11 June 2010

2PM - I Will Give You My Life MV

I don't know why I love posting about 2PM more than Super Junior :/

We're ain't just any PM, we're 2PM.
Since no one update about this yet... so, 2PM recently (yesterday?) release MV for their song ‘I Will Give You My Life’ from their mini-album ‘Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop.’ Honestly, this is one of my favourite song in the mini-album =D Very sweet, slow melody but still has 2PM's charm in it. I don't know they were going to make an MV out of this song... ?

Anyway, this in not a plot story like 2AM-I Did Wrong... Which remind me, 2PM doesn't have any plot MV? Oh yeah, they do have one, Tik Tok! This in not like their usual MV like 10 Out Of 10 or Again and Again or Heartbeat or Without You or even Follow Your Soul. Or movie OST mv like Tired of Waiting. Or dance/old school version of 10 Out Of 10. But more like I Hate You MV.... A video montage of all the bittersweet moments of 2PM.... The only different is, no Jay this time. *Why am I listing all of 2PM's mv anyway?*

Watch It!

Yeah, I cried... Well, almost pfft Junho's fall, auw baby! *Keep repeating that part for some reason*

They smile, they cry, they laugh, they mad... They're still a normal homo sapiens in cased anyone forget. Glad to see hottest everywhere *smile proudly*


  1. haha i thot this mv was for cf, so i dint put it. lol

    yeah u do like to spazz more bout 2pm for sum reason?? lol.

    i like it, its like i hate you except in i hate you they show the fans..wth 2pm lol.

    why are they so finneee?? i dont understand, i dont like em much but i do admit they are hot.

    i got major love for wooyung & nichkhun! XD
    and maybe sum for taecyeon after i watch him on telly being as sweet as a bunny haha. it makes me like him better.

    junho! u looked so much like rain, its scary lol

  2. waaa..nak nanges jugak!! lagu ni bez!! touching gler..

    hehe..sedeyh tgk junho jatuh last2 uh..kte un repeat gak alia!!! hahahha!

    well, da rindu 2pm!! hrmmm..


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