10 February 2010

FT Island & Phillipines

Now I promised one more FT Island post before i start on other beloved kpop news. Obviously i don't spazz enough like my other fellow abracadabras, so here i go.

FTI sent a message for their upcoming Manila showcase coming up in Merch if i remember correctly. This vid is short but i cracked up so hard i almost peed myself the 10x i saw it..lol. So lucky of these pinoys!

Again, this is the exact reason why Primadonnas sent lee hongki an "English for Dummies" book for new years. Seunghyun is <3..

Here's the proper message to filipino fans, equally cute after the mistake, everyone becomes playful lol.

cr:spin manila

i swear the chick behind the camera is so lucky..

thnx a lot to janinamedina lol


  1. merch hahahah seunghyun is evil XD does hongki always that mean to him? XD

    my jaejin just smile and laugh =D he's the cutest~ lalalalala~ i love his laugh gyaaaaa

  2. yeah! hongki's always hitting his dongsaengs, after seunghyun came in die x pukul minhwan just seunghyun, so meann lol.

    heechul i blame you! xP

  3. everyone else looks scared of hongki except jaejin XD

  4. haha yeah, jonghun=blur (sbb same age)
    jaejin=hongki's wife/husband haha

    i soo know hk's such a bully lol

  5. hahhaa..lwk tgk hongki pukul seunghyun!


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