15 June 2010

T.O.A (Top Of Asia) Profile

Byk tol trio skang ni..heh

Yeah, as far as I know many hew groups have already debuted nowadays such as SISTAR, X-Cross, Code V, Infinite, Orange Caramel and upcoming debuting is Teen Top.My head keeps spinning while doing this profile..hahaa..it's so hard to find information about new group..sabar je lah ;)

In 2009, two members, Shi Woo and Sinnan debuted as a duo named Honey Boys under Excellent Entertainment..but they are not well known..eventhough their debuted song called 4th Hitter was a good and catchy song actually..I also never heard about them last year..hahaa..I'm trying to get to know them this year ok?? =D

But in 2010, they comeback and debuted at the same time with a new group name called T.O.A aka Top Of Asia..plus they welcomed a new member, Joon Hyuk..They released a first single album titled TOA..Yeah, they have a very good voices and talented too~

For those who didn't watched Honey Boys - 4th Hitter yet, just click play ok!

Cred: sagaun2

It's okayh right?? yeah! Tetapi rasa macam MV lama je, padahal tahun lepas punya..hahaha..=p

Click 'Read more' for TOA MP3 DL and their profile~

You can listen the previews first before downloading okayh..

Because I Love You More :-

Cred: metoyou1211

The Clown That Loved The Angel :-

Cred: l2yhsk0i

MP3 DL :-

Because I Love You More.mp3

The Clown That Loved The Angel.mp3

I love all the two songs!!


시우 (Shi Woo)
Position: Rapper & Leader
Real Name: 강병수 (Kang Byung Soo)
Born: February 18, 1984
Physique: 178.0cm , 62.0kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Driving

신난 (Sinnan)
Position: Main Vocal
Real Name: 이창민 (Lee Chang Min)
Born: October 18, 1985
Physique: 176.0cm , 58.0kg
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Mountain biking

준혁 (Joon Hyuk)
Position: Vocal
Full name: 임준혁 (Im Joon Hyuk)
Born: October 13, 1988
Career: Theatre play ‘연극 어느 계단의 이야기’

I hope TOA will be success and become one of the Top Of Asia!! hahaha...

Cred: mardi09.wordpress


  1. teen top sape?

    woh top? top big bang XD Top of asia? I sense dejayu~ mcm bless harhar dorg agak da tua, patot debut awal sket XD

    honey boys? erh? euw lmao! serius dorg xde name lg bgs ke hahahha

    haha cpt gle debut, xfamous, debut balek XD why am I so meanie? XDDDDDDD

    asal hobbies dorg mcm xleh bla? kekeke

    okay dorg handsome jugak la :P they have different style and different personality, which is good :D

    good luck toa~

  2. hahaha wtf leader shiwoo's hobby is driving haha. oh dear. i wonder who else has this as a main hobby lol. itd be cool if it was like racecar driving of somthing ;).

    yeah they look really cool & pretty, jst not famous, gotta do more promos..


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