12 February 2010

CN Blue 1st Japanese Album - March 20th!

hi azra hi!!! we're waving to you dammit!

I wonder why everything that is special is happening on March 20th (Saturday), first its Suju's Concert in Malaysia, then i find out about this. Eeek!! Fangirling time!!“

CN Blue's 1st Japanese Full Album will be titled "ThankU”. Well its quite sweet if you ask me, soo UrWelcome! ThankU will be filled with 12 tracks and will also include the member's original intros from the 2 japanese mini albums they have released from Now or Never & Voice.
I totally can't wait to see the cover for this, it hasn't been released yet.. Will update!

Here's the details about the album launch, how i wished i lived in Japan...

CNBLUE 1st Album Release Live "ThankU"

Date & Time: March 20, 2010 (Saturday). Opens/5pm. Starts/ 6pm.
Venue: Shibuya Club Quattro
Ticket Price: ¥4,500 (advance booking)
Up to 4 reservations per person is possible.
For admission, a separate drink charge will cost ¥500.
Furthermore, please refrain from making inquiries at the assembly hall in the present condition.
Details regarding other methods of advanced ticket reservation will be posted tomorrow.

Good luck to those who can make it! Cuz news have confirmed their Live Concert in Japan next month is SOLD OUT!

Wow CN Blue is sure working fast, i mean even their sunbaes FT Island just recently released they're own 1st full japanese album last year. Though, Love love i have a feeling this album's gonna be like FTi's Au Revoir album, with a few new songs & the others filled with their other works. But if all 12 tracks are new... Oh, you can just hear the echo of a very loud "OMFF! AHHH!!" on the 20th my friends..



  1. haha. I do not wish to live on Japan except that japan is OTAKU's heaven that I would glad to explore the games,manga and anime..

    Finally, I got bored so fast that I didn't know what song I should listen to now..
    Kpop & Jpop music in early 2010 is a bit slower and slump... sheesh...~~

  2. i kno rite! i ws about to ask yall for a new song playlist, im so boreeedd

  3. hehhe..CNBLUE!! lagu2 diorang mesti bez2!! hahaha

  4. yonghwa doesnt want to wave at you, he's looking at me XD


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