11 February 2010

DBSK is Dating on Earth?

edit : hahaha I swear I thought the other girl was eunjong, but she looked so different hahahahahahahah yeah, its really her XD

Chibi ah, you should seriously share something like this instead of babbling about your never ending love towards dbsk. Yahh, why don’t you share this story before? =.= I haven’t watch this till yesterday =.= (I'm sorry, I don't remember whose page I found this, do tell me back for proper credit if you want)

DBSK – Dating on Earth English subs
 Cred: dirah9307

There are 10 parts all together. You can find all the other parts under this acc page.

Read more after you watch the drama XD cause you probably won't understand me if you don't watch it yet HAHA

-Yunho as a dork XD I really enjoy him big a dork hahahahhahaa but I just wish he would take Yoochun character and vice versa. Then he will have competition with Jaejoong, then they’ll both end up ditching that girl and realize that they love each other hahah Isn’t that sweet? Yunjae ftw! I should really be a director now XD

-Poor Junsu and Changmin. The will never got big part every time they made a story with their hyung-s XD evil hyung-s lol but they totally adorable with the small parts =DDD

-I can never take Jaejoong seriously, haha sorry Jae. I know you trying hard to act cool but I can’t stop laughing hahahhaa

-Yoochun is actually the only one I can take him seriously. I know with the greasiness, he can still be a smooth player lover. I would totally fall for him in real life hahahhaa he is a great actor =DDDD *hey mickey you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind hey mickey~

-I don’t like that girl’s character. Why did she bother so much about Jae when she already married to Yoochun? Yeah im such a kiddo, I believe in true love and happily ever after haha

-I wonder how many times they have to ng? Lol (start watching the ng cuts)


  1. you know why i didn't share this??
    because this mini drama is a big major turn-off for those who didn't know dbsk.
    their acting in this the worst i've watched compared to the old works..(which mean dangerous love.. kyaaa love yunjae action there!!)
    So, no recommendation for this drama though i really love dbsk (esp jaejoong).
    Uhm.. maybe I'll share something serious about DBSK... BUT NOT THIS MINI DRAMA VID..


    trying to be honest.. so, no obsess fans to attack me please..

    I, too a major DBSK FANGIRL..

  2. well i know dbsk, so share it next tym grr

    too little yunho :(

    HAHAHAHAHAH jaejoong acting was the worst mwahahah *evil laugh*

    well, attack on the pin up boys wasnt that good either XD *im such an evil fan mwahahhaa*

  3. hahahah ok i just finish watching the whole parts.

    wtheck jaejoong and yoochun suddenly holding hands? haahhahaa so random hahahhaha and sweet at the same tym hhahahahah

    ahahaha the last part, changmin's wtheck hahaha

    random dbsk's song. sometimes the songs doesnt even suit the feeling hahahha wtheck

    ok chibi, the story line doesnt even make sense HAHAHAHAHHAHA lmao mian mian poor dbsk :/ still love em XD

    chibi, ade hikmah gak dorg wt cte nih... hikmahnye, tgk yoochun ngan jae yg aku xpnh minat, skrg aku da suka sket. nek 1 bintang XD

    sm shoudnt make any more movies hahahahahhahaa

  4. that's why.. it's a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.
    I, do not recommend this to people though you like DBSK.
    Better watch Heaven's Postman..

  5. and alia.. the girl's character is not he.. but she..
    are you trying to do homo movie or what?? kekeke
    or you're confusing her with Jaejoong??

  6. dont be so childish, correct it yourself =P

  7. i was gna watch.. till i read ur commments xPP. no watching dbsk for me then haha

  8. hhahhaa..dbsk klo berlakon mmg camni la..

    eh,chibi? heaven's postman da kuar lom??

  9. ak ker producer.. kat youtube yg fan record ader la dgb sub english.. release official blom lg..

  10. ouhh..igt da kuar official nye..hahaa..


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