16 June 2010

MTV World Stage welcomes Wonder Girls!

It's time for Malaysians to get aroused again with the hugely promoted concert, the MTV World Stage, Live in Malaysia 2010.

Date: 31 July 2010
Venue: Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Time: 6pm

I've been checking out the World Stage page everyday since I first heard the news of it, but apparently got lazy the last couple of days haha. Why?? Because I just knew a korean act was coming down to Malaysia to wave the Hallyu flag!

You can recall 2AM was present at last year's MTV World Stage Malaysia for the Backstage Party, and spent a glorius day afterwards shopping at KLCC right under everyone's noses lol. I thought it would be 2PM to be penciled in but its the Wonder Girls!

Even with 2 Different Tears, the Wonder Girls are listed as one of the acts this year along with Tokio Hotel, Bunkface, and Katy Perry. Wth, why Katy Perry? Haha, it's funny that she gets to perform on such a auspicious occasion, I find MTV World Stage is perhaps the only place which the strict religious Malaysian laws get to deviate from. Need I say more?

It's quite a short list of lineups, it's likely more artists will be joining in soon. I hope including Japanese artists, I can dream lol. Its a bummer that CNBLUE won't be one of them as they have their own concert in Seoul. Boo, just kidding, I'll update this post for all the acts when they are confirmed!

Can't you just feel the Hallyu Wave coming down hard into Malaysia? Finally! We've been waiting forever to catch up with the luck of Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. I hope all goes smooth in the chaotic schedule of June & July as U-Kiss, BEAST, Brian Joo and now the Wonder Girls to arrive in Malaysia!

Head down to the World Stage site to get to know how you could WIN the tickets! That's till July 17th so hurry up! (It's too long of a process to write down here, lol)

TIP: Follow MtvAsia on Twitter so you'll know when in the day they're giving out the passes. Today (June 16th) passes have already been grabbed!

Let's Go! Hehehe..



  1. Question,question!! junior and bee tu kelua ekot suka hati dia je ke apa?? that mean, ikut lucky la?? kte kne bkk web mtv selalu. cam tu ke?

  2. Wahhh..bez nye!! so many korean idols coming to malaysia this year..2010 is a very lucky year!! but we can go on ukiss only kan?? hahahaa..still sedeyh cant go beast's showcase! argghhh !!~

    hrrmmm..its okayh laa..i'll watch wg on tv!! yeahh!!

  3. @diah - hmm yup junior and bee usually pops up at the top and bottom of the site page. you should look always at mtvasia's twitter so they tell you around what time junior and bee will be around.

    also they tell you how many passes are left to win for each day. good luck!

    @awin - haha i'll go, i want to plus get backstage passes i dunno who will be there lol

  4. @azra- what the?? u'll go?? hahaa..yelah..u de kat umah en..pe laa..x gi uitm..ceyh~

    kayh,tolong jeritkan wg for me ok! hehehe...kalau rajin, u do the poster sign like we did today..hahah! serious tired now but still on9..keh3

  5. hahaha awin! im like wtf is awin doing an ses profile in the fricking middle of the nite haha. igt dh letih and everything lol.

    aa probably ill be so bored. g je la ngn spe2 around still haha. smorg g skola an hahaha

  6. hahaa..ses profile uh kejap je buat..chibi da request lame..so, wat je lah..hahhaa..

    hahhaa..spe lg yg ade?? u sorang je lahh...hahaha..enjoy laa sorang2 kat sane!!kah3..

  7. hahha taw xpe tp 31st is weekend an? haha mmpos ah. go wit anyone as long as i get the free tix lol

  8. yupp..saturday! haha..free tix..orite!

  9. azraaaa jom pergi with me!!!

    my brother was actually teasing me, he said he got the ticket to world stage. siap ckp, 'eh wonder girls nak dtg malaysia eh?' and I was like, 'dyou have the tickets?!' 'ofcoz' 'I want oneeeee''g masuk contest' =.= lol i dunno if he telling me the truth or not. half believe cause he got most of the free tickets before lol

    but heck yeah kpop is conquering my, i dunno if its good or bad XD

  10. haha that totally sux! ur brother shoving it in ur face lol. ahh lets go lets go. but xdpt2 tickets pon cmne haha.


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