09 February 2010

Nichkhun has creepy obsesser?

haha is that even a word? XD

Skip that, dyou know how much I miss 2pm boys??!! Gahhh junsu-ah!~~~ ah yes, they are my 2nd fav after suju <3 

2PM & Yoon Eun Hye - Tik Tok Music Drama (Part 1)

Junsu and wooyoung are flipping cute in this! No, they're not the main heroes in this story line harhar

Nichhkhun – solo idol (adorable as usual~)
Junsu – nichkhun’s 2nd manager? Nichkhun’s friend? (I cant take my eyes from junsu since he came out XD)
Taecyeon – hot police officer? (harhar)
Wooyoung – adorable police officer (Wooyoung falls <3 haha so cuteee) 
Eunhye – nichkhun’s manager (Eunhye is freaking sexy, I sense jealousy hoho) 
Isn’t that boram -tiara? Nichkhun’s stalker XD (so adorable~)

Watch 2nd part. Omo the ending kinda creepy me out harhar imagine if it was real lol

i cant stop laughing during the fight scene, junsu is sooo faill~ HAHAHA

auw poor taec, eunhye doesnt even notice him XD

uh, junho and chansung weren’t there :/ jaebom too (duh =.=)

i dont think my post make any sense at all, just watch the videos XD


  1. wowow!! their video is so amazing!! miss 2pm too!
    yah2..eun hye is hot..

    asl boram yg jd stalker?? comel lak uh! hahhaa..

  2. hahaa..smlm comment x tgk lg..bru tgk td..

    eunhye psycho beb!!huh..boram baek je!!hhahaaa..

    I cannot wait to watch episode 3 (de ke sambungan dia?)
    hrmmm...gidareun dalga~

  3. i've seriously had enough 2pm to last me a lifetime actually. i dont mind if they dont ever come back again. tho i would miss wooyoung.. only haha. nichkhun is like hongki im boycotting the popular boys at the moment.

    *haha ok so i dint watch the clip yet, ill send another marshmellow as soon as i have*


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