, why me pulak? hahahahaha

    hahaha awin, ckp penang la kamo nnt hahahhaa

  13. wah....SS3 dh start.....x sbrnya nk tunggu suju dtg malaysia lg....
    tp x leh prgi..... T-T
    skng dh kt penang....
    tkut SS3 in malaysia tyme exam....

  14. Super Show 3 in malaysia is on March 26, 2011. hope you guys can go!

    refer to this post:


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