21 June 2010

[FanAccount] 100619 UKiss Fanmeeting In Malaysia

Hi people!! 2 days ago, I just got back home from UKISS fanmeeting in Malaysia at 10 PM, 5 hours after the event ended. My comment:- SUPERB!! NOTHING LESS THAT WHAT YOU COULD EXPECT FROM THE FRIENDLIEST IDOL BOY BAND. =)

happy birthday maknae Dongho-ya!!~~

A bit review before I started my long spazzing. Don’t be surprised kay!!!

Soohyun – I nominated him as the king of fanservice!! From the way he pleases KISS ME! By sweet talking all the chance he could and the time he got so many shots by my camera. Yeah, w/o uncle security butting inside his picture.

Kiseop – He’s surely an ulzzang. Not because his really pretty face. But the way he pleases us.. you know, ulzzang’s way!! Pretty, cute, Angle for his take his beautiful pic.

Kibum- Well, I don’t stalk him much. But yup, he’s one of the guy who needs translator beside them. Almost everytime he turned his head away from stage just to heard the nuuna translator’s words. And one more thing, the security guard always stood in front of him= blocking him. Did the security uncle have a crush on him? LOL.

Xander- Oh ehmm.. He’s friendly. His eyes are big. Bigger than mine, that’s it. He laughed much. And yeah. I love his dance to Hyori unnie’s with his fan.

Kevin- note:- he’s my fav with Dongho before I’m going to fanmeeting. He’s so thin but pretty!! Neomu yeppeo!! Can someone give him much food!! OMG he’s thinner than me. That’s the fact. I’ll story about him more.

Eli- Hahaha.. He’s shining brightly when he raps. I slightly took time to spot him amongst the members. Maybe because I’m not a fan of him much?

Dongho- The youngest guy among UKISS members. He’s smiling a lot and losing his excited mood a lot too. He’s B type so I understand that. The same like me. He’s having and lost interest as quick as possible. Another fact. He’s so cute that I want to hug him though he’s taller than me. Hahaha.

Kay.. time to story telling. Maybe this will be shorter than the fan acc I did for SUJU’s concert because I’m lazy to type. Forgive me. (WARNING:- This fanaccount is totally mine. i shared my pic @rocketboxx's too with jay unnie the one who handles there.Grammar, spelling, and sentence structures in English that terribly used in this post.. Please forgive me. English is my second language after Malay. I'm lazy to edit more since this is too long. and intentionally want to spazz only..)


credit pic:- chibi + jaymie501@rocketboxx.net + awin + monROCKETBOXX.NET
written by:- chibi
(most pics are really big in here. 3000+x3000+ pixels. see more in my fb. =))

I arrived at 12.30 PM, after waiting my mom that likes to lepak-lepak first before going to KLCC, which pissing me off. (we both Blood Type B. So, yeah. One is impatient that time and one person was like lazing around. And she went straight home once she sent me. And that pissed me off again more.)

taking the screen pic. bored waiting an hour.

So, I was waiting Jay unnie (her hands were full. mcm br gi shopping ahaha.) that I promised to sit together with her friend (denise) before she picked us up to Plenary Hall while meeting another unnie (Mira unnie too full handed). Hahaha.. skip the part when we were walking to Plenary Hall.

Once we were there, I know that members of Abracadabras already there. And also my other friends too. I met so many friends yesterday, to be honest. So, I went to greet them before running around like stupid. Thanks to member of Abracadabras, aox, awin , and alia for getting me UKISS Dongho’s and Kevin’s badge. My jaws dropped there and want to scream out loud. I saw my friends too, Aten jiha, Mon, Didie, Bo, Bo's sister and Didie's sister.

mira unnie, organizing stuff for jay unnie.aigoo~~

left to right:- mon, bo, didie, bo's sis, and dd's sis.
They must be having fun much!

left to right:- dayang for sure unnie AB!!.. but denise..
is she older or younger or the same age with me?

Next, I went to sat back with unnie that held my ticket.. I met a new unnie (Dayang) there. Kay, I’m lazy to talk yesterday. Sorry unnie!! But you’re really friendly. STOP! I didn’t take any picture of her yesterday. Oh well. I’m so into stalking UKISS!! Seriously sorry.
me n jaymie unnie. thx jaymie unnie for uploading!! ur korean really jalhae??
malas nak tulis korea. but soohyun praises u right?? GOOD!!

So, let’s cut through until I went inside and be seated. There are many fangirls out there and I could spot few fanboys too. A Chinese fanboy was seating in front of me which his face almost remind me our class monitor. (Effpoo, u know right who I’m talking about? Hah.) And a Singaporean unnie, Dian was seating next to me. So happy knowing her.
dian unnie dissappeared once we got separated!!
i hope we can meet again unnie!! kiseop's sign aye??

So, while an hour seated inside the hall only UKISS’s music accompanied us, I started getting bored and randomly singing along with the girls behind me singing too. Hehe.. I love the girls behind me, they are so sporting. It’s like we were the only circle who sings like crazy in the middle seat. AND we even checking who signed our poster. At first, I got exchanged with Mira unnie who seated in ace. You must probably know her. She’s the one who Mike, Moe and Baki took picture together. Aweee!!~~ then, we changed to our supposed to be poster and I got Dongho. That time I was cool. Aper2 la. Hahaha.

Jay Unnie and Dian Unnie that sat to me both got Kiseop’s sign. However, Unnie next to me exchanged with someone and got Dongho'a. (actually she wants Alexander. Ngehehe.. Did someone got Xander and wanted to xchange to Dongho? PM me. LOL.)

Enough with the hand-signed poster. Suddenly 8TVNiteLive crew came out. Hahaha.. I was expecting to see them outside. But who knows.. I saw them inside. And yeah. I got a clear crystal pic of Moe, Mike and Baki. Who said Moe is fat?? He’s fine, I think. =) Mike is so tall and Baki, like always talkative and cheerful.

moe, baki, and mike. they relive the spirit of KISS ME!
who were waiting for an hour.

And so after 8TVNiteLive finished, finally they started before I wanted to sleep. Too long to wait I told ya. (I heard bingeul bingeul playing for 5th time before they came out, I believe)

Mc for today. Lol to his korean pronounciation.

MC for today is DJ from One.fm, Ryan. And with some introduction he did, he finally called out UKISS!!! The fans were screaming like mad and I don’t know where the girls got their strength to scream out loud. Even my voice can't raise higher than them.

click for biggie picca

So, UKISS introduced their selves, and the MC was fooling them to say SAYA CINTA KARI!! And Kevin ate the bait, poor our naïve Kevin. After that, they begun to play the game and supposed to pick the fans based on the seat number. However the MC changed the rules to UKISS picked themselves the fans they want each. And the hall started to get chaos. I was scared to get hit by unnie around me. SO I hid my head well while sitting. SO, 7 lucky fans were picked to play game with them.

First game was Cham Cham Cham. The fanservice they got from UKISS. (Based on who’s members they got picked by.)

Kevin, Kibum, Eli – A hug. Made lots of girls screaming.
Soohyun- He’s lifting the fan like bridal style!! Some fans were crying, I heard. Funny thing about this time was the picture of the fan I took turned out the fans look like a plushie due her head the only part invisible. Hahaha.
Dongho- the girl hugged him and lifted him. So strong, isn’t?? ^__^
Kiseop- I don’t remember because I was focusing at Soohyun and snapping picture. OH I remember now!! He did a titanic pose with the girl!! Hahaha.. he’s so shy.
Xander – Xander girl might be the luckiest ever. She received a big hug from all UKISS members. Big advantage for Xander’s girl. Envy envy.

zoom in to see who's the lucky fans..

Next game with new 7 lucky fans was Showing ur talent. The talent the of Ukiss' fans showed:-
Dongho-didn’t do anything. She cried. Maybe she hardly believe Dongho choose her.
Eli-the time is out to show his talent. So.. sengal. I keep screaming to sing or dance or whatever u can do. Buhuhu .I don’t remember what’s his girl did. If someone remember please tell me.
Kiseop- i don't remember about his girl. Maybe i got exchanged the detail with Kiseop. The girl was doing wave dance with Kiseop, didn't he??
Alexander- Xander and his girl doing Hyori Chittyx2 Bangx2 Sexy dance. I think the girl is from Shinee World Forum, isn’t?? I somehow feel familiar when looking at her.
Kibum- looks like he thought he will win for sure. And I guess his girl supposed to win too. The girl sang Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Nante Shimattan Darou. DBSK’s song at UKISS fanmeeting. I almost cried and rase geli-geli skit. Cried because I remembered DBSk. Feeling geli because the lyrics almost like serenades to Kibum. Haha
Kevin- Kevin and his girl together danced to Oh! Hahaha. I bet they are many Kevin’s fans there that I could hear people screaming madly to whatever he did. Sigh.

And so.. they had to pick a winner. They are so nice to pick their partner each. And we, fans had to choose the winner. I screamed madly when Kibum’s girl turn. I really want her to win. But Kevin’s girl pawned other girls. Haloo.. br nak suruh Cassie menang.

sorry but don't hug him tightly. we're burning with jealousy here.
Later, the MC announced we all are going to celebrate maknae Dongho’s birthday right away. I thought that will be the highlight but ughh?? Middle of the event.. The heck. But whatever. So, the girl who became the winner earlier got to stand next to Dongho. She even hugged Dongho!! (Sorry for sudden dongho’s madness now.) And our Xander kissed the baby maknae!! How cute Dongho was when Xander kissed him.

happy birthday our maknae!!

Once the cake was out at stage, together, we sang happy birthday to Dongho in three languages if I’m not mistaken. Malay version, Selamat Hari Jadi. The boys were amazed.
And they started to look amaze with us when we sang in Korean language. They sang together with us. And yup the English version is a bit weaker than the other version so yeah.

The MC then asked what Dongho wished for. And like always Dongho bluntly said, “ I wish we, UKISS can come together again to Malaysia for having our concert.” The time he said that, the members told him that his idea is absolutely brilliant and again the fans screaming loud. MY-KISSU representative then gave Dongho their gift making Dongho looked so adorable.

Once they finished with the event, they went to backstage for I guess repairing their make up before performing?? And yes, they sang Bingeul Bingeul first. My task from snapping picture was changing to recording. I’m sorry that the I couldn’t upload the record because the sound was so booming eventhough the vid was so HQ. I sat directly to the speaker I guess.

So, here.. they sang Bingeul Bingeul, Niga Joah and then Talk to Me, afterwards Boys II Men – End of the Road (stupid cam for booming sound!! I should record with phone instead. Hate hate..) Later, Mworago and last but not least Man Man Ha Ni!! And they finish the show.

Ohh before that. The gaps between Talk to me and Boys II Men, they spoke a little But gap between Man Man Ha Ni I think they did show a bit talent.. (Soohyun wiped Xander’s sweat I tell u. King of Fanservice was making his move. Dongho was busy with repairing his hairstyle. )

Soohyun and Dongho only. Dongho was ‘forced’ to do because he’s the birthday boy for the June. And Soohyun because he’s the lead vocal.

Dongho danced to Gee and as you can see, He’s doing with smiling as if his mind was thinking, I’m finally having spotlight!! The vid can be seen at here.

Soohyun sang Wang Lee Hom – Forever Love’s song. Nice voice and pitch. He knows to do fanservice well you see.

Once they finished performing, again they went behind and preparing for fansigning event. And the first VIP line also prepared to go up stage. While me..Urmm trying to run away but I forget the planning because I was so busy capturing picture. While I’m taking picture in front, one by one except Kiseop, Xander and Kevin took off their shirt and only wore their white singlets. (note:- if u notice the picture, Dongho took off his outer and wore back when ace time. Which mean, now I remember why I didn’t dare much to look at him. He’s wearing only singlet. I’m so embarrassed to look at him. He’s so hot but so maknae-ish. Cute + Hot = Maknae!!

And so I waited to go on stage. (there's some funny event here. IS there anyone who seat at J41 Vip seat reading this? Inform me if u do.) Below the stage, I wasn’t nervous. But right up I stepped on the stairs, My heart and so on become nervous.. My hands and feet were cold. My knee started to shake. You know how people getting nervous right?? Unnie that accompany me forced me to give the drawing to Kevin. Yeah, unnie. I understood. I know u will grab and said that the drawing is for Kevin and such. SO, I better do what you told me.

And so, my turn arrived, first to greet me was Kevin. (he’s my fav. So, you can imagine how nervous I was when I met my fav first.) Luckily the girl in front of me was speaking a lot to him making me a bit prepared.

neomu chunsa deokkatae!!

Kevin:- Hi! (waving like a happy kid)
Me:- Hi.. (slow tone and waved awkwardly..) (Inner thought:- gosh!! He’s white, skinny, and PRETTY!!! His eyes were twinkling.DAYYUMMM!!!)
Kevin:- (signing.)
Me:- (just realized I have to give him the gift.) Urmm.. this is your gift. And I actually draw.. I mean drew your picture from urmm.. urmm how to say it..
Kevin:- You draw my picture?? (smiling angelically.) Thank you. (sweet tone.)
Me:- (nodding. shy.)

And Kevin pulled his right hand for handshake. Aaaa.. I was like looking at unnie whether I should to handshake him or not. And I guess I should since not to be rude since he’s the one pulling his hand out. I quickly handshake and pulled back. I remembered that I didn’t grip his hand fully.

see right through between the butt of security guard and cameraman.
the power of fangirl!! LOL

Next, Dongho was no mood to talk. I knew just from his expression that he’s tired. So I didn’t talk with him except saying Hi and Thank you. Forget to say Happy birthday to him at the spot but luckily unnie was saying to him remind me that I should say that. I still said in slow motion and tone. Maybe the fanservice Dongho did to me was that he’s wearing only singlet and showing his muscle??? Okay, no.. but the feeling when I was seeing Dongho is that I want to hug if possible. (but I’m already have weak heart just by facing them. Hugging them?? No way mennn…) He’s too cute and adorable. His eyes were bigger than mine. Now I know why they say he’s so maknae. (taemin can’t beat his maknae-ish because taemin is pretty and tall. Dongho is cute and small. Do you get my words?? But both of them are great maknae.) I didn’t handshake him because he looked so not into mood. Don’t want to force him to do and I also so shy. =)

yay!! thanx kiseopie for looking to this camera!!

Kiseop was next to greet them. Omg, he’s shining seriously.. like waooo.. I forgot that I like Kevin there. He’s the same level like Kevin!! Hehehe.. now I know why he’s known as ulzzang beautiful. He’s seriously handsome and knew his perfect angle to take picture, doing aegyoo too. Aigoo. Since he can’t talk English well and I don’t have anything to say as well too shy again, my time slowly drift away until he pulled his hands out. Owh, handshake?? Hurm.. again I’m okay. And I thought to do like the way I did to Kevin. But Kiseop was fully handshake with me. His hand was big and his fingers are thin. Soft or not?? I feel that yeah.. his hand are soft. (Ahmm.. i want to say you're handsome. but too shy again!!)

smiling guy everyday!! someone should give him a cf.

Next to him was Xander. And that time I remembered that I forgot to say to Kevin that the gift bag I got for him actually fill with the other members’ present as well. Jay unnie was talking for me about that. Thank goodness he said that it’s okay. I wonder whether they received the gift or not. I did handshake with Xander. Jay unnie told me.
xanderbum in the scene.

Next is kibum.. I know yay!!~~ he looks really urmm wow, stunning!! I can imagine both brothers stand side by side. His complexion and okay his hair too.. Urmm totally wow. But I didn’t talk. Again, shyness over into me. (I actually confused whether Kibum or Xander the one I hand shake with.)
HI eli!! you're dilligent when u're signing. So, i didn't talk with you. Sorry.

Eli, this guy is worked up doing his signature and when I looked at his sign, there was a pig he drew. Haha funny!! Because he drew and worked up doing his work I didn’t want to bother him by talking with him. And so I just said hi and thank you with him and move on to the last member. Owh Eli is so fine and he’s totally have big eyes and muscle?? Unlike Kevin and Kiseop that skinnier than me. >__<

I thought my nervousness will go once I went to last member soohyun. And gahh!! I never knew he will notice my nervousness. Maybe because I spoke with unnie to me “Unnie.. what should I do??” and he heard that.
making all fangirls turned back from their fans. soohyun is our playboy in ukiss for giving great fan service

AND ONCE AGAIN I SAID!! He’s totally KING OF FANSERVICE. This is what made me nominated him as that.

Soohyun:- Are you shy?? (I hear him saying are you too shy?? LOL)
Me:- **nods** yeah.. (slow..)
Soohyun:- (giving the album once he finished signing with a smile after a small laugh)
Me:- (took my album)

And suddenly.. he!! Soohyun!! He says (almost loud) I LOVE YOU!

I felt surprised with such kind of fanservice. (Plus, I’m not the type saying the words easily) Who would expect your celebrity will say that?? Once I heard that.. you know what I’m doing right away?? Run straight off from the stage and went to somewhere.. finding my friends afterwards. Did anyone saw me running away from the stage?? (luckily he says to all the fans that he had chance to say ‘I LOVE YOU’) Again, not handshake because already run away.

So that’s that. 3 out of 7 I’m handshaking. Unnie said I’m not using power of VIP. I’m “malu2 kucing VIP”. Boo.. I’m seriously nervous and shy la unnie!!! =)
Others than that.. after calming down and talking with my friends, I went to take pictures of them.

With now being bold.. At the last part, since so many fans were busy taking pictures, I’m using a drastic way to take their pic. Whether you there noticed or not. I’m the one who standing on the chair and taking pic when ace, Knight and Vampire time taking their CDs. (ohhh ohh Time ni dongho finally have mood to smile and be hyper WHEN almost half aces went up to stage.) X senonoh kan?? Ahaha.. but whatever. No disturbance from other fans’ head.

After taking picture and so on, the event finally ended. UKISS ended with bowing down together. And sigh finished.. The girls screamed for encore and I don’t have energy left. Just like how Dongho’s mood was.

I went home a bit late for unnie using my picture to post it up at rocketboxx (yup, jay unnie was the one posted that up.). And later I became crazy when I went home with my cousin and aunt. I ordered 3L of apple juice to drink alone at a store. But I didn’t able to finish yet.

So, I went home with 2 POSTER.. YAY!! One hand-signed by Dongho and another one is from getting the ticket. And of course fully hand signed album. To show to my mother and family what was I up to when I went there. (actually to be said, they’re checking me out. LOL. Even my mom asked who’s the Soohyun guy and how they looked.)

-The end of my fanaccount- It may sounds boring. Sorry.

Note what the guys did everytime fans screaming their name when fansigning event.

i'm stalking kiseop once i got off da stage..
buhahaha.. no i mean i took all the pic.

Kiseop always doing aegyo. He is ulzzang so he knows to do well. His looks at upclose really pretty I tell you. You can’t your eyes off from him.
bunny ear on his head = kawaii xander!!

Xander smiling a lot and there’s many Xanderbum scene. He was wearing bunny ear.

dongho was so happy, or
maybe tried to make him feel happy just to get hype mood back!!

Dongho danced bopeep bopeep on his seat. He’s wearing on and off his jacket. His mood was hyper when ace time. (maybe because he’s thinking to go back).
i do not want to share kevin's doing heart!! XD
haha.. my personal.
dongho looked so amazed at my cam. maybe he wants the cam?

Kevin is waving and did flying kiss at his place. There were many fangirls flocking at his place and Dongho. I bet they are the one who received so many presents even by slight difference of numbers.

currently doing body gag. ELI!!

Eli is doing body gag. It’s funny if you watch him. He always stuck his tongue out.
soohyun, king of fanservice never stop to please the fans

Soohyun king of fanservice, anything the fans imagine.. he’s doing it. LOL

finally his picture. and this time before he took off his outer shirt.

About Kibum.. ugh.. One of the security uncle always blocked our (fans) view to see him. We assumed the guard actually like Kibum a lot but not affordable to buy ticket, get autograph, and took picture of him. Thus, he went to stalk Kibum only. LOL

i stood on the chair.. and u can see the difference of my height with other fans picture.

-So enough with this.- I bet they are having fun today in fan and meet at Singapore. Today is their showcase. ^__^

Singaporeans, how about sharing your fan account with us too??

credit pic:- chibi + jaymie501@rocketboxx.net + awin + mon + ROCKETBOXX.NET
written by:- chibi



  1. Nice fan acount. Me enjoy reading it! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. hahah!! bez gler kmu nye fanacc!!awesome!

    ermm..yg 2nd game uh..yg eli's fan die menari man man hani tp x semangat sgt...hahaha..malu2 kucing~ hehehe..

    Yeah..i'll never forget this fanmeeting!! Wahh,1st time jumpe korean idol n perform live!! can see them so close n clear!! mmg hyper gler ah time tuh!! U-Kiss bez gler ah!! wahhh..

    Eli is so shy and giving me the album! Soohyun's high 5 sgt bez!! Dongho's waving n smiling to me!! hahaha..xleh lupekan!! and U-Kiss members eyes are sparkling shining panjjak panjjak u know!! angau =p

    Owh,chibi..kmu dpt handshake 3 org eh?? ok laa tuh..hahaha..i thought u handshake with kiseop jek..hehehe..

    Ermm..kk..da pnt nak cment kat cni..da byk cment kat ur fb smlm..hhaaha..

    Btw, U-Kiss's fanmeeting was DAEBAK!! Love it <3

  3. hahahahhahaha chibiiiiii ko taw x im going to kill you. bapak bes jd VIP. haha

    effing jealous siott!!! i cant believe you got to talk to them so much! and got them to talk back to you! lol Soohyun's "I love you!" is LOL.

    haha its so awesome. this could be like the best day of my life haha. i never ever imagined these korean idols were actually real.

    i wonder if i should go on wit Ace fan account haha ade pic ke xx?? haha

    thnx for this! now i know wat u guys were up to, tho xlain sgt from us haha. had a great time right??

  4. @tira - yay! thx for enjoyed this. though there's nth intersting happen to me.

    @awin - oh yeah.. eli mnari man man ha ni tp time out ehh?? yeah banjjak banjjak giler.. taw x bler ak pikir balik, feeling ak tyme naek cam lagu gee nye chorus.. DAMN!!

    neomu banjjak banjjak nuni busyeo no no no no no~~
    neomu kamjjak kamjjak neollan naneun oh oh oh oh oh~
    neomu jjarit jjarit maeumi teullyeo gee gee gee~~
    oh jujeun nunbit oh yeah~~
    oh joheun hyanggi oh yeahx3~~

    plg x luper handshake ngan kevin la.. kiseop sbb dyer sgt lawa n handshake penuh. yg sorunk is so blur..
    taw pown.. my notification kat situ mesti da almost 400 for ukiss only.

    @aox - don't kill me~~ best jd vip if u can control ur shyness and be bold all the time. kalo x jd mcm ak la.. boo..

    i didn't talk much la.. only 3 of them.. others like thank you n hi.
    they're real aox!! n actually i think ukiss is more good looking than suju. the fact is out.

    go go with ur fanacc. our experience is different esp dongho. so yeah.. go go!! mmg x lain.. but i think if seated kat tempat kamu pown, i'll dodge my head not to be hit when u gurls scream to be picked. haha


  5. hai..im new with u-kiss..just want to know..who is the leader in u-kiss and i've check in u-kiss official website that dongho bday is on 29june and did they celebrate his bday on the 19june?i don't understand..is there any mistake..??

  6. @anonymous -
    there's no leader in ukiss. and yup! dongho birthday actually on 29th June.
    Maybe because they already here, Malaysian KISS ME! celebrated earlier together with UKISS.

  7. how lucky you guys got to see n meet u-kiss...i am really envy u guys..but anyway..thanks for sharing ur experience..hope diorang datang lagi...kali ni sure i gi tgk diorang...^.^...tapi sebelum tu..selalunyer mane ea nk cari tiket2 show2 mcne..??i'm still new in this..so still blur2..hahaha..sorry..

  8. i also want them to come back again..
    for sure concert nak gi. idk why i think like this. aaa..
    for searching about ticket, go to their fb page and search the info.
    make sure the company is really holding the event. (scam case:- poprainbow)
    or still x sure ask ur kpop friends..or myb search in internet first.or maybe check axcess website. ;D

    plg senang.. join the contest.. but not everyone always lucky.

  9. nice fan account!
    im still composing mine.. gile ahh cannot stop writing.. hehehehe

    oh and yeah the xander girl in the 2nd game is from SWM. ^^

    the eli, kibum and dongho girl from the 1st game are also from SWM.. weee~ =)

  10. okie2..tq for the info...sangat berharap dapat gi concert u-kiss nnti..^^

  11. @chibi - hahahah rmbr the time when ktorg xminat sgt ukiss, cuz they looked stranger than other idols? haha. boy were we wrong! they're like soooooo pretty! i think even the strangest looking idols would be prettier than normal people! XD i thk thats a fact. lol

    eh aku un breakdown kot. i thot i could go through with it, but alia and awin did a better job than me! i just ran for it! i ran away from ukiss can u believe it?? hahaha

  12. nice one...i go UKISS fanmeeting ^^ and so happy meet kevin and dongho...i love both of them

  13. @sandra - thanks sandra! :D
    if u have completed ur fanacc, just drop ur link here. I sure will read them. :D

    i guess SWM dpt durian runtuh that day.. Jealous x..

    @aox - i like them since their debut days la. tp x nak story because you guys only know main bband. why did u run away?? Did they say anything to u??

    @haninie- owh u went there too?? which seat?? entah2 i tegur u bcoz i main lantak tego org and amikkan per bende.. :D

  14. @chibi - haha aku knal main band jer?? haha im the last person you should say that to you kno an haha.

    aku un knal ukiss since debut, tp xminat sgt. dorg dianggap mcm band 3chongsa, same cutesy style haha. tu psal xminat xP.

    lol i ran away because they DIDNT say anything! lol stupid things came out of my mouth, loud things too, and they had no response but staring at me frozen, then kiseop comes over and gives me a "whats wrong with her?" look haha. and that is why i ran for it lol.

  15. @aox- i know you were the last one i supposed to say that. but kan tyme uh x rapat with u. LOL.

    Hahaha stalking ukiss dulu2 rajin but lazy nak taw saper n diorunk nye birthday.. at least i know kevin, kibum, dongho, xander ader time uh.. soohyun ader ka tyme not young. forgot. rasenye x der. eli kan yg ader.. see.. almost remember all!!~~

    n tyme to talk to me, i'm actually really look at dongho n kevin.. sgt2 benci hairstyle kevin when he's curling his hair.. waaahhh..

    what did u say to them sampai kiseop giving u that look?? he only give the celebrity smile look. like people who meet and terpandang muker same2.. smiling.. (like i always do when i look at people and people look back at me) pfft. tetibe terasa kiseop tyme fm uh tries to befriend with me.. but i xckp. pabo!!

  16. haha soohyun ade la time not young. i thk that time igt die, kibum. kevin xigt sgt. dongho! he was my fave then lol. xander cm invisible je xigt sgt.. haha i have to watch ukiss old vids again. i dunt rmbr anythg.

    haha he curled his hair? sebelum blonde eh?

    hahaha omg ah so embarrassed! and i dont get embarrassed easily! ok so like ktorg "planning" nak bwat mcm2 ah but when it came down to meeting them at last my mind went blank. 1st thg to come out "WASSUP MAN?!?" i slapped kevin's hand. then kiseop's turn but i ended up slapping his cd in his hand.

    aslll la dorg tinggi sgt, nak reach tgn die xsmpai! haha thats why he gave me the look and i just ran! everyone of the ukiss saw my weirdoness, except soohyun who greeted me oh so happily and wayy excited haha.

    i dint kno how to react so i ended up leaving the line earlier than i thot, while alia is still behind me like at the mid of the line lg blur kt xander hahaha.

  17. i read every single word that you typed.. HAHA. thanks, when i read soohyun said i love you to you.. my heart was beating so fast. idk why. even though my favourite member is kibum.. mesti time die ckp tu u like omgggg omgggg XD.. aaa bestnyerrr.. thanks 4 sharing.. bestnyerrr.. haha


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