12 February 2010

Kara's Comeback, Teaser Video on 12th Feb~

To the next post, KARA released a teaser video for their comeback in THIS FEB!!

As you guys know, their concept for the 3rd MINI ALBUM is related to Lupin the 3rd.

What is LUPIN the 3rd??
Hurm.. I don't know but I will search and here it's goes...

The grandson of Arsène Lupin, the original gentelman thief, Lupin is a cunning thief, who with his band of compartriots do robin hood like things, and constantly escape the ever persistent inspector zenigata. A classic show, spawning three tv series and an uncountable number of movies and specials. Some of the movies were directed by Hayao Miyazaki himself.

Arsène Lupin III
Lupin the Third (ルパン三世; Rupan sansei) is the grandson of Arsène Lupin. He is the world's most skillful and most wanted thief. Sometimes he just steals whatever he wants, and at other times he prefers to steal from disrespectable people. He often appears incompetent, but it is clearly mostly an act: after all, he is not in jail. He also has a fondness for fancy gadgets from time to time, and is infatuated with Mine Fujiko.

OK, to be short.. KARA IS TAKING LUPIN CONCEPT WHICH IS, THE GENTLEMAN THIEFS.. (ahaha.. i can't imagine them as thief.. they are too P.R.E.T.T.Y)

Well, the concept photos are under the Read more..

And here the teaser vid for KARA - LUPIN :- first part of the vid is their concept photos..

credit:- XRLuxtro @ youtube
(Thank god that finally nicole is using her english skill in the song.. ahahaha)

Okay, here's the concept photos..


(they are great in black too.. whee..)

(my god... gyuri in short hair again.. she looked great whether long or short hair)

(ahahaha.. nicole.. it's funny her head popping out from the door..XD)


  1. ill write exactly wat i wrote on allkpop..
    kara + sexy image = weird!!!
    seriously, to be frank they're bodies are much too skinny and flat to do all these stretchy struts.
    i totally prefer their pretty/cute concept than a sexy one. they don't hav to rush there yet.

    to me it looks like 13 yr olds acting like strippers. yeah it grosses me out too.

  2. well for me..
    if they're going to shred off the cute/pretty concept,
    they must not come back to the old concept back.. (i'm referring to snsd that first from mature to bubbly and cute and then suddenly city girl and then suddenly sexy and in the end come back to cute concept?? the heck...)
    so, i'm ok with that

  3. i dont mind if kara does that, cuz they are still really young, all the army guys still gawk over snsd so i guess snsd coming back to cute concept would be weird and annoying. they're pretty old to have a cute concept

  4. hahhaa..tgk teaser ni time kat umh alia..mmg sexy!!hahhaa..lwk un de gk!heh..

    kara makin lama makin sexy wohh!!
    gyuri cun rmbut pndek!! I like <3

  5. the first pic kinda remind me of shinee ring ding dong hahaha

  6. and gyuri is always the goddess BAHAHAHAH

  7. lol yeah ring ding dong. gyuri looks better with short hair, but its just a wig..


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